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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1739 Treasure

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Chapter 1739 Treasure

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It was within my expectation to be greeted and mobbed by my girls when I arrived home. However, it appeared that I still underestimated them at what length they could go through for me.

As soon as I pushed open the front door, my eyes were welcomed by the sight of Eimi wearing an apron. With her captivating smile that never faded in my head, the girl looked so great in it that I failed to notice how she was missing a few articles of clothing that should have been there.

How did I eventually notice? My naughty hands slid down beyond her back, cupping her squishy behind without ever lifting her skirt.

She was only in her underwear that, given how thin it was, could be considered not there. Add to that, that sweet moan that escaped her lips gave her away.

Even though she was prepared for it, Eimi was still too sensitive to my touch.

Due to that, I did a double and saw that apart from her pair of underwear, she wore nothing else behind that apron.

Yep. Her naked back didn't give her away at first considering I focused more on her apron. Sometimes, I just shut my head down to fully appreciate my girls, you know?

Anyway, from that point on, I got subjected to more surprises from the girl.

Starting with her initiation of a deep, passionate kiss and her pleading eyes begging me to pick her up in my arms and asking me to bring her somewhere we could be alone.

Although Akane, Sena, and Ayu already were within our vicinity, Eimi seemed so determined to have me all to herself.

I don't know if it's her own idea or not to appear before me in that almost naked apron. But one thing is certain, my Eimi doesn't want to end this day without anything else happening between us.

Did she feel jealous of Fuyu? Maybe… I mean, I kind of focused on that girl earlier and I even stayed in their house longer than I thought.

Whichever the case, this surprise she gave me was more than enough to get me thrilled.

That's why after greeting Akane and the others, saying we'll be back, I carried the girl upstairs and into our bedroom.

Perhaps not really expecting that her attempt at seduction would easily work on me. Eimi’s impassioned expression flared up as embarrassment became mixed in it.

As I was climbing the stairs, she dropped her head on my shoulder, hiding her face while clinging to me tightly.

And now, that brings us to this current situation.

I dropped her in the middle of the bed before slowly climbing up to join her.

This wasn’t her first time in this room but this would be the first time for us to be alone in here.

As I slowly climbed up to join her side, Eimi’s glimmering eyes took in her surroundings. With her lips stretching further into a natural smile, she then locked gazes with me.

“Ruki… Is this fine?” She asked, gripping the soft cushion of our bed. If not for me already halfway through covering her with my body, she’d probably roll around to get a proper feel of our bed.

“It is. If someday I get permission from your parents to let you stay here with me, this will also be your room.” I answered as I once again took in her wonderful figure.

Her legs were mostly exposed by now and I couldn’t resist the temptation to run my hand on it. And with her apron becoming disheveled to the point that it’s already covering less than it originally was, my lower body was experiencing a sharp rise in temperature.

No matter what anyone says, my girls’ irresistible allure would never fail to turn me on.

“Y-you’re thinking that far ahead…” Eimi hurriedly covered the immediate grin on her lips but the blush on her face betrayed. And due to that, I sped up my climb and crawled over to hover my face above hers.

Our eyes locked with each other and I put on my best smile for her. Thankfully, it didn’t creep her out, instead, her arm covering her mouth gradually slid down, exposing the lovely grin that she tried to cover up.

Tempted, I didn’t hesitate to kiss her again, as passionately as earlier.

“Should I ask them later?”

“Pfft. You might get smacked by my father if you do. But… I kind of want to see it.” The girl closed her eyes for a second, most likely imagining that scene in her head. And in an instant, her smile just grew wider.

“What do you want to see? Me getting smacked by your father?” I jokingly added.

I thought of teasing her for a bit but Eimi seemed ready for it.

“Not that… But Ruki, if you’re also into that, why not? I’ll ask my father to smack you if he doesn’t.”

“I see you’ve unlocked your ability to counter me. I like it.”

“Un. I’ve learned from the best.” Matching my playful tone, the girl put on a smirk. Following that, she poked my nose before hugging my head and pushing me down to her chest.

Here, I could feel her warmth spreading across my senses and more than that, I could also sense her current emotion.

Enclosing my arms around her, I climbed back up to get another kiss before opening up a slightly different conversation. It concerned what I thought of earlier…

“Like I said before, don’t hesitate to tell me how you feel. If I do something wrong or you feel like I do, I will listen and correct it.” I started with that, and sure enough, it struck a chord with her.

Although that didn’t make her smile fade away, Eimi looked me straight in the eye and sincerely asked, “Ruki… tell me, for you to bring that up. You’re probably thinking that you did me wrong, no?”

As expected of my girl, she hit a bullseye in one attempt. Thinking about it, this was probably my guilt acting up. I don’t want her to misunderstand so…

“Un. That’s what my gut was telling me.” I wryly smiled.

I thought Eimi would pout at me but instead, the girl immediately caught my cheeks between her palms.

“When Akane said we could eventually understand what’s troubling you as time went on, I thought it needed more time for me to accomplish the same feat. But here…” As she couldn’t hold it in anymore, Eimi giggled as though she was having the time of her life. Or rather, she’s just so happy to find out that she’s wrong on that assumption. “…how should I say this? Uhm… I can understand why you thought of that, silly guy. It’s about Fuyu, right?”

These girls… They kept on making me amazed by them. There’s no counter to that. Akane’s words were true. With this, just like her and the other girls, Eimi had gained the ability to get a read of my unspoken dilemma.

Perhaps thinking that I was spooked or got stumped at what she said, Eimi continued, clearing my head in the process, “I did feel a little jealous when you fed her ice cream earlier. Does that count? Also, when I heard what happened there, I also felt a little envious that they got you to stay there longer than you planned. Are those your concerns, Ruki?”

“It is…” Defeated at my own thoughts, I tried lowering my head. But with the girl cupping my face, it’s impossible.

“Un. You’re too honest for your own good, Ruki. That’s why we cannot help but keep on falling for you.”

“That doesn’t sound right, you know?”

“Un. It doesn’t. But who cares? I won’t speak for the others but Ruki, that’s a quality I really like about you. You’re the type of person who won’t let the day end without resolving things you thought you did wrong. Don’t worry, even if I felt that way earlier. They got easily washed away when you showered me with your endless concern and love…”

Upon saying that, Eimi initiated another kiss which lasted longer than earlier. While doing so, her arms and legs locked me in place, allowing me to press down further on her. Soon, we’re once again entangled with each other.

In response, my whole body subconsciously moved to accommodate this change, making sure that my girl wouldn’t be crushed beneath me.

“Somehow, I feel like I’m being courted again.”

“Pfft. Yes. That might be it. I’ll keep on courting you and making you fall for me, Ruki. Look forward to that.”

“I will…”

There were no more words that needed to be said anymore. In this particular moment, Eimi truly shone better than anyone else. Despite her embarrassment and her uncertainties, the girl proved her true worth. She’s a treasure I won’t let anyone steal from me.

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