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«Supremacy Games (Web Novel) - Chapter 1669 Exploring The True Potential of Seven The Sins Laws. V

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Chapter 1669 Exploring The True Potential of Seven The Sins Laws. V

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Felix and the others ignored her teasing and engaged in a discussion, knowing that her reaction was enough of an agreement.

"I thought only Felix could merge laws for symbols since his wrathful hydra tail possessed both laws?" Candace wondered.

"Following your reasoning, this also gives Lilith and Felix the ability to combine void laws with sin laws since they own both of them." Lady Sphinx said, "Hydra tails made it somewhat easier for the merge to happen, I give you that."

Felix and the rest nodded in understanding…In their eyes, it would be illogical for him to possess the merging capabilities, but not Lilith, even though she also commanded two separate laws.

"What can void law get us if merged with sins laws?" J?rmungandr asked.

Everyone dove deeper into their thoughts, seeking to find some sort of compatibility between the laws to invent a reasonable concept.

After a few moments, Fenrir was the first to propose, "Maybe something like combining gluttony's excessive consumption with the void's ability to swallow everything into nothingness? It could manifest as a maw that devours all in its path, never satisfied, reflecting gluttony's endless appetite and the void's capacity to contain infinitely."

It was like instead of creating an ability that could either absorb or disintegrate, he would combine both aspects into a symbol that could devour all matter and disintegrate it!

"Hmmm, sounds reasonable enough." Felix asked, "Should I give it a try?"

"Why not?"

Now that Felix had succeeded in combining fire law with wrath law, he felt more comfortable with the thought of messing around with other variations.

Plus, it wasn't like he had anything to lose…If the universe didn't approve of the symbol's existence, he would not get punished or harmed.

With a deep, focused breath, Felix closed his eyes, his mind reaching out to the elemental energies and sin laws he intended to weave together.

He envisioned the essence of Gluttony, as not merely the desire for excessive consumption but a deeper, more primal hunger that could never be satisfied, always seeking, always wanting more.

Then, he summoned the concept of the Void, an endless expanse of nothingness capable of swallowing worlds, leaving behind a silence as profound as it was absolute.

In the space of his mind, Felix brought these two forces together, imagining a symbol that could embody both the relentless hunger of Gluttony and the erasing power of the Void.

He saw a maw, vast and insatiable, a gateway to oblivion where all things, once consumed, ceased to exist, their essence absorbed into the endless emptiness.

As the concept of Gluttony's Maw took shape in his mind, Felix reached out with his will, offering this new fusion of laws to the universe for approval.

It was a moment of profound vulnerability, a submission to the cosmos's judgment, acknowledging that for all his power, he was but a part of a greater whole.

The universe responded.

A symbol materialized before him, complex and ever-shifting, its lines and curves inscribing the laws of Gluttony and Void into existence!

The symbol glowed with a hungry light, its presence both a promise and a warning: here was a power that could consume worlds but at the risk of being consumed by the very hunger it wielded!

Felix opened his eyes, gazing upon Gluttony's Maw with a mixture of awe and satisfaction.

"This is fun…I can do this all day." He commentated with a wide grin.

He felt like he was playing a game instead of training.

If there was one thing he hated the most about his elemental manipulations was the amount of repetitive training he had to do for the sake of learning a single ability.

It was too much hard work for something unigins and the celestials could achieve with a mere snap of a finger. It wasn't fair in the slightest.

Now, he was enjoying the process of 'training' as all he needed to do was brainstorm a reasonable concept and let the universe take the wheel, allowing him more time to train on utilizing the symbols and assimilate them into his fighting style.

"Not bad, what will you call them?" Lilith asked with a faint smile.

"Let's keep it simple, Gluttony's Maw and Infernal Wrath." Felix decided.

"I thought you would call them All Devouring Pig and In Heat symbols…Looks like your naming sense has improved a bit." Thor chuckled with the others.

"My naming sense wasn't that bad." Felix's eyelids twitched, "You are reaching."

"Are we though?" Candace giggled while covering her mouth, "Try to recall."

Felix was forced to revisit those memories and realize that without Asna to set him straight, he would have ruined Nimo's life and many others with the worst names known in existence.

"Cough, anyways, I think it's time to try those symbols."

Felix swiftly dipped from the conversation and his throne chamber, emerging above the world eater's massive head.

'Let's start with Infernal Wrath.'

With a deep breath, Felix extended his hand, palm facing the nothingness, as he summoned the nascent symbol into existence.

The air around him shimmered with heat, a prelude to the fusion of elemental fury and emotional tempest that was about to be unleashed.

As the symbol appeared, Felix felt a connection to the forces it represented. It was a blend of his wrath and the boundless energy of fire, intertwining in a complex pattern, glowing with intense crimson light.

'I have to get angry first.'

Activating the Inferno Wrath Symbol required not just a mere thought, but an invocation of his deepest reserves of anger and determination.

Felix focused on the injustices he had faced, the battles fought, and the challenges overcome.

With each memory, the symbol pulsed brighter, its energy syncing with the rising tide of his emotions.

As the fusion of wrath and fire took hold, Felix's body became the epicenter of a palpable surge of power!

The symbol's effect was immediate and electrifying.

His veins thrummed with enhanced strength, his senses heightened to an unparalleled degree.

Then, with a force of will that bordered on the primal, he channeled this burgeoning power into the creation of a star core!

The process, typically slow and demanding, was accelerated under the influence of the Inferno Wrath Symbol!

Above his outstretched hand, particles of energy began to coalesce, drawing together with a speed and intensity that Felix had never before achieved.

The space crackled and sparked as the emerging star core took shape, a radiant orb of pulsing energy that bathed the vacuum of space in a harsh, unnatural light!

"I can feel it…Its intensity is nowhere the same as the last one." Felix remarked as he was having difficulty maintaining the core's stability.

It was difficult to control as it fed off his anger, growing more powerful without him doing anything.

This was not just any star core; it was a concentrated nexus of raw cosmic power, a miniature sun that could fuel life or bring about devastation.

It was no toy!

Since Felix was still a rookie in utilizing Hepheastus' laws and had no one to teach him the proper ways to deal with such primal force, he realized that it would blow in his face if he didn't cancel it!

While it wouldn't do anything to him, the same couldn't be said about his people. Yet, Felix had no intentions of canceling it.

He showed an excited grin as he pulled back his hand and released a punch, his fist connecting with the star core with accuracy and force that belied the vacuum's quiet!

The impact sent aftershocks rippling through the void, a display of power that bent the very fabric of existence around it!

The star core, subjected to Felix's might, was hurled into the distance, trailing a comet's tail of energy.

It tumbled end over end, a captive to the momentum of Felix's strike, moving further and further away into the dark expanse!

Then, the star's core exploded, creating a supernova with the intensity of ten stars combined!!!

Brilliant light flooded space, casting shadows where light had never before existed.

"How do you feel?" Lady Sphinx asked as she watched the supernova continue expanding rapidly.

"Cold and hot, constantly," Felix replied with a deep frown.

He could sense his temperature rising and falling rapidly after his initial anger was consumed to fuel the star's creation.

It was like the symbol was forcefully trying to create more fuel by using Felix's body temperature to transfer it into usable anger.

The feeling wasn't pleasant in the slightest since his own emotions and body temperature were being messed up unnaturally.

This made Felix realize that he might have messed up big time!

"The devil is in the details." Lilith chuckled.

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