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«Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 846: The Start of a Great War

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Chapter 846: The Start of a Great War

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Was good and evil important? Yes.

But this world was full of people who used good and evil to kidnap other people. The yardstick was just a tool for them to use.

To Nie Ting and the rest, Lu Xiaoyu’s ability to capture spirits was not an obstruction. Whose spirits did she capture? Anthony’s? Johnson’s?

These… these spirits should have been captured, right? It was good that they had been captured…

Furthermore, a lot of time had passed since the dawn of the magically rich era. The leaders of the Heavenly Network more or less had connections to Lu Shu. It was not an overstatement to say that Lu Shu was You Mingyu’s partner when Lu Shu was overseas. On the other hand, Hao Zhichao had formed a deep friendship with Lu Shu since the first time they fought together.

Evidently, friendship was more important than the issue of capturing spirits.

Lu Shu felt Lu Xiaoyu’s icy cold hand slowly turn warmer. Yes, this world was still rather warm.

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. He wanted to say something to the Bishop, but he was stopped by Lu Xiaoyu. Lu Xiaoyu looked expressionlessly at him. “Don’t speak first.”

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +666!”

Although Lu Xiaoyu had integrated into the Heavenly Network, and helped the Heavenly Network to fight, but all these had been for Lu Shu. But now, Lu Xiaoyu felt that the situation had become more complex.

But she did not want to think too much about it. Things were fine this way.

She had an aspiration to become a Heavenly King. Now, she had finally fulfilled that aspiration. Although it was not in a way that she had imagined, it came as a surprise and made her particularly happy.

At this critical point, the secret practitioners had already run away. The large organizations had completely given up on blocking the secret practitioners. Not only was it useless, it would also weaken them unnecessarily.

The Bishop did not speak. He suddenly felt danger, as if Nie Ting was targeting him specifically.

Everyone knew that it had been a long time since Nie Ting had last attacked someone. But Nie Ting had been resting in silence. No one could imagine how scary Nie Ting would be after all this time.

But the Bishop and the Saint were puzzled. They were shocked when they saw the black box in Nie Ting’s hands. Had Nie Ting found a way to attack?

“Many have advised me not to come to the battlefront. Since I cannot attack, they asked me to be in charge of background affairs,” said Nie Ting. “But I feel that it doesn’t make sense for me to hide while everyone is risking their lives at the battlefront. Perhaps after today, the Heavenly Network will lose a Shen Cang Jing. But the Heavenly Network has many people, including me.”

When they heard this, everyone knew that Nie Ting had made his decision. Shi Xuejin, who was reading in the courtyard at Liuhai Lane, the Capital, suddenly stopped. It was as if he had sensed something.

Lu Shu silently looked at Nie Ting. He wanted to say, “Don’t destroy your future. We can think of something.” But the problem was that there were many experts here. Lu Shu’s words would not be able to resolve the problem.

Furthermore, everyone knew that no one could change Nie Ting’s decision.

When he finished speaking, Nie Ting punched and broke the black box in his hands. The black sword inside the box suddenly floated into Nie Ting’s palm.

Nie Ting held the sword in his right and pierced his left palm. The black sword left a deep wound, but there was no blood. Instead, a black vein spread throughout his entire body. In an instant, there were mysterious black lines on Nie Ting’s handsome face.

Lu Shu suddenly felt Nie Ting’s power rapidly drop from Shen Cang Jing to Class A! It was as if a star had died!

This attack definitely hurt to the core, but Nie Ting’s expression remained calm!

Lu Shu thought that this sword was very mysterious. But its function was not simply to stab himself. If it was used to attack an opponent and destroy their foundation, it would be a first-rate weapon!

But Nie Ting went against the function of the sword and reduced his own boundary!

All the bronze armored soldiers were furious. If the large organizations had not infiltrated into their territory, Nie Ting would never have made such a choice!

Nie Ting continued. “I, Nie Ting, have broken my own foundation. I will capture a few Class A spirits for my 11th Heavenly King to play around with. I want everyone to understand one thing. All those who enter my territory, will die.”

The moment he finished speaking, the black sword slashed at the Bishop, as if it was slicing through heaven and earth. It was as if the entire earth had darkened.

Nie Ting was a few hundred meters away from the Bishop, but the Bishop felt that he would not be able to avoid the attacks from this sword.

This sword was the key to begin a great war. The Saint suddenly attacked and the experts from the large organizations attacked the wall from all directions!

The expert Metahumans rushed towards the city all like locusts. This day would definitely be recorded in the history of the realm of cultivation.

Five kilometers away, a human-shaped shooting star streaked across the sky, but was suddenly stopped by two people.

Li Xianyi stopped and calmly looked at Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi, who were in front of him. “Have you been waiting for long?”

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck like a long spear made out of thunderbolts. Li Xianyi smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you as well.”

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi looked behind. They dodged the Gungnir and saw Coral floating beside Li Xianyi. She had a cold expression on her face.

“Why is she here?” Tiger Zhi furrowed his eyebrows. They did not want to fight Coral.

Coral had arrived at the Changbai Mountains a long time ago, but had not done anything. Half a month ago, when Lu Shu left Luo City, he went to find her.

Back then, Coral was preparing to go home. But on the way home, she encountered Lu Shu, who had been waiting for her. Lu Shu said, “I don’t know whether you still remember what happened in the past. I don’t know if I can come back either. But I want to ask you to do something. Protect Li Xianyi.”

Back then, Lu Xiaoyu thought that if the long-time rivalry between the Puppet Master and the Golden Foundation were to affect Li Xianyi, Li Xianyi would not be able to defend himself against the two Puppet Masters. This had happened when Nie Ting had advanced to Shen Cang Jing. Lu Shu did not want anything to happen to Li Xianyi. Lu Xiaoyu as well.

Thus, Lu Shu went to find Coral.

Before doing so, he was worried that she would not agree after losing her memory. But she only looked at the tab on Lu Shu’s finger and agreed.

Coral’s attitude made Lu Shu puzzled. No matter whether she had lost her memory or not, as long as Lu Shu asked her, she would agree.

Suddenly, Cloud Yi said calmly, “We stopped you today not to kill you, but to confirm some things that happened in the past!”

Tiger Zhi looked at the Tiger Back and furrowed his eyebrows at Cloud Yi. “Cut the story short. I feel that this world is about to collapse. There are too many Class A’s fighting in close proximity. It is dangerous!”

Li Xianyi furrowed his eyebrows and thought about it. “Ask away. I will answer if I am able to.”

“Back then, who told the Golden Foundation about our whereabouts?”

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