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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1872 Taking care of each other (2)

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Chapter 1872 Taking care of each other (2)

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Shio and Eguchi-sensei's cooperation went too well. It’s more than what I could ask for them. Although they started gentle kisses that seemed to help them familiarize themselves with seeing each other doing the same thing, they eventually got the hang of it. From there, their cautiousness and shyness gradually get peeled off as both women started alternating between sucking me off or licking every part of my pulsating erection.

While one of them held it up and was licking it from the base up, the other would be gobbling it from above, bobbing her head up and down, serving more than half of the entirety of my length. At times, Shio and Eguchi-sensei would focus on the head or the frenulum since it would make my cock twitch like crazy from the shot of pleasure. By doing that, their lips would almost touch too. Although there wasn’t any aversion from them, they’d climb up to share that kiss with me before going back down to continue with renewed eagerness.

And like earlier they ended up using their pair of bountiful racks, alternating between squeezing me individually or in the middle of them while sharing the part of my length sticking out.

While doing so, they would occasionally check on my expression, enjoying my silent groans of pleasure and the way my face would twitch as it was impossible to keep it straight from enduring everything they were doing.

With this kind of scene being played in front of my eyes, the uncontrollable feeling of approaching my climax arrived sooner than I expected.

"Slow down, Shio, Ryouko-san. I'm about to…" I called out to them in between my gasp for breath and my attempt to hold it back as much as possible.

Apart from the thrill of doing this with them knowing that everyone was busy with the camp, their beautiful image servicing me with eagerness was more than just stimulating.

I mean, reaching one’s orgasm always depended on stimulation from both the sense of touch and sight. The latter was more about the sexual stimulus brought about by a clear image being registered in one’s head.

That's the reason why masturbating without any material was difficult. If you just wank it off or touch yourself without thinking of anything else, more often than, you wouldn’t even be aroused. Sexual gratification was always accompanied by visual stimulation. One has to use p*rn, magazine, or imagination to stimulate their mind and create a scene in their head.

In my current situation, the sensual image of both Shio and Eguchi-sensei taking care of my cock significantly raised my arousal. Unless I vehemently opposed finishing early in order to prolong this by distracting myself with useless thoughts, reaching the end of my rope quickly was quite a certainty.

I would only do that during our lovemaking to ensure that I wouldn’t be the only one getting off.

As my hips quivered from the approaching climax, they both reacted to my words by looking up at me and showing me their enticing expression that seemed to say, ‘Go ahead and don’t mind us.’

Like always, they never had any inclination to stop. They both already got a taste of me and during those previous times, they also took it in their mouths, gulping it down without spilling any drops.

Calling out to them and warning them only boosted their eagerness as their movements became more intensified. Not only their mouths but their hands furiously started stroking or stimulating the sack beneath.

Shio and Eguchi-sensei even pressed on my hands, urging me to push their heads and not let them get away from it.

Soon enough, my hips trembled uncontrollably as the first burst of my semen pumped out of the tip. I could feel it shooting inside Eguchi-sensei’s mouth whose lips clasped tightly to receive it in full.

Looking at her and taking it in as additional stimulus, my hips thrust forward, burying me deep in her.

Then, almost instantly as though they sensed the incoming second pump, Eguchi-sensei popped my glistening cock out of her mouth. They only gave me a short glimpse of it as Shio popped it in next, receiving the rest of it, sucking it until I released the last drop.

Both Shio and Eguchi-sensei held it in their mouths first, savoring its taste and texture, before gulping it down. That image sent another jolt of pleasure to my head.

And upon seeing it still twitching like crazy, they gave it one more suck until it hardened completely again.

Once that happened, they grabbed my arms to pull me down in between them. After reapplying more of their saliva to further lubricate it, Eguchi-sensei stood up, pulled her pants down along with her pair of panties, and straddled me.

She moved closer, pressing my erection against her slit, letting the tip slide across the entirety of her sacred place.

“Onoda-kun, can I? ” Eguchi-sensei quietly mouthed. Her erotic expression was fully occupied by her burning desire to do more with me.

Looking at her shapely and extremely erotic figure that could send anyone shivers down their crotch, my cock which was standing proudly because of them attempted to answer for me.

The tip brushed against the drenched entrance of her sacred place, seemingly wanting to be sucked inside or dive deep within it.

However, her question wasn’t asking me for permission whether she could do it with me or not. It was for us to do it like how we did it yesterday. Rubbing our genitals and emulating the feeling of lovemaking even just for a bit.

Shio who was seated on the other side was quietly watching us. She knew that I had yet to do it with Eguchi-sensei. She’s considerately respecting her at the moment, preventing herself from affecting Eguchi-sensei’s judgement.

Obviously, Eguchi-sensei was more than aware of her presence. They did service me together, after all.

Even without saying it, what happened yesterday between Orimura-sensei and me was possibly driving her to act bolder like this. Perhaps if we were alone and Shio didn’t arrive, she’d possibly ask me for more than this.

When that happens, a normal guy would normally think along the lines of ‘F*ck it. She’s asking for it so why not?’. As for me, I have a lot of things to consider. I care a lot for all of my girls. I may have been unknowingly hurting them because of my decisions but when it comes to these things where I am fully aware of the situation, I’ll always prioritize their satisfaction and well-being.

At this moment, what Eguchi-sensei was asking wasn’t too much but I fully understand that she’s holding back her desperation to also go past this stage.

“Ryouko-san, I love you. Is that enough of an answer?”

“Geez. Onoda-kun… That answer is far from what I’m asking you. However, I’ll take it… I love you too… I can say that clearly now.”

Although the initial burning desire to satisfy me with her body weakened a bit, hearing those words from me swelled up her affection. It also successfully cleared up her muddled head as Eguchi-sensei lowered herself down, letting my cock poke at her entrance before sliding it across her slippery slit.

The result remained the same but this time, we leaned more on our overflowing affection for each other rather than the momentary lust.

Before long, our lips found each other as we shared a passionate kiss. Then, with my hands dropping on her supple behind, I guided her movements to bring us both the satisfaction we were seeking.

A few minutes later, Eguchi-sensei climaxed for a second time today while having the head of my cock buried at her entrance. ‘Just the head’.

Both of us could’ve pushed it in if we wished to. However, we were of the same mind to save the real thing for a better, more fitting occasion. For now, she’s already satisfied with having me partly inside her…

When I put her down on the side, Shio who remained quiet all this time was already touching herself down there.

As soon as the previous occupant of my lap quietly closed her eyes from exhaustion, she charmingly grinned at me as she took that spot for herself.

Unlike Eguchi-sensei, Shio unhesitatingly slid the entirety of my cock, allowing me to occupy her narrow depths. As she settled down to the base, her whole body quivered from the intense pleasure.

Along with her quiet moans to not disturb Eguchi-sensei’s rest, Shio affectionately whispered in my ear.

“Ruru, I love you. You can fill me up. I knew you held it back for me.”

She’s not wrong. But it’s also because I don’t know if I can get it up quickly if I lose myself there.

“Mhm. I love you too, Shio… You know you’re just as irresistible to me. We’re going back out there with weakened knees.”

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