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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1936 A New Day

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Chapter 1936 A New Day

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The next morning, I got roused from my sleep by Maaya.

With her beautiful face being the first image registered in my eyes this morning, my body reflexively reacted, prompting me to pull her down and give her a good morning kiss.

The girl accepted it and even reciprocated the gesture. But then, having that delightful exchange cleared my muddled head that’s still a little drowsy. I could feel my stomach retching as I went pale from the realization.

… It's morning. Not only that… It's already bright outside! It’s not even as dark inside the tent anymore. And upon seeing the roof of the tent, absorbing the light from outside, I couldn’t help but look at my girl, staring at my foolish expression.

"You finally came to, shameless guy… I love that kiss but… tell me. What are you thinking? Why are you still here? Shouldn’t you have left after I fell asleep last night?"

While tracing her moistened lips from the intimate gesture we just shared, Maaya’s inquisitive eyes stabbed through me. That cleared my head up a bit.

Thinking about it, I never actually confirmed whether she was aware that I fell asleep next to her. When I woke up last night, I only found myself sandwiched between the two of them and ultimately decided to forget my plan to stay with them for the night…

As I reached that line of thought, my gaze lowered to my other side, finding the innocent forehead girl still sleeping soundly. She’s still snuggled closely to me while using my chest as her comfortable pillow.

Her peaceful expression instantly made me crack a smile at how I moved my slightly numb arm to brush her hair, caressing and fixing it.

She’s still in her dreamland so I don’t want to disturb her sleep. And thankfully, the other two girls sharing the tent with them were the same. I still have no idea how they would react to my presence here so this was better.

Maaya is Godsent to me. She answered my prayer of waking me up before them.

In any case, I couldn’t help but put on a guilty smile as I answered her question

"As you can see, I ended up spending the night with the two of you."

Hearing that, her cheeks and eyebrows twitched. The girl crossed her arms in front of her, reeling in her urge to scold me.

Well, she just gave another magnificent view. Now that the interior of the place became a little brighter, it granted me a better look at my girl’s figure… It was quite tempting to put my hands on her curvy hips again or bury my face in her chest.

Ugh. Alright… Let’s hold that thought for now…

Maaya soon released a sigh, letting go of her urge to scold. Instead, I got subjected to a pinch on my nose along with her hearty giggle with a hint of her frustration.

“Uh. Can’t say I’m not happy to see you still next to me when I wake up…But shameless guy, let’s be real here. Are you planning to get caught here with us?"

"No, of course not. I was planning to slip away…”

“Is that so? Then why are you still lying down there? Afraid to wake up Misa?”

“Yeah?” I scratched my cheek and nodded in honesty.

“This guy… If you keep spoiling us like this, how can we get even with you?”

Maaya sighed again but instead of scolding me for a second time, the girl slid back down to my side. She returned to her original position before taking the initiative to kiss me one more time.

Get even, huh? They don’t need to… They could just let me spoil them every time, no?

In any case, even though she's quite concerned about our current situation, the girl couldn’t keep up being too rational. She stopped holding back her elation from my decision to stay with them.

I’m just as hopeless as them though. Despite the sense of urgency creeping into my head, I just couldn’t get enough of her.

Look at her already blooming so early in the morning. If someone saw her like this, they'd notice that her beautiful smile could even compete with the first ray of sunlight with how dazzling it was.

A while later, we finished savoring that moment. Halfway through it, she noticed my morning wood sticking up under her blanket. Maybe remembering what happened last night, the girl's face instantly turned crimson.

Curious, she asked me if it would be fine to go out without taking care of that. But I told her that it would calm down on its own. I didn’t drink the tea last night, after all. I mean, my initial plan was to return to our tent. I didn’t need an erection that would be hard to calm down first thing in the morning.

However, I also kind of regretted not bringing the flask for my girls so they could take the tea and have a good night’s sleep. I forgot.

Anyway, Maaya would surely be willing to help me out with it but it’s already too risky for us. What if Misaki or the other two woke up while we were in the middle of something inexplicable for them? That would be disastrous…

Maaya felt bad last night too but I told her not to worry about it as we have plenty of time to be more intimate in the future.

I even teased her, describing what other things we’ll eventually experience.

Of course, that earned me a bite on my neck.

Sometime later, the girl proposed to scout the surrounding area for me. She just couldn’t accept not doing anything to help me. Or maybe, a part of it was also because she wanted to extend her time with me.

Since she wouldn’t stand down, I eventually gave in and let her do it. When she returned, telling me that the coast was clear, the girl accompanied me to the spot where I sneaked in last night.

Not only that, after she deliberated for a while, the girl also decided to follow me into the woods. She grabbed my hand and tightly clung to my arm.

As I couldn’t just reject her, I once again gave in, bringing her with me. Part of me also wanted to extend this time with her, after all.

Upon reaching the place where I spent time with Sachi yesterday, I stopped in my steps and turned to the girl. No one should be able to see us here unless they followed closely behind us.

When I looked at her, Maaya had this mischievous smile on her lips as though she already predicted this to happen, “Shameless guy, are you going to send me back? Or…”

Upon saying that, the girl closed in on me, her hand pressed against my chest as it slowly slid downward. In no time at all, she’s already feeling me up down there.

This girl. I never thought she’d grow this bold. Perhaps, she’s trying to pay me back for last night…

“Girl… Himeko will possibly scold me if she learned how I corrupted you to this degree…”

“Pfft. Are you afraid of Nee-sama? I know you’re not. Besides, Nee-sama will understand… She feels the same way as I do… You lucky guy.”

“I’m only lucky because you all made me so…”

“Yeah, right… When will you kiss me?”

“Right now…”

Following my words, I hooked my arm to her back and captured her lips for the third time today… Down there, her naughty hands couldn’t contain it anymore. She slipped it inside my pants, pulling out my vigorous erection, twitching intensely from the sensation.

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