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«Super Gene Optimization Fluid (Web Novel) - Chapter 1630 They Want to Resurrect an Old God?

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Chapter 1630 They Want to Resurrect an Old God?

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Xia Fan sprinted for about a thousand kilometers and still failed to catch up to the enemy who had abducted Icy Wind.

He could not help but feel a little worried, since this was the buffer zone, and he was not familiar with the place as a foreigner to the land. There were also plenty of frightening creatures out there who could still be hiding in the dark.

In front of him was a white cave filled with stalactites. There was plenty of moisture in the air around, and water droplets were constantly dripping from the hanging rock formations.

In the darkness, he could hear the chittering of bats, sounds echoing in the enclosed cave ahead that would easily creep out anyone hearing them in person.

Xia Fan squatted down and began to identify the traces on the ground.

Two huge pawprints were present on the water-stained ground, just slightly longer than Xia Fan's forearms. It looked like they belonged to a massive creature. Xia Fan had trouble identifying it.

The Lower Realm was different from the Middle Realm, with many strange creatures and too many dragon-like creatures. There were a huge number of them that Xia Fan could not identify.

But from how that person could grab Icy Wind and then ride this creature to flee at astonishing speeds, Xia Fan could tell that the imprint must have belonged to some special species that was known for its speed.

‘Only speed can go up against speed. If the enemy has a demonic creature that specializes in speed, and it is beyond the level I can control, it will be a lot more troublesome,” Xia Fan thought to himself.

It was not that he was afraid, but that the most important task right now was rescuing Icy Wind, not to have a fight to the death with the enemy.

There had to be a reason for the enemy to have spent so much effort to capture Icy Wind, and he was not about to let them succeed!

“Oh right, bats!”

Xia Fan was startled. How could he have forgotten about the bats? Though the little creatures lacked any combat strength whatsoever, they could use soundwaves to probe the way ahead, making them natural scouts.

Xia Fan quickly used his Beast Spirit Order to take the bat swarms under his control.

The swarm of bats were soon flying in the oppressive darkness, but they were doing so in a very orderly manner. Xia Fan had complete control of their minds, and they would even slam themselves against the wall if Xia Fan willed them to.

‘Now, I want you all to form up into groups and go scout out the way ahead,” Xia Fan telepathically transmitted to them.

With a whoosh of motion, the bats instantly headed deeper into the caves.

The bats gave out ultrasonic sound waves in groups, effectively becoming a huge radar array, allowing Xia Fan to clearly identify even a single ant in the cave!

Countless luminous crystals lit up in the darkness, making the vast cavern appear as bright as daylight.

Under this incandescent brightness stood a terrifying sculpture.

It was not to say that this sculpture was not majestic, but its gaze was like a stare from the god of death, piercing right into the heart of everyone. It was completely devoid of emotion, like it lived to kill.

Two people stood beside the sculpture.

They were both wearing masks, dressed in full combat suits that made it difficult to make their faces.The only thing anyone could distinguish between the two was that one was male, and the other female.

There was also a ferocious beast with them, a Demi-dragon variant called the Bipedal Lizard Drake.

Not all Demi-dragons could fly, and the Bipedal Lizard Drake did not have wings. It was capable of standing on its two legs like a human, and its long body would tilt out like an error when it ran.

The Bipedal Lizard Drake was the fastest variant species among all Demi-dragons, something that existed only in historical records and not something any normal human would have seen.

As this man and woman had such a powerful creature under their thrall, it was apparent that their status and rank were nothing to be scoffed at.

Sure enough, Mousse was also with them, but he was being marginalized, standing far to the side, and no one was paying him any attention.

It was not hard to tell that even he was scared right now. The Bipedal Lizard Drake's eyes stared at him from time to time, like it was eyeing a fresh piece of meat.

There was a strange black sack tossed on the ground made from some special soft metal. The sack appeared to be constantly writhing, as if there was something inside.

“Stop your din!” the masked woman gave the sack a swift kick, but the creature inside just continued struggling helplessly.

“This place is rather creepy,” the masked man said as he looked around.

“What are you afraid of? We can resurrect the Old God once Lord Stanley arrives, and begin forging our Demonic Steelblood Army! This is a glorious moment!”

The masked man shrugged. “But isn't it strange? We have captured the Water Elemental needed as a sacrifice for the resurrection of the Old God, yet Lord Stanley is nowhere to be found. He couldn't have gotten himself into some sort of trouble, right?”

“Just mind your own business and not worry about anything else. Lord Stanley is scheming and resourceful, and here in this desolated buffer zone, there is no one that can stand up to Lord Scarlet Blaze,” the masked woman snapped.

“I sure hope so. Look, why are there so many bats here? Chittering so noisily, how annoying!”

“Are you scared of bats?”

“No. I just don't like them.”

With that said, the masked man raised an arm and unleashed a high frequency soundwave.

The swarm of bats fell like autumn leaves, collapsing down to the ground as their organs were forcibly crushed by the soundwaves and dying on the spot.

Xia Fan retracted his control of the bats. That masked man was very powerful, and he wielded the rarely-seen Soundwave special ability.

“They are going to use a Water Elemental to resurrect an Old God?” Xia Fan stroked his chin and reviewed what he just learned.

The Skywing Clan were known as slayers of demons and gods. They were atheists, yet Xia Fan was unprecedentedly very close to such things.

According to the theory, the Lower Realm was where demons lived, and it was rumored that the Upper Realm, which was also called the God Realm, was where people called gods lived.

But of course none of that was important, as they were no more than some rumors that Xia Fan had overheard while in Subduing Demon City.

Originally, the Upper Realm and the Lower Realm were in contact with each other. The Demon Subduer Legion acted as mercenaries for the God Realm, hired to stand guard over the Demons, so they would not cause the gods any trouble.

The God Realm would periodically come down to the Lower Realm and check on things, see how the Demon Subduer Legion was doing, and if the Demons were up to anything no good.

Along the way, the God Realm would also send equipment as well as the compensation for the Legion; a special type of crystal!. Anyone who obtained them would be given the chance to ascend to the God Realm.

That was why the Demon Subduer Legion had staked their lives on this role. On the one hand, it was out of a sense of righteousness, and on the other hand, it was because they wanted to join the rank of the gods.

But there were rumors that it has been many eons since the envoy from the God Realm had come to visit, which was abnormal and unprecedented.

Adding to the fact that there had been a great change with the demons, what with the rise of the Thirteen Demon Lords who had slain the old guard of the ancient Demonic Faction - Monsoon, Blackfeather and Purgatory - which had allowed them to assume roles as the new kings of the Demons.

The more passive the Demon Subduer Legion became, the more powerful the Thirteen Demon Lords became as time went by. Yet despite the situation, there was still no reaction from the God Realm!

That was why a certain rumor had begun to spread in Subduing Demon City. Something might have occurred in the God Realm that made it impossible for them to visit the Lower Realm like before.

This situation worried the Demon Subduer Legion greatly, but in order to keep the morale of the people in order, they did not allow anyone to mention this matter.

But today, two underlings of the Scarlet Blaze Demon King Stanley's were claiming that they were going to resurrect an Ancient God?

Weren't gods something that lived in the Upper Realm? How were they also here in the Lower Realm?

Looking at the ferocious sculpture in the cavern, it did not look anything like a god. Gods were said to be benevolent and omnipotent, and that sculpture looked more like a demon than the demons themselves!

Xia Fan shook his head and decided not to think about all these pointless things.

The black sack on the ground was made of special material, and might be the artifact that could trap Water Elementals. Icy Wind might very well be inside!

The Bipedal Lizard Drake that could move at great speed was a severe threat to Xia Fan. But if he was careful, he should be able to evade its attacks.

With that thought in mind, Xia Fan started on his way once more, being exceptionally cautious as he did so.

He was getting closer and closer to the two masked individuals, as well as the very frightening Bipedal Lizard Drake!

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