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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1312 Great Help

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Chapter 1312 Great Help

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With a little bit of difficulty extracting it from Watanabe’s mouth, I got a gist of what happened to the girl. There’s someone in that club who had an attitude. A senior. And obviously, it’s the usual reason.

Not wanting her light to be eclipsed by Yanagi, she maneuvered to make the girl’s life in the club. Not outright bullying but simple obstructions whenever someone’s not looking.

And even after reporting it to their club advisor, nothing was done. That’s why instead of striving for the club, the girl’s motivation drained out to the point that she started limiting her time in the club.

Whoever that senior was or what measure Yanagi did before getting demotivated, I had no idea. Watanabe told me to find out about it from the girl. But she stressed out that the girl didn’t simply take it lying down.

Yanagi was supposed to be a very competitive girl. Any setback she faced failed to obstruct her. However, this year was different. She got pushed to the point of giving up.

Nonetheless, because of me or my transformation, in particular, the girl at least gained some kind of inspiration. It allowed her to consider standing back up.

As to how she was going to accomplish that, I had no idea.

Watanabe told me to expect Yanagi to approach me at times. But since it was her ‘catch’ when she decided to work for us, she asked me to check on her friend once in a while.

“We’ll see what I can do. She seems like someone who really needs someone else’s push but I can’t promise to prioritize her.” I eventually answered, marking the end of our discussion about Yanagi.

Watanabe could only nod in understanding, not pushing the issue anymore.

I soon released her arm and went to my table. There’s a new folder placed on top of it. I had long noticed that when I picked up the chair but decided to check on it after dealing with the visitor.

Knowing that it was not something I brought with me, I could only turn to Watanabe who remained at her seat while watching me check the content of the folder.

Understanding my gaze, the girl started explaining.

“Ah. That… That’s something the Guidance Counselor told me to bring you. Miura… err. Komoe-chan and I went to report to them earlier. Eguchi-sensei was still out so it’s Umemura-sensei of the 2nd years who received us.”

I see. If it’s from another Guidance Counselor then it must be another job for my office. Talk about a slave driver. Shouldn’t they just let me rest after finishing my job with Komoe? Somehow, this made me miss Eguchi-sensei’s warm consideration.

Uh. Maybe that’s not all I miss about her. Anyway, sensing that Watanabe was not finished yet, I patiently waited for the continuation.

“Komoe-chan also expressed her longing to meet you. But thankfully, her older sister picked her up when she returned to our classroom after the Mentor Program. She’s a little uncomfortable throughout the classes but she managed to survive through it without feeling ostracized. I have some authority as part of the Student Council so… no one dared to call her out when they saw me interacting with her.”

Now, that’s a job well done for this girl. I was correct in involving her with Komoe. It saved me the need to check on the girl every time. Furthermore, she also served as the much-needed for the girl from the possibility of becoming an outcast.

I guess I’ll pass by the Game Club later before picking up Satsuki to show Komoe that I won’t simply abandon her after getting her back to school.

With my mind somewhat focused on Watanabe’s voice, I stopped checking the content of the folder which already showed a photo of another problem student. I then returned to where Watanabe was sitting and placed my hand on her head, petting it proudly like one would pet a cat, “Mhm. You did a great job, Watanabe. I think instead of a treasurer, you’re more suited to be my secretary.”

“Eh?!” Not expecting that kind of praise as well as the pat on her head, the girl almost tumbled backward from her chair in an attempt to escape my hand.

“Don’t ‘eh’ me. I’m being honest here. I determined that Shizu recruiting you as an outside help for us is perfect. But in this way, you’re losing the chance to observe my relationship with my girls.”


As I said that, the surprised girl appeared as though she got hit by a realization. Almost shouting that and standing abruptly, her forehead almost hit mine if not for my quick reflex to get out of her way.

“You’re right! I haven’t seen you getting frisky with the President! Say, did you do something there before coming here?! Tell me… I’m dying to know!” As though I was seeing an incarnation of Otsuka-senpai in this girl, her sparkling, curiosity-filled eyes drew close to me. Not only that, she leaned closer, enough for her to tumble forward if I wasn’t blocking her front.

However, because of that, she’s somehow pressing her body on me. I could clearly feel her soft and squishy mounds hidden beneath her uniform.

Given that she was too eager to know what happened, Watanabe paid no attention to her conspicuous closeness to me. All that was left was for the girl to hold onto me and she’d be the same as that overly curious senior.

Should I push her back?

Well, I actually did that already. However, Watanabe returned to the same position in less than five seconds.

Walking back to pat her head was a bad idea. I should’ve kept that distance between us.

Now, if Masato-senpai suddenly entered the room, his suspicion would be cemented as a fact in his head.

But will he enter the room? Uh. Let’s not get to that and jinx it. I better satisfy this girl’s curiosity instead.

I reached for the girl’s cheeks and pulled on them with a bit of force. As expected, she winced almost instantly followed by a cutesy pout.

In an attempt to stop me, she grabbed my hand only to fail in stopping my pinch assault.

“W-what iz diz fo, O-oda-kun?” Fumbling with her words due to her cheeks stretched out, Watanabe narrowed her eyes in complaint.

“Don’t mind it. It’s just a defensive measure for a persistent girl like you…” Although I tried not to, I still let out a small laugh at watching the girl’s warped expression. But well, as stuck up as I am, I quickly recovered before continuing, “Alright. Take this as part of the deal you have with us. Shizu and I shared an intimate moment. I massaged her shoulders and brewed her tea. In exchange… Ah. No. Let’s not call that an exchange. But to show her love and gratitude for that, I got more than just a kiss.”

Hearing that, Watanabe’s lips widened into a grin. Now, she looked more like a gremlin than a cute girl. She didn’t mind that though. Slowly, a hint of red flashed across her face, “More than just a kiss… Did you get treated down there again?”

With her eyes gesturing downward, I instantly understood what she was talking about. Is this her curiosity or just her perverseness?

“That’s a secret.” I impishly answered before releasing her cheek and pushing her back to her seat.

Before she could raise a follow-up question, I already returned to my table, acting like I was checking out the content of the folder.

A while later, I could see her reeling in dissatisfaction from the corner of my eyes. While massaging her cheeks, she glared at me with a pout.

When I soon raised my head, the girl quickly averted her gaze and acted like she was not pouting at me a second earlier.

Well, I didn’t call her out on that. Instead, I raised another question, “Oh. Watanabe. Are you sure you’re fine being here with me? Won’t Masato-senpai look for you? He’ll soon misunderstand your relationship with me.”

“He’s busy. And he won’t find this a problem!” The girl’s response was swift.

However, at the same time as she said that, the door suddenly clicked, indicating that someone was about to enter.

Upon hearing that, Watanabe looked like her soul was about to leave her body as panic traveled across her whole body.

Well, that’s a false alarm. Because the one who showed up behind the door wasn’t Masato-senpai.

“Excuse me… Is Junior-kun here?”

A girl with beautiful golden ringlets peeked her head in, searching for my figure. As soon as her gaze met mine, her eyes widened in delight followed by a very enchanting smile.

Yep. It’s Marika.

Now, this is another unexpected visit.

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