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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 2043 Family Matters

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Chapter 2043 Family Matters

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Thanks to Chisato-nee-san and Kaoru-san, our lunch was another feast. Even my girls wanted to eat more because of how sumptuous they made the dishes. They had to take a step back - afraid that they might gain weight from eating too much.

Due to that, it rested upon my shoulder to finish the remaining for all of them. I could easily burn those calories out anyway so it didn’t really matter if I overeat. Of course, if it’s something that’s way too much than the ideal diet of someone as active as me, I would also take a step back.

Kaoru-san prepared some Tokyo delicacies like sushi and tempura that she made herself. She also brought some pork tonkatsu paired with corn soup.

On the other hand, Chisato-nee-san brought southern dishes that she learned to make. Although her skill isn’t as great as Kaoru-san, I could feel the love she put into making them.

One of those was a rice dish that had been cooked in broth and ginger. I paired it with the beef steak and fried dumpling that she also made and it’s really great.

Even Kaoru-san gave her compliments for it.

Too bad though, even though I successfully invited her to eat with us, she only touched the soup from the dishes she brought. Most of what she ate was Chisato-nee-san’s dishes.

I guess I am being hasty to make progress with her problem.

Anyway, after we finished eating, Chisato-nee-san pulled me to the side to talk with me.

It’s regarding that side of our family so my girls understandably took a step back to give us space. I’ll tell them what we talked about later anyway.

“Ruki, is Uncle here in the country?”

Chisato-nee-san started with that question. From the way her eyes flickered with caution, she probably heard something from the clan. Nonetheless, I don’t sense any malicious intent from her.

I did send a message to my father earlier, telling him that I met Chisato-nee-san here. I thought he’d remind me about something but his reply was rather normal.

He only asked if I treated her well. Most likely, he’s already aware that she’s here and she’s also looking for me.

… Talk about the reach of my parents’ intelligence gathering.

Since he ran away from that prefecture, he’s probably monitoring them as well so as not to be blindsided by them whenever they’re in the country.

“Yes. Is something the matter, Chisato-nee-san?”

I returned a question to probe her. Chisato-nee-san hurriedly shook her head as though she was trying to clear up a misunderstanding.

“No. Nothing of the sort. It’s just my father telling me to ask you when I mentioned that I met you.”

“I see…”

Well, that’s understandable. Although my father was trying to estrange our family from the local behemoth of the Onoda Clan in that prefecture, it’s not like he’s also going to sever some positive ties.

He just ran away from my grandparents, I guess?

“I can call him right now if you want, nee-san.”

“No. It’s fine. My father didn’t ask for anything important. He just said to confirm if he’s already back.”

To confirm, huh? Wait. Does this have to do with the impending visit that Otoha’s brother relayed to me?

“I heard someone will come to visit us in our city, nee-san. Do you know anything about it?”

“Huh? Are you sure? Where did you hear that from?”

“From someone who visited that place recently. A person from a noble family.”

“I’ll ask my father about it! They didn’t tell me! I could’ve volunteered to go instead!”

This… Can I say as expected of Chisato-nee-san? I still have when and who will come.

What if they knocked on our door while two or more of my girls were in the house? Won’t they be surprised?

Uh. No. That’s not what’s important. What I’m worried about is… if they will visit to throw their weight around. I’ll kick them out right away regardless of my father and that side of the family’s reaction.

“Then I’ll contact you about it later. It will be great if it’s you, nee-san. However, you know you can visit us anytime. I’ll give you our address. Just don’t bring other people with you.”

Upon hearing that, Chisato-nee-san’s expression immediately brightened as a wonderful grin formed from her lips.

“I won’t! When I get some free time from work, I’ll come see you!”

“Mhm. It’s settled then. Is there anything else, nee-san?”

“Oh. Yes. There is… It’s still related to our Onoda Clan.”

“Is it about my grandparents?”

I only have little recollection of them. In fact, in our few months of stay there, I’ve only seen them twice.

It’s either my parents didn’t want to bring me to them or they refused to see me. I have no good memory of them apart from the disappointed look on their faces when they saw my mother and me.

I haven’t thought about it recently. But maybe, my mother is one of the reasons why my father decided to leave. They’re against their marriage for some reason.

Compared to them, the family on my mother’s side welcomed us warmly. But even then, I don’t have that much memory regarding that side.

“Yes. They stepped back from the affairs of the family. They’re now living in one of the vacation houses near the west sea.”

When Chisato-nee-san said that, there was a hint of melancholy in her eyes.

Is she close to them? Or did they know her that well?

“I don’t know how to say this but I heard it’s because they’re regretting driving away your father. On the day of my graduation from high school, I was invited by them for a meal.”

“At that time, your grandfather is still presiding over the highest authority within our family. I thought they were simply going to ask me about my future plans. But by the end of that dinner, he brought up your name.”

“I don’t know where he heard that I was fond of you but he asked me how you were as a kid.”

“I honestly said you’re a smart and thoughtful boy. After that, he fell silent. He got lost in his thoughts and your grandmother had to wake him up from that.”

Chisato-nee-san recounted everything from that time. And from the way I saw it, she’s most likely telling me this because she thought I was neglected by them.

This woman… She’s so good to me.

In any case, did he fall to overthinking when he got lost in his thoughts? Looks like that trait runs in our blood. My father is also like that sometimes but with my mother always at his side, I seldom see him get stuck in limbo for thinking too much.

“Thank you for telling me this, nee-san. I don’t have a lot of memories about them so… I guess it’s good that they can now relax after retirement.”

“If… If you want to see them, I can take you to them in the future.”

“Mhm. I’ll rely on you when that time comes. But I don’t think I will see them for the time being. I still have school and as you can see… I’m already occupied by taking care of my girls.”

“That’s what I thought… Take of yourself, Ruki… I wish I could go with you to take care of you. But that’s just a wish. Akane and the others are already there. Just don’t forget about me, okay?”

“I wonder.”

“You… How can you say that?”

I couldn’t help but sneak in a tease. And like my girls, she’s easily teasable.

Chisato-nee-san closed our distance and shook me by my collar.

“I’m just kidding. Of course, I won’t forget about my nee-san. You should also take care of yourself here. Don’t let any guys fool you. Pick someone who’ll take care of you.”

“Pfft. You’re funny. I told you already. I don’t care about them.”

“Because you only have me in your eyes?”

“Exactly. I will marry you if Akane doesn’t.”

“Nee-san, do you know what you’re saying?”

“What? Are you going to reject me? As if Akane won’t marry you. You’re inseparable since you’re both a pipsqueak.”


And then we laughed together. Chisato-nee-san let go of my collar and then hugged me again. I did the same and we held each other for a while, just making one more memory between us. After that, we joined the others in the living room.

Our appointed time to leave is fast approaching.

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