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«Story of a Big Player from Gangnam (Web Novel) - Chapter 852: Isehara Machines (2) – Part 1

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Chapter 852: Isehara Machines (2) - Part 1

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Gun-Ho and Jong-Suk Park walked out of GH Machines’ production site.

Gun-Ho said, “I’d better head out to Dyeon Korea now.”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you this. We received the pay for the 8 machines that we built and sold to Dyeon Korea.”

“Hmm, really? It’s 1.2 billion won in total, right?”

“Yeah. And, we paid GH Mobile for the 10 twin screws that we purchased earlier too.”

“Good. Once Dyeon Korea gets all the machines that they need, you won’t receive any product order from them for quite a while. When it happens, do you have a plan on how to pay your 23 workers here?”

“It won’t be easy. I know that. It costs me 70 million won per month for the wages alone for my workers”

“How much do you make with other clients, such as the ones that you build machines for and those that you provide maintenance services?”

“We make about 100 million won on a monthly basis from them.”

“Without Dyeon Korea’s work, I guess GH Machines will suffer from deficits.”

“The good thing about this business is that it doesn’t cost us much to buy materials to build machines. We make money with our labor mostly. For now, I want to focus on the work for Isehara Machines, and once that is settled, I will actively try to procure domestic clients.”

“How much are you expecting to make per month with Isehara Machines?”

“I was told that I can expect to make about 2 billion won on a monthly basis. Miura Machines’ former plant manager—Yanagi Masatoshi—told me that.”

“It would be very nice if the company steadily makes money by providing Isehara Machines with products.”

“I am very hopeful actually. Isehara Machines’ plant manager knows Mr. Sakata Ikuzo in Yokohama City personally as well, and he is junior to him.”

“If Mr. Sakata Ikuzo gives him a personal call to him for us, that would be really nice.”

“Speaking of which, I’m thinking of taking Mr. Sakata Ikuzo with me when I go to meet with Isehara Machines’ president. So, three of us—Mr. Sakata Ikuzo, Mr. Yosh*taka Matsui, and me—will go to visit Isehara Machines together.”


“But, the thing is that even though we successfully get the business with them, I’m not sure how much I should charge them for the machine parts that we would be building for them. For now, I’m trying to make an estimate on the production cost of sample products.”

“Who is doing the estimate?”

“I am doing it. Once I’m done, I’m going to show it to Dyeon Korea’s Director Kim. He promised that he would review it for me. Director Kim has tons of experience in estimating production costs.”

“Sounds good. By the way, you are still going to the classes in college, right?”

“Yeah. I sometimes have to miss a class or two, but I keep on going. I never miss even a single exam. I have to graduate from that university, so I can obtain my bachelor’s degree. If I don’t finish college this time, I will never be able to do so, given my age. So, I’m doing my best to finish college even though I don’t think my grades will be so great.”

“How many semesters are left before graduation?”

“I will be a senior next year, so I have 1 year left. Winter vacation is coming up next month.”

“You are doing great. I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m not feeling so great though. I should have done this when I was in my early 20s. My mom begged me to study hard to get a college degree at that time, and instead of doing so, I enjoyed my life getting into fights with people and stupid stuff. I guess I’m paying for my mistakes right now.”

“Haha, you think so?”

“I’m not sure if I told you this before. When I was admitted to a low-ranked college in my early 20s, I didn’t want to go to that college. So, I dropped it right away and took the refund on my tuition without telling my parents, which was previously paid by my parents of course. And, I spent that money, all of it.”

“You were a bad son at that time, huh?”

“My mom doesn’t know that I dropped out of college even before my first day in college. I didn’t even take a single class. Even now, she believes I went to college for one full semester.”


“I’m learning the Japanese language these days. I think Japanese is more useful for me rather than English since we are going to deal with Japanese companies. The lady worker who is doing interpretation work in the office teaches me the Japanese language. I can write Hiragana and Katakana.”

“Haha, is that right? That’s good for you. Well, keep up the good work now. I’d better take off. I’m heading to Dyeon Korea.”

“I will keep you updated, bro. If you want, I can give you a weekly report as Min-Hyeok bro or Jae-Sik bro does from China.”

“You don’t have to do that. Just send the monthly profit and loss report to GH Development’s Accounting Manager Hong regularly.”

“Okay, bro. I will do that.”

On the way to Dyeon Korea, Gun-Ho stopped by a restaurant for lunch with Chan-Ho Eom and had a bowl of Korean ginseng chicken soup.

When he arrived at his office in Dyeon Korea, Secretary Seon-Hye Yee greeted Gun-Ho delightedly.

“Sir, I supposed that you had your lunch on the way here. Would you like to have a cup of coffee now?”

“I had my coffee as well already, the one from a vending machine. I’d like to have a cup of jujube tea instead. Thank you.”

“No problem, sir.”

“And, as to the cost of jujube tea, you can take the receipt to the accounting department. They will take care of the cost for you.”

“But, it’s not much, sir.”

“Still, you shouldn’t spend your personal money on this. I will be able to enjoy the tea better that way. The company should pay for it, not you.”

“Understood, sir. Thank you.”

When Gun-Ho was enjoying a cup of warm jujube tea in his office, Vice President Adam Castler entered Gun-Ho’s office with his interpreter.

“Here are the monthly profit and loss reports of Dyeon India and Dyeon China, sir.”

“We don’t have anything from the new factory in Noida and the one in Tianjian yet, right?”

“They will be able to report their monthly loss and profit starting next month. The report that I brought you today is from the factory in Chennai, India and the one from Suzhou City, China.”

“Can you tell me their sales figures only?”

“The factory in India made 120 tons, and the factory in China made 130 tons last month.”

“They will have to set their goal to more than 200 tons for next year, so their yearly sales can exceed 10 billion won.”

“I actually came to talk to you about that, sir. I want to send out an official letter to them requesting to submit this year’s sales performance along with next year’s business plan by the end of this coming December. I can’t do that with my name, so I wrote the request letter with your name, sir. Would you like to review it?”

Mr. Adam Castler handed the official requesting letter to Gun-Ho.

“Oh gosh, this is written in English. Mr. Brandon Burke in India and Dingding in China will be able to read this letter, but I can’t.”

“There is a Korean version attached to the letter, sir.”

“Hmm, is this translation done by Assistant Manager Myeong-Joon Chae?”

“Yes, sir.”

Gun-Ho reviewed the letter that was translated into Korean, and then he signed the letter.

After Mr. Adam Castler left the office, the internal auditor came in.

“We are not receiving many calls from investors at all these days, sir.”

“I guess those investors already made their money using Dyeon Korea’s stock. What’s our stock price today? I don’t usually monitor our stock price.”

Even though Gun-Ho checked Dyeon Korea’s stock price every single day, Gun-Ho told people that he didn’t.

The internal auditor said, “It’s about 5,500 won, sir. The price is moving up and down within the range. If the price goes up today, it will go down a bit tomorrow. And, if the price goes down, I usually see a lot of buy orders the next day.”

“That’s what they do, right? Those investors in the stock market buy and sell.”

“That’s true.”

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