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«Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1246: War of Return

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Chapter 1246: War of Return

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Everyone knew that the Wei Wu Army was small. After all, they took delight in this fact. They defeated many enemies with few people. They won from a position of weakness. Earlier, Lu Shu had been able to work with the gambling dens in the palace to eliminate the gamblers. Everyone thought that the Wei Wu Army would lose due to the lack of manpower. In the end, they all jumped into the Long Yin River.

But now, the gambling dens in the palace were silent. Ever since Lu Shu had led the Wei Wu Army through the palace, they completely cut off ties with the Wei Wu Army. None of the wealthy families were willing to be involved in the struggle for power.

Someone had spread the news that the Wei Wu Army had been completely killed by Duanmu Huangqi. During that period, 200 thousand soldiers from the Black Feather Army had been sacrificed in the West Region.

Many people knew that the 200 thousand soldiers from the Black Feather Army were indeed dead, but they did not know that nothing had happened to the Wei Wu Army. Furthermore, they had changed their name to the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Thus, Duanmu Huangqi eliminating the Wei Wu Army was impossible.

Now, they had to pay the price for providing false information. The price might be their lives.

Li Liang led the Imperial Dragon Soldiers to the East. Under these circumstances, Lu Xiaoyu and the rest did not have to attack yet. She was still at the space pathway, leading Little Fury and the Mice Army into the Luniverse.

When the slave owners encountered the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, they were utterly defeated. They did not have any organization. They were like a group of secret practitioners on Earth who went to explore the remains. However, they did not expect an army with such strong murderous intent to charge out of the space pathway.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest opened up the road with their World Tides. The threat of the Imperial Palace Soldiers was clearly displayed in group combat. The black vanguard was like a sharp sword that precisely attacked the slave owners. They attacked the slave owners like they were cutting through muscle tissue.

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers who followed closely behind rapidly finished the slave owners off. A river of blood formed.

For a period of time, the area outside the space pathway was filled with the cries of slave owners. When the vanguard passed through, countless lives disappeared. The Luniverse had been peaceful for a long time. This was probably the most cruel day the slave owners had witnessed. It was like a living hell.

Lu Shu thought about it. He had made a wise decision to make Li Liang the commander. His orders were able to reach the ears of everyone during the most crucial times. Then, they would complete their tasks with the highest efficiency.

But if the slave owners showed signs of resistance, they would immediately be eliminated by Li Liang and the Imperial Dragon Soldiers.

Lu Shu, Coral, and the rest did not need to attack. The Imperial Dragon Soldiers easily trampled everything in their way.

If Lu Shu was the commander, he would probably let these slave owners off.

They grew up in different environments. Lu Shu respected life more. He did not like killing people either. But this was a true war. Your compassion might become the sword in the hands of the enemy.

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers had to use practical action to tell the rest of the Luniverse that those who opposed them would die.

Just like back then at the Tiger’s Back fortress in the Changbai Mountains, the secret practitioners did not realize that the Heavenly Network could kill people as well. They sent over a hundred thousand people to the Changbai Mountains. They assumed that it would be a carnival for the secret practitioners.

It was the same now. The Imperial Dragon Soldiers was facing the entire Luniverse. Thus, they had to chase away the cowardly. This way, they would be able to save some trouble.

Li Liang was far more cold and wise in this aspect than Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu. It had not been easy for him to achieve his cultivation foundation and position. He had to treasure them.

Furthermore, to the original Wei Wu Army, he was an outsider. Thus, he had to work even harder to display his worth.

When Li Liang realized that the young man who occupied a mountain, called himself king, and started from scratch was the old King of Gods, he realized that this was probably his best opportunity in his life.

This was his time to make a distinguished career. Opportunities were only given to those who had prepared themselves.

Li Liang even rejoiced. Who would have thought that the young man who forced gamblers in the palace was the King of Gods?

This was not realistic!

When the Imperial Dragon Soldiers attacked, the scout Liu Yizhao remained in the formation. He was also wearing the Armor that Shook Mountains. A scout was not necessary here. If he died, it would be over.

Liu Yizhao came beside Zhang Weiyu and shouted, “You are not trustworthy! Back then, you tricked me. Now, you are still trying to trick me. Luckily, I was wise enough not to believe you. Ha ha ha!”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

He had been kept in the dark as well. Back then at King Lu Mountain, he had earnestly warned Liu Yizhao.

Back then, Zhang Weiyu patted his chest and promised he was not tricking him. The young man was definitely not the old King of Gods.

His words had come back to bite him. He was not prepared for this. He had never thought that this would happen!

When Zhang Weiyu heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star outside the palace, he already had a suspicion. The reason he had never mentioned it was mainly because he did not want to face Liu Yizhao…

When he shouted, “Welcome back, my King”, the feelings he had repressed for 23 years were finally released. He was very satisfied. But now, when he had to face mockery from Liu Yizhao, Zhang Weiyu was annoyed.

Who knew that the Great Lord had concealed so many secrets? If he had known that Cloud Yi had left him in the fields for 23 years to wait for the King of Gods, he would have guessed it a long time ago. But the problem was, Cloud Yi had not said anything.

Zhang Weiyu was very sure that back then, Cloud Yi did not trust him. He had just participated in a rebellion. Thus, even if his intentions were good, they had to take precautions against him.

Zhang Weiyu felt that there was no problem with Cloud Yi doing so for the sake of the King of Gods’ life. The courtiers of the King of Gods had to be extremely cautious. But now, who could make Liu Yizhao shut up?

Liu Yizhao was extremely excited. In the past, he occasionally felt uncertain as well. Now that everything had been settled, he was very happy. Thus, he chattered non-stop beside Zhang Weiyu…

Typically, Liu Yizhao was not like this. He was a quiet and pretty young man in the Wei Wu Army. But after experiencing such a touching event, his excitement was understandable. Liu Yizhao chattered on, “Old Zhang, you are not honest. If you tricked people 23 years ago, then forget it. You tricked me last year too. But I saw through your plan. I am just a wise young man…”

Li Liang calmly talked through his helmet. “Kill the enemies. We can talk about the rest later.”

After all, there was no way to turn off the communication function in their helmets. It was very annoying to hear Liu Yizhao talk while he was commanding. Thus, as the commander, Li Liang had to immediately stop this.

Zhang Weiyu said, “Old Li, let me treat you to a drink tonight! I am familiar with Nangeng City!”

Yes. The Imperial Dragon Soldiers had returned to the Luniverse. Their first stop was Nangeng City!

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