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«Supremacy Games (Web Novel) - Chapter 1734 Gathering of The Fifty Major Nations!

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Chapter 1734 Gathering of The Fifty Major Nations!

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He was already told by Apollo that the Echoing Tower was called such because of this resounding periodical heartbeat.

It was also the main reason why everyone assumed that the stone of reality was the heart of an ancient creature.


As they got closer to the tower, the thundering heartbeats became louder while the tower started to come into the picture.

After a few moments, The tower stood before them, a colossal formation of pitch-black material that absorbed the light around it, giving the impression of a void in the shape of a tower!

It resembled a gigantic cylinder with tree-like branches extending everywhere, defying any natural order or pattern.

On these branches hung chaotic portals, swirling with colors that seemed out of place. These portals pulsed with an eerie light, as if breathing, synchronized with the heartbeat that had startled them.

The entire tower emitted an ominous energy that stirred a primal dread within their hearts.

'This…This is no ordinary structure. It's alive, somehow. Can you feel it? The dread…It's almost tangible.' Felix murmured as he gazed at the tower's magnificence.

'What are those portals? I thought it had only one entry point.' Thor inquired.

Felix forwarded the question to Apollo and he responded with, 'Those portals might be connected to the tower, but they don't lead within it. Some of them are portals connected to the millions of quantum mazes across the realm, while some are exit points from the tower. Though, these are extremely rare.'

'I see.'

Felix nodded in understanding while following Commander Bia and the rest to the top of the tower.

After a short flight, all of them arrived at the tower's roof. The moment Felix gazed down, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows in surprise.

The entire roof was packed with thousands upon thousands of mystical and peculiar creatures.

Some were known like the Chronographs, Vibronixian, Luminoans, and Planktons, while some he merely heard about.

Such as the Chronowalkers, Nanites Swarm, Dimensional Nomads, Quarklings, Chaosians, and many more.

There were fifty major nations across the realm, it was only normal there would be this many powerful and unique races ruling this infinite expanse.

Just like they had noticed the gathering, their arrival had unsettled the atmosphere.

The Quarklings' leader, a being of shimmering energy that flickered in and out of visibility, was the first to speak with a friendly and warm tone.

"What a surprise, Commander Bia. I didn't expect you to lead the mission."

"Long time no see, Mognki'r." Commander Bia nodded back respectfully, "We don't know when the tower will teleport next, so we might as well commit our full resources to each journey."

"Haha, I couldn't agree more."

Virona, The head of the Nanites Swarm joined the conversation with a somewhat metallic laughter.

Just like his swarm behind him, his body was constructed out of billions of tiny silver wasp-like creatures, making his appearence resemble a magnified version of the little ones.

Suddenly, a Chronowalker, whose appearance seemed to flash with shadows of the past and future, stepped forward.

"It seems like everyone had the same thought?" Tempus Vey said, his emotionless voice echoing as if spoken across centuries.

The rest of the leaders all gazed at each other with solemn expressions. No one here was a nobody.

All the leaders enjoyed high status in their nations as some were army commanders, heads of royal troops, police chiefs, or even members of the royal family!

The Chaosians had sent an actual prince to lead the mission and at the moment, he was seen sitting on the corner of the roof with his squad members surrounding him.

Unlike the Vibronixians, the Chaosians seemed to not take in any mercenaries from different races…Only ten Chaosians were running the task and yet, not a single person here dared to disrespect them.

While the other races didn't dare to interact with them due to their fickle and aggressive nature, the same didn't apply to the Vibronixians.

Dankin called out, his voice laced with mocking amusement. "Oh, look! It's the prince of pandemonium himself. What are you doing here? I am surprised you managed to find your way when your mind is all f*cked up with chaotic thoughts."

Prince Malakar, upon hearing the taunt, paused…The other squads, accustomed to the unpredictable nature of the Chaosian, braced themselves, unsure of how he might react.

Yet, Prince Malakar simply turned towards the direction of the voice, his demeanor calm, almost amused.

With a voice even and unfazed, Prince Malakar responded, "Dankin, is it? Mockery is a curious choice of weapon against one who thrives in the unpredictable. But then, I suppose when faced with the vastness of chaos, one clings to whatever semblance of control they can muster…"

"I am surprised you managed to connect such big words without attacking mid-sentence." Dankin snickered, "After all, you wish you had our kind of control."

The rest of the viewers couldn't help but smirk faintly, knowing that Dankin had struck a nerve.

As expected, the Chaosians behind Prince Malakar had gotten antsy, their gazes were as voracious as a starving pack of wolves.

The Chaosians might be powerful and considered one of the top three most authoritative races in the realm, but still, they had a massive drawback.

They could not control order within them since they were born with high attunement to chaos.

This caused some of them to even attack their own families on a whim, commit suicide, stage a coop, go on a random conquest, and more screwed-up decisions.

This turned their empire into a foreigner-free zone since no one could handle existing in the same area as those lunatics.

"Sigh, Chaos, dear Dankin, is not just destruction. It is creation, potential, and the very essence of change. You see disorder, I see the fabric of possibilities. But worry not," Prince Malakar continued, his tone taking on a lighter note, seemingly unaffected by his ridicule, "I bear no ill will for your jest. Consider it an invitation to behold the art of chaos. Perhaps, you might learn a thing or two."

The coolness of his retaliation, devoid of anger or irritation, left an feel far more impactful than any display of power could have.

'Is this the Chaosians you described to me? You said they are easily agitated and one should avoid them because of it.' Felix raised an eyebrow with a hint of respect at Prince Malakar's mature reaction.

'This is not normal, something is fishy.' Apollo scowled with a look of confusion, 'Whether it is a prince or an emperor, none of them will eat such a public insult and do nothing about it. Their nature makes it impossible.'

Even Commander Bia, Dankin, and the rest of the Vibronoxians were left baffled. Commander Bia didn't care about Dankin's offenses since Chaosians were their mortal enemies and this was nothing but a normal occurrence between them.

Piss them off, pick a fight, teach them a lesson, rinse and repeat. However, it seemed like the Chaosians had ascended such petty confrontations.

"What's going on? I kinda feel stupid now…" Dankin gazed at his squadmates with a bewildered look, having no clue how to move on now.

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