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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2705 - Bao Lian

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Chapter 2705 Bao Lian

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“The Very High have a way for you to enter the god area. But your reputation could hurt you there,” Yu Shanxin said with a laugh.

“What does reputation have to do with going to the god area to hunt xenogeneics?” Han Sen didn’t understand.

Yu Shanxin’s smile was grim. He told Han Sen, “In the god area, they have more than just primitive xenogeneics. They have all kinds of deified-level xenogeneics. Even a super-strong half-deified will find themselves at the bottom of the god area food chain. Killing xenogeneics in the god area will be exceptionally difficult. Taking 10,000 steps backward, even if you could kill them, you shouldn’t have to go to the god area. Outer Sky already has many xenogeneics. In fact, they probably have more than live in the god area, so the silkworms shouldn’t have to go to the god area.”

“Then why are they spending so much effort on taking us there?” Han Sen asked, even more confused.

Yu Shanxin laughed. “Simple. They want us to fight other deified elites.”

When Han Sen heard that, he almost laughed in disbelief. “No way! Other deifieds are harder to deal with than deified xenogeneics. If I can’t kill deified xenogeneics, how am I supposed to deal with deified elites?”

“Good question. Normally, we wouldn’t have the power to fight the deifieds of another race. But with the Very High, things are a little different,” Yu Shanxin said with a smile.

Now Han Sen understood. The Very High had a particular purpose for pitting them against other deified warriors. It was training, in a twisted way.

Considering that the silkworms were valuable to the Very High, the deifieds of other races would go easy on them. They wouldn’t kill silkworms like Han Sen.

And the silkworms could fight against fighters from other races, allowing them to increase their knowledge and power. They could gain more experience by doing this. They would basically be using deifieds from across the universe as sparring partners. Only the Very High would dare to attempt such an audacious plan.

“What if we run into a grumpy deified? There might be some deifieds who don’t respect the Very High enough to avoid killing us. What would we do then?” Han Sen asked with confusion.

Although the Very High were powerful, there was no chance that every single person respected them. If Han Sen ran into someone who disliked the Very High for some reason, his little vacation to the god area could prove quite deadly.

Yu Shanxin tilted his head at Han Sen. “Have you forgotten what silkworms are? To the Very High, we are considered tools. And if a tool breaks, it can be replaced.”

After pausing, Yu Shanxin said, “Plus, many of the deifieds know this about the Very High. If they refused the Very High’s request, it would cause problems for them. Some of them are quite eager to teach us, the chosen of the Very High, a good lesson. They might not want to kill us, but they would rather enjoy making us suffer. When you go there, you must be prepared.”

“That means we are going to the god area to get our butts kicked?” Han Sen had a wry smile.

“That is close enough to the truth, but fights like these will help to steel our will and improve our combat abilities. Many half-deified silkworms become deified in god area fights. I guess that can be considered the silver lining.” Yu Shanxin shrugged, then waved casually to Han Sen. “I’m leaving. You need to hurry up with the task that the leader gave you. Four years is neither a long nor short amount of time. Either way, you should get it done as soon as possible.”

Of course, shortly after Yu Shanxin and Han Sen had this conversation, Li Keer and Exquisite showed up at Underworld Lake. There, they told Han Sen he would need to go to the god area to practice.

Han Sen had prepared himself, so he readily agreed. But because of this, Han Sen didn’t have another chance to go and see Horizontal Evil.

The god area was accessed in a similar way to the core area. A person had to generate substance chains, and then they could push open the god area door. Han Sen and most of the other silkworms hadn’t yet generated substance chains, but the Very High had a geno fluid that would allow them to generate substance chains for a short period of time. That way, they could enter the god area sooner than would be possible if they relied on their natural ascension process.

The Very High could also use a special connection to the silkworms to follow their silkworms to the god area.

But because creating this geno fluid was difficult, each silkworm was only granted three vials of the stuff. That meant that until Han Sen became deified, he could only go to the god area three times. So, each time he went to the god area, he would have to stay there as long as he could before exiting.

After Han Sen used his first vial of geno fluid, his power didn’t increase. Changes began to occur throughout his body, though. He was able to generate a substance chain.

It was more of an image, in truth. While it had the structure of a substance chain, it lacked a deified level of power. Han Sen’s personal strength didn’t increase after he drank the fluid.

The process of opening the gate to the god area was the same as opening the core area door. The only difference was that Li Keer and Exquisite could also enter the god area door that Han Sen opened. They stepped into the god area alongside Han Sen.

“The god area looks the same as the regular universe.” Han Sen found himself standing on a grass field. He looked around. He thought the god area and the universe looked similar.

The biggest difference was the fact that the land around him seemed to stretch as far as he could see in every direction. There didn’t seem to be an end.

“You have just come to the god area, so you aren’t familiar with this place yet,” Li Keer said. “When you see a god spirit storm, you will realize how scary the god area can actually be.”

“What is a god spirit storm?” Han Sen asked.

“The god area doesn’t have any xenogeneics, usually. They only show up when a god spirit storm arrives. Xenogeneics only appear in such storms. So, that will show you the brutal reality of the god area. If there weren’t any god spirit storms, you could treat this place like a holiday hotspot.” Li Keer laughed.

As they were talking, someone came flying through the sky toward them. Han Sen had a look at who it was, and he noticed it was a deified Extreme King.

“Are you the Extreme King known as Bao Lian?” Exquisite asked.

“Who are you?” The deified Extreme King looked at Exquisite with confusion.

“We are Exquisite and Li Keer of the Very High. Greetings.” Exquisite and Li Keer greeted the man.

Bao Lian heard the words “Very High,” and he seemed to remember something. He smiled and asked, “You two are ladies of the Very High? Do you need anything?”

Bao Lian said that, but he looked at Han Sen instead. He was obviously aware of what Li Keer and Exquisite wanted him to do. He recognized Han Sen, as well.

It was difficult for people of the Extreme King not to recognize Han Sen. He had killed a prince, defeated an elder, and kidnapped King Bai’s favorite son, after all. There were many in the universe who might not recognize Han Sen at first glance, but most of the Extreme King did. Their hatred for him ran deep in their hearts.

“I heard that Han Sen had become a silkworm of the Very High. I can’t believe he has shown up in the god area so soon. And here I am, meeting him. This is a great chance for me,” Bao Lian thought to himself. His eyes flashed.

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