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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 807: Running Again

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Chapter 807: Running Again

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Feiyun wanted to curse while being pulled into the coffin. However, the hair of the First Venerable felt like divine chains, impossible to sever.

He eventually got trapped inside as well.

“Want to kill me?! I’ll take you down too!” The voice of the First Venerable had a strange power to it.

Fortunately, Feiyun’s golden energy could purify this power. Otherwise, he would have exploded into numerous pieces.

The space in the coffin was vast and boundless. One could see glowing thick chains coiling around a bloody hand.

It was clutching the last piece of skin of the venerable. The latter was screaming and howling while unleashing various techniques.

It was futile. Its voice became quieter and quieter, eventually replaced by gnawing noises.

Feiyun took out the exalted pot and fully activated its power. A sense of danger overwhelmed him.

What the hell is inside this coffin? It’s so damn strong!

The chains began moving again as the bloody hand came for Feiyun.

He felt a sky of blood hovering above him, making it impossible to run. Nonetheless, he unleashed a full-strength attack with the pot, releasing all of its nefarious energy.

This pot was actually refined from Yama’s head so it had a special power.

The hand seemingly recognized Yama’s aura and paused for a moment before crashing back down.

This split-second allowed Feiyun to run away from its suppression. He began thinking about the various methods to get out of this mess.

This thing easily killed the First Venerable. Stopping meant certain death for him.

“Right, Yama, it recognized Yama’s aura.” Feiyun remembered the first time he opened it. Yama’s aura chased it away.

This repeated just now too. It might be afraid of Yama.

He took out the ghost bottle and didn’t get the chance to ask before Yama took the initiative: “Come inside, that’s your only chance of surviving.”

“Yeah right.” Feiyun snorted but still had no choice. He turned into a white ray and entered the bottle.

That hand was coming and lingering around would result in certain death.

He didn’t sink to the bottom yet and already felt a terrible chilling affinity.

An azure light came out of his dantian and turned into a vessel. Its wondrous power resisted this force even though he hasn’t activated it yet.

This bottle could refine ghosts easily so the environment inside was extremely harsh. No humans could survive there; only someone like Yama could stay alive.

This chilling force suppressed Feiyun’s Firebird Gown. Its fire became weak.

“Whoosh!” A nether gale approached, one strong enough to blow away a mountain made of steel.

Feiyun needed all four garments in order to barely stop it. The moment he got inside the bottle, he focused on taking out his golden Buddha in order to open the portal to the kingdom. He entered right away.

A split second later, Yama’s hand skirted by, nearly crushing his skull.

“That was close.” Feiyun touched his head and found that it was bleeding. He forced Yama’s evil affinity out of his body before looking out at the portal and laughed: “I just needed time to summon the portal. Did you think I actually fell for your trap?”

“Keke, then wait in there for the rest of your life!” Yama uttered hatefully and unleashed a palm strike on the golden Buddha.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions ensued. He wanted to destroy the portal in order to trap Feiyun in there forever.

Feiyun was already sitting on a nine-headed spirit bird, flying towards the western ocean. He took a deep breath to relax and wasn’t afraid of Yama. It wouldn’t be easy for him to destroy the golden Buddha due to his limited power right now.

Plus, he might not be able to do it back in his peak form. This was something refined by Fo Canzi and couldn’t be that easily destroyed.

The whole ordeal only lasted several seconds but Feiyun has been through hell and back. Anyone outside would have assumed that he was dead in the stone coffin.

“An old stone coffin? I don’t recall.” The ancestral Bi’an shook its head as it sat on a Buddhist platform.

It was extremely strong but couldn’t leave the kingdom. Otherwise, it would dominate the land outside.

Feiyun didn’t expect this beast to know about it since it has always been in here.

He came looking for it because it was the strongest being here. He wanted it to open some shrines that have been around for dozens of millennia. Maybe there would be some powerful Buddhist weapons there.

According to the rumors, there were three thousand Enlightened Buddhas in this place. All of them were dead now but maybe their caves were still around. There should be weapons capable of subduing evil around.

Unfortunately, the ancestor didn’t wish to help him because they have sworn to not open these shrines and remove the formations protecting these legacies. Only the fateful ones could enter.

Feiyun found these beasts to be quite stubborn yet honorable. They stuck to the principles even more than human cultivators and wouldn’t take someone else’s items or break their oath.

Truthfully, this was quite cute.

If they didn’t adhere to these rules, this kingdom might not be as peaceful and those shrines and caves wouldn’t be around for so long.

Feiyun decided to keep the peace in this place long into the future, not letting any malicious people in here.

He then asked the Bi’an about the spirit stone and found that it was going according to plan. He then said goodbye.

As he walked out of the Bi’an’s mountain, he smelled a sweet scent of nature coming from the green rivers and blue ocean. Beasts wearing Buddhist robes were flying in the air as well.

He thought that if he didn’t have problems to take care of, he wouldn’t mind staying here forever.

“I guess I have to do it myself if they can’t help.” His eyes became determined since he wanted to go outside.

There were two main problems preventing that - Yama and the stone coffin.

Yama was weak right now so this wasn’t difficult. However, the other existence was extremely dangerous.

The ancient shrines left behind had formations protecting them, some of which were extremely powerful.

Though he was versed in formations, he still couldn’t enter the powerful ones. He had to choose the easier shrines instead.

He entered six of them in just ten days. They contained numerous Buddhist texts, perfect for those who actually care about Buddhism. Alas, they weren’t worth a single coin to him.

He also found pills. Alas, the medicinal effect has dispersed because of the long period of time. The moment he opened the bottle, they turned into dust.

He also found many weapons. Unfortunately, the top two were only equal to third-ranked spirit treasures. Nothing was truly powerful.

There were many spirit grass and flowers outside too; some were more than a thousand years old. Feiyun saw a few closing in on ten thousand years.

Each shrine was a great alchemy garden that hasn’t been harvested in so long. Spirit grass was as abundant as weed now.

However, he wasn’t interested in them and left in a hurry. It has been ten days and who knows what had happened outside?

He needed to wait till next time before taking all of them and selling them by the pounds. Even the clan master of the Jin Gou would salivate at this sight.

“Next one, I guess.” He came out of a mountain filled with spirit energy and flew towards the horizon.

The kingdom was divided into nine continents and twelve oceans. Each was massive, dozens of times bigger than Jin.

He landed on another mountain with numerous palaces and shrines at the top. Many were actually floating in the air. A seven-colored rainbow emanated from one shrine and looked extraordinary.

He heard a girl speaking from below. This was his first time seeing a disciple from Beastmaster Camp ever since he got here.

He recalled that there was a valley nearby. It seemed that Wu Qinghua had chosen it.

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