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«Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 619 You’re Not Allowed to Leave

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Chapter 619 You’re Not Allowed to Leave

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Although Lin Mengya wanted to ask further, it was obvious that Qinghu had his reason to do so on this issue.

Moreover, Lin Mengya knew very well that Qinghu would never harm her.

“However, the Candle Dragon Cult has gone too far this time. Many people in Yun State have been killed by these poisons. Their behaviors are too outrageous.”

Through this matter, Lin Mengya knew clearly that there was a huge gap between the strength of the Candle Dragon Cult and hers.

The whole Jin State could do nothing to the Candle Dragon Cult, not to mention her, a woman who relied on the country.

Nevertheless, no matter how powerful they were, they shouldn’t take the lives of the most innocent civilians at will.

Even if they wanted to dominate the world, they would need the support of these subjects. Otherwise, they would have no one under their command.

“Actually, the head didn’t know about this incident. Speaking of which, it was all thanks to the mastermind of this incident that I managed to escape. Girl, although the Candle Dragon Cult is powerful, it also has many shortcomings. For example, it is said that this incident was carried out by someone who is eager for quick success and instant benefits. Moreover, the leak of the poison should be a coincidence. The place called Luoshui Town might be the key. In fact, I came here to make up for my error and investigate the matter related to Luoshui Town in exchange for other people’s trust in me. But they didn’t know that I came here just to see you.”

A foxy smile finally appeared on Qinghu’s face.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, he was just a plaything, a slave, or a piece of trash that could be kicked to the side.

But who would have thought that Qinghu, who had been ignored, was indeed so cunning?

He was a cunning fox who could fool anyone at any time and place.

“Alas, I really feel sorry for those who want to turn you into a spy. So that’s how it is. No wonder we got here basically unhindered. Since it was an accident, there would be another batch of people sent here like you. It will save us a lot of trouble seeing them fight each other.”

Given Lin Mengya’s shrewdness, she was able to see it through.

Qinghu must have feigned death. Moreover, he would definitely put the blame on the initiator of the plague, who had been at a disadvantage.

Only in this way could he avoid getting attention and get away perfectly.

It was no wonder that the Crown Prince’s men would come here in such a hurry to snatch the credit. They didn’t even care about public opinion. Obviously, they had other intentions.

This plague must have something to do with the Crown Prince and the Empress.

However, she was curious about what was there in Luoshui Town and why it made the Crown Prince and the Empress take such a risk.

“Of course. The head of the Candle Dragon Cult has always been a man of his word. This time, the person who sent me here is his trusted follower. My death is a disgrace to him. If it were you, what would you do?”

Qinghu squinted his curved eyes, and there was a glint in them. He seemed eager to see the world in chaos.

Lin Mengya smiled knowingly. “That’s right. If it were me, I would definitely consider it a public provocation.”

After thinking about it for a while, she finally realized why Gu Xing had become disabled.

“Interesting. By the way, who are the people who came with Baili Wuchen this time?”

There were spies of the Candle Dragon Cult around them, so Qinghu had been hiding extremely carefully these days.

Fortunately, some people under Li Jia’s command were competent.

It didn’t take long for them to find out all the details about the Crown Prince’s lineup.

“Are you saying that apart from Baili Wuchen, there’s another assistant who is related to the Crown Prince by marriage?”

Li Jia nodded. His prince was a man of integrity. Apart from the princess, he didn’t even have a confidante.

In this regard, the Crown Prince was a playboy. It was said that he had a few dignified vice princesses besides the concubines and confidantes of some womanizers.

With so many women, he had no shortage of relatives.

Once a beauty sweet-talked him when they were in bed, her relative could get a job easily.

Therefore, this time, the elder brother of one of his favored concubines came to serve as Baili Wuchen’s assistant.

Few of the people who got a job this way were smart and capable.

Lin Mengya lowered her head and smiled. Cunning glinted in her black eyes.

“Prepare some gold, silver, and jewelry for Mr. Xiao and quietly send them to him. He knows what to do.”

Li Jia took the order and left quickly. Over the past few days, Xiao Yixin had helped Long Tianyu to deal with some trivial things, so Li Jia and the others also knew that Xiao Yixin could be regarded as one of them.

Hence, if Lin Mengya wanted to achieve her goal, Xiao Yixin would be the best person to carry out her plan.

Nonetheless, she had no idea whether Baili Wuchen, a scheming scholar, would be able to reason with a brute.

To be honest, she had an impulse to see it in person.

“Girl, you really… take after me.”

Qinghu patted Moyan’s back with a smile. Deep down, he was more and more fond of Lin Mengya, who took advantage of any opportunity to make things difficult for her enemies.

“No, I’m not always scheming. I’ve suffered a loss from Baili Wuchen. This time, I have to take revenge on him,” Lin Mengya said indifferently.

When meeting a terrible opponent like Baili Wuchen, she should use all kinds of means to hold him back.

Otherwise, she would be the one who would have a headache if he was free to take action.

Qinghu looked at Lin Mengya, who was much more mature than him, and suddenly felt a sense of pride.

This girl was the only one he cared about in his life. For the sake of her safety and happiness, he could even face the past, which he had once considered hell, with ease.

Maybe he did the right thing by not expressing his feelings at that time because their relationship was no longer as simple as that between a man and a woman.

He never regretted it because he knew that he was unique and irreplaceable to Lin Mengya.

That was already the most precious gift God had ever given him, even if he could not stay with her for long.

“Qinghu, let’s look for medicine together when we get back to the Capital City.”

Lin Mengya’s voice was low and gentle, and there was no expression on her face. No one could tell what she was thinking.

“Since when couldn’t I see through her?” Qinghu thought.

“Okay. I can go with you anywhere you want.”

At least, in his last moments, he could accompany her, let her do whatever she wanted to do, and make her happy. She might as well take it as a present for his departure.

“Don’t think about leaving alone. No matter where you go, I will find you and get you back. Don’t forget that your life is mine. I, Lin Mengya, will never do loss-making business.”

Qinghu’s heart skipped a beat.

He kept his guilty conscience inside him and didn’t dare to show it on his face.

But he still had a feeling that he was caught off guard and was seen through.

“How… how would I?”

Oh no! Qinghu felt that he was about to be seen through by that pair of clear eyes.

He quickly lowered his head and pretended to care about Moyan.

“Good. I don’t have enough, so I don’t want to lose anything.”

Money, reputation, and status were never what she wanted.

Therefore, everything that was still by her side was what she would risk her life to protect.

She had once wanted to send everyone she cherished to a safe place. After that, they would never contact each other. It would be the greatest comfort for her as long as they lived a safe life.

But now she realized that there was no such thing as a paradise in the world.

If she did not want any harm to inflict on all that she held dear, the only way was to make herself powerful, so as to insulate themselves from all danger.

Fortunately, it was not too late for her to understand this point.

“I know, girl. I didn’t expect you to become so powerful in just a few months. It seems that I can live in peace for the rest of my life. By the way, I want a big mansion and dozens of maids to serve me. Also, I want the silk from the Yunfang Store, the pastries from the Qinyuan Store, and…”

Lin Mengya mercilessly interrupted Qinghu’s beautiful description of his retired life.

“Well, if you work in the Sanjue Hall until you’re 70 years old, I’ll consider giving you 100 taels of silver per month. Also, from next month on, you’ll have to give me 50 taels of silver per month as taxes. Only by paying legal taxes can you enjoy the legal treatment as a citizen. That’s settled then.”

After Lin Mengya had tricked Qinghu mercilessly, she hummed a tune and took Moyan from Qinghu’s arms.

Qinghu, who had a confused look on his face, was calculating how much money he had to give to Lin Mengya before he was 70 with his fingers.

“Hey! Little girl, you haven’t told me how much money you’re going to pay me. Girl, you’re taking money by force!”

Looking at Lin Mengya’s back, Qinghu felt speechless. He had given all his fortune to Lin Mengya.

50 taels of silver per month. Even if he went out to rob others, he might not be able to gather enough money.

“Pay you? You rely on me for food and drink and break my antiques occasionally. How dare you ask me to pay you?”

Looking back with cold eyes, Lin Mengya glanced at Qinghu with an arrogant look as if she was a creditor. Then she slammed the door of the wing-room shut with Moyan in her arms.


Holding his head with both hands, Qinghu, who had fallen into the abyss of debts, was counting with his fingers.

Alas, he must have owed Lin Mengya in his last life. Otherwise, why would he be checkmated by her in this life?

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