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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1338 Synergized Relay (2)

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Chapter 1338 Synergized Relay (2)

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“Nanami looks great… Has she started working out?” From my side, Aya murmured as she attentively watched the proceedings in the activity area.

At the moment, Nami who took the third post was already back at the start line for the final sprint. Since she didn’t use that ability to help thanks to Hina, Saki and Kikuchi’s quick wits and feet, she let Saki hold onto the sack in the middle area to get an easier time sprinting.

And yep. Compared to our first PE Classes where Nami also got fatigued from the intense exercises, the girl’s stamina had already seen an improvement. She even got the time to search for me in the crowd to wave, smile and see me cheering for her.

Obviously, she’s showing off.

“Yes. After seeing how I worked out, she also started doing it every morning.” I answered Aya’s question after waving back at Nami.

“I see… Do you think I should too?”

“Mhm. Personally, I will suggest that you do it. However, you don’t have to push yourself right from the start. Begin with only the basic ones to improve your stamina.”

“Un. I will try too. Every morning.”

“Great. Let me call you every morning before you start.”

“Yes! That’ll be great motivation, Ruki.”

“Mhm… And when another chance comes for you to stay the night, I’ll watch over your exercise the next morning.”

“Idiot. Knowing you and that tea of yours, Aya will be exhausted in bed way before going down to exercise.” Hearing our conversation, Satsuki interjected. She annoyedly leered at me before intentionally nudging me with her shoulder.

Of course, that’s not enough to rock me and with Aya leaning on my other side, I naturally held my position. In return, I stretched my arm behind the grumpy girl and firmly grasped her waist.

Satsuki instantly stopped moving as a satisfied expression flashed on her face.

Yeah. The girl was only trying to appeal to me. Since I had my attention on Nami and then on Aya, she probably felt a little left out.

Obviously, I also didn’t neglect Hina and Saki who also did their best there.

Furthermore, Chii was also nearby. She and her group which naturally consisted of the other two gyaru friends with Kanzaki as an add-on were seated in front of us.

Yep. Because of Misaki, Kanzaki also became friends with her. With their group also waiting for their turn, the fake gyaru took the spot in front of me. At times, Chii would lean back on me, acting very affectionate.

The same with my other girls, I would reciprocate it and spoil the girl even if Sakuma was watching at the side.

A while later, as Nami completed that final sprint and crossed the finish line with the sack carried on her back, Eguchi-sensei blew into her whistle signifying the end of their group’s first round.

The teacher first went to check the solution to the problem that Hina solved before counting the number of items Saki and Kikuchi packed inside that sack. Yep. They’re lucky enough to draw a whole number solution rather than a specified weight.

Due to that, they surely finished that round quicker than Eguchi-sensei’s estimate.

“Not bad, Andou. For the record, my estimated completion time is around three minutes. Your group completed it faster than it. Congratulations.”

Welp. I just said it but there’s the confirmation.

Eguchi-sensei clapped and praised Nami’s group, which put a smile on their faces. Obviously, none of them were exhausted but one could see that they exerted effort in completing it.

In any case, because they’re the first group, their clear time became the standard for the next groups to follow. Those who were gunning for the reward got their fighting spirit set ablaze as they eagerly waited for their turn.

With the students grouping up with their friends or just the leftovers grouping together, I could spy some athletic groups from Rae’s class stretching out to make sure that they’d be quicker than Nami’s group and then there were those who looked like they took a bitter pill, not knowing if they could do better than a group of girls.

In our class, I also saw Ogawa’s group who took Yamada as their fourth member. Then there’s also Fukuda’s group with Miyoshi as their fourth member.

Really, the cucks have congregated. At least, they stopped checking me out every minute or two. Since I talked with Ogawa yesterday, the guy once again started avoiding me and he also stopped trying to get Nami’s attention. I guess he’s on his way to finally letting go. He’d been slapped too many times already. About time he straightened up.

Or there’s another angle.

He’s afraid that I would really try and get Kazuha-nee as well. He decided to stop crossing me so I would forget him and his sister.

Too bad for him, it’s only a matter of asking Hina to get Kazuha-nee’s contact number.

Well, I’ll let him be at peace for now.

As for Fukuda who also couldn’t let go of Chii, he’s probably biding his time to get back at me. With Uchiyama and the other two now acting like lackeys to me, Fukuda was probably still trying to understand how wide my reach was.

That’s just my speculation, anyway. I had no time to talk to him and he’s taking care not to get in my way nowadays. It’s another story for his two lackeys though, especially that guy who tried to call me out yesterday for treating Hana coldly.

Among those who got taken in by that girl’s acts and appearance, he’s probably the one who’s the most infatuated. He’s probably seeing himself as her knight by now.

Nonetheless, I still find him insignificant.

Anyway, given that there’s an estimate of three minutes to complete a round, the allotted time for PE would not be enough to have the more than 10 groups from both classes finish all three rounds.

And due to that, before starting the second round for Nami’s group, Eguchi-sensei called for me to help her set up the other court to be used as the second activity area.

Hana also helped. Most likely, she found it as another chance to talk to me again. Furthermore, she’s bored out of her mind doing nothing but watch everyone enjoy the activity.

“Good for you… Openly flirting with all of them like that.”

“Really? That’s your conversation opener? But thanks, you know I’ll also flirt with you given the chance.”

“I prefer it if you do it in front of them.”

“Okay, that’s the conversation killer right there. If only you were not that stubborn… Your return to our city will end up wasted if you keep this up.”

“Not really. Seeing you and conversing with you like this is already worth it. This will be impossible if I remain out of the country.”

“Sure. But are you satisfied with this?”

“Obviously not. Aren’t I trying to make you mine?”

“Ah. That’s a dead end. There’s no changing my mind when it comes to my girls.”

Our conversation ended there. We finished setting up the second area and Eguchi-sensei already drew the next group.

With this, I returned to my girls and waited for our turn.

Fortunately, that didn’t take long. Four groups later, Eguchi-sensei drew our group from the lot.

“Finally!” Sakuma jumped up right away. Not because he’s excited but to get away from seeing me flirting with my girls.

Unfortunately, he’s stuck with us. He’d see more of it before the end of this activity.

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