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«Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 978 Reward And Punish Clearly

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Chapter 978 Reward And Punish Clearly

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“We… We…Please spare us, Hall Master. I was just muddleheaded. Please spare us for the sake of our past friendship!”

Ren Nanbei obviously understood his current situation, in which his life was in Lin Mengya’s hands. If Lin Mengya wanted him to die, he wouldn’t survive.

However, Lin Mengya just glanced at him coldly and then turned to face the members of Sanjue Hall outside.

“Everyone, nothing can be accomplished without rules. From the day you joined the Sanjue Hall, you must abide by the rules and not violate them. Sanjue Hall has always been clear about what to reward and what to punish. Here, it doesn’t matter what your family background is. The only thing we value is your ability. As long as you have the ability, I can give you a chance of fair competition.”

Her voice was calm, not even with a hint of instigation.

However, when some members heard this, they couldn’t help but feel hot-blooded.

Those who were born into rich and powerful families naturally have everything.

They were just born into poor families, and they were doomed to be inferior to others. Why?

When Sanjue Hall was established and first developed, many people were not optimistic about it. But later, with pioneering spirits, it had its own place in the world.

Nowadays, Sanjue Hall had been well-known in the underworld, and they were one of those who had witnessed how it rose to power.

“Today, no matter whether you are from the Branch Hall in Qing Prefecture or in Yun State. I want you to be aware that my Sanjue Hall is not a place where you can come and go as you, please. It is okay if you want to quit. Then, let’s do it according to the rules. Baisu, Bupo, take them out of here.”

Lin Mengya did not punish them publicly. However, she did not mind what she did being seen either.

This time, when they entered the Lieyun Empire, they were faced with the choice of life and death.

If the members didn’t completely follow their hearts or even had other intentions, they would not only harm themselves but also implicated others.

Shi Bupo and Baisu quickly dragged the three guys outside.

Those who were mentioned were all trembling with fear. They were deeply afraid that they would be the next ones to be punished.

Lin Mengya looked around and knew that some people should be kicked out. However, she did not feel any regret. Instead, she was glad that the problem was exposed in advance.

“Meng Qingnian, do you still want to sue Ren Nanbei?”

Throughout the entire process, the young man kneeling in the yard kept his head lowered without saying a word,

But Lin Mengya knew that he must have heard what she had said.

“No, I don’t. Hall Master, you reward and punish clearly. I’m convinced!”

The young man, Meng Qingnian, tried to control his emotions, but his eyes filled with tears.

He had been ready to die under the whip. He only wanted to seek justice for his buddies.

But out of his expectation, the Hall Master had actually been prepared for all of this.

Looking at Meng Qingnian, Lin Mengya knew that if she let him go through the whipping and sue Ren Nanbei today, she would lose the support of the people, even if Meng Qingnian won.

Fortunately, from now on, those who wanted to violate the hall rules would have to think twice before making a move.

It was not scary for some members to quit, but those people, who were like parasites, would gradually take over Sanjue Hall, were indeed scary. By then, the situation would be out of her control.

“You know the rules. Even if you give up suing him, you will receive a warning of five lashes. Young Master Guo, please.”

Meng Qingnian wiped off the tears at the corner of his eyes. He wanted to seek justice at the risk of his life just now, and now, he was willing to take the punishment.

Guo Tiantong had a serious look on his face. He felt that he was not holding a long whip for punishment in his hand, but the responsibility to urge Sanjue Hall to continue moving forward.

The long whip was raised high and heavily lashed at Meng Qingnian’s back.

As the blood splashed, the veins on Meng Qingnian’s face bulged, and his hands were clasped tightly. But he was smiling.

“Hall Master, you are wise!”

The five lashes not only landed on his body but also on everyone’s hearts.

Meng Qingnian gritted his teeth and called out, “Hall Master, you are wise!”

Sensing the slightly different gazes around her, Lin Mengya finally felt relieved.

She nodded at Meng Qingnian, then turned around, and returned to the inn.

“Baisu, go and fetch the medicine for injuries and send it to Meng Qingnian quietly. Master Guo, I need your help with something.”

Guo Mao noticed that the people around Lin Mengya were doing their jobs accordingly. They did not speak, but they had a tacit understanding of each other. So he knew that the Hall Master was not as casual as she looked before.

In addition to being loyal to her, the ability was probably the most important thing for one to work for her in the long run.

Guo Mao felt completely relaxed. Whether he or Tiantong would have a day to stand out as long as they followed the Hall Master.

“Hall Master, I am all ears.”

Although Lin Mengya was much younger than him, Guo Mao admired her, the Hall Master, from the bottom of his heart.

“I hope you can stay here for the time being. I didn’t have thorough considerations previously. I thought that the various Branch Halls had been under strict supervision, so such a thing would not happen. I didn’t expect that these guys would take advantage of this opportunity. This time, I don’t have the confidence to win, so I can’t let those rotten apples make trouble for me. Therefore, I hope that after all the members from various Branch Halls arrive, you can personally check on them for me.”

Guo Mao thought for a moment before he nodded solemnly.

Lin Mengya was finally relieved. When she selected the Branch Hall Masters before, she mostly considered whether they were loyal to Sanjue Hall or not.

In terms of their talents, they were a little incompetent. After all, there were so few options back then that people like Ren Nanbei and Jin Rubing could muddle into Sanjue Hall. They almost ruined Lin Mengya’s big plan.

Lin Mengya not only had to deal with the traitors, but she also had to punish several Branch Hall Masters who had been involved.

At present, she had to be cautious in each step, lest she would suffer a major setback for carelessness.

It took a few more days to eliminate the traitors. For the sake of safety, those who had been eliminated were temporarily detained in Chong’an County,

Ren Nanbei and Jin Rubing had already been dealt with properly. The rest of the people were not in a high position, so it would not cause much harm even if they were set free.

But Lin Mengya insisted that she had to inform the branches to establish a blacklist system, otherwise, it would probably leave behind future troubles.

By the time this matter was settled, it was already March.

After confirming the first batch of people who could follow her into the Lieyun Empire, Lin Mengya and the others were finally fully prepared to set off.

She was very clear about Master Guo’s means and schemes, and she fully trusted him,

Moreover, the arrangement of personnel was in line with Lin Mengya’s expectations.

Almost more than a hundred people sent from Yun State had been sent to the first step.

It was reasonable for them to be called the direct descendants of the Hall Master. Compared with the other branches with various qualities of personnel, this group of talents, men, and women, were all outstanding and most loyal to Lin Mengya.

At the same time, Master Guo also considered that if he arranged for all the members of the branch office in Yun State, it might disappoint the members of the other branch branches.

At the same time, the elite forces dispatched by the branch sects were also included in this group.

This time, there were a total of 500 people in the hall. Every 10 people formed a team, every 50 people formed a team, and every 100 people became a team with two captains in charge.

The captain, the leader, and the team leader were elected by the group.

For this reason, Lin Mengya even held a modern recommendation meeting to let everyone get to know each other and enhance their friendship.

Furthermore, all the Branch Halls had been mixed up and rearranged. Lin Mengya’s original intention was to remove the barrier between the various Branch Halls.

On the way, the five teams followed Lin Mengya separately. One team was with her, and another four teams hid. This was a way to rest and secretly eliminate all the unfavorable factors for her.

Shi Bupo was the commander-in-chief of the 500 people. After getting along with him today, Lin Mengya found that Shi Bupo was not only a genius but also very talented in military affairs. He was a potential excellent counselor.

Perhaps she could recommend Shi Bupo to Long Tianyu when they came back.

“Master, we’re about to enter the mountains.”

The team of more than 100 people was a little eye-catching. Fortunately, most of the forces in Chong’an County were from Sanjue Hall, so not many people noticed them.

On the other hand, Lin Mengya asked the 100 people to disguise themselves as a group of medicine dealers crossing over mountains. Anyway, such groups of trade caravans were often been seen here.

There were many medicinal herbs in Lieyun that could not grow in other countries in terms of the climate.

More than a dozen carriages were a little eye-catching. However, after entering the mountains, they would find that such a team was quite common there.

After all, here was the border between the two countries. There were not only fierce animals like wolves and tigers but also bandits in the mountains.

To arrive at the Lieyun Empire on the other side of the mountain safely, many vendors would choose to go along with each other.

Their team of 100 people made those who wanted to take advantage of them not dare to act rashly.

“Remind everyone to be on guard and not relax their vigilance.”

Lin Mengya sat in the carriage and calmly gave the order.

Baisu immediately left to pass the order. The team of 400 people, which was secretly following them, was their reliable support.

“Mengya, how are you feeling?”

Qinghu lifted the curtain of the carriage with a bowl of tonic soup in his hand. Looking at Lin Mengya’s pale and haggard face, Qinghu could not help sighing softly.

“I’m fine, but it’s hard for my child.”

A bitter smile appeared on Lin Mengya’s face. She gently touched her slightly bulging belly.

A new life was being nurtured inside there.

“This child came at the right time. But I think he is very well-behaved. See, he doesn’t make a hard time for you.”

Qinghu smiled, and his eyes were full of love.

That day, when Lin Mengya whispered in his ear “If I die, please help to raise the baby for me”, Qinghu regarded the little child, whom he had not met yet, as his own.

Regardless of whether the child was a boy or a girl, he would work all out to keep the child safe for a lifetime.

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