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«Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel) - Chapter 762 - Killing Supreme Dao Warriors

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Chapter 762: Killing Supreme Dao Warriors

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Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Qin Wushuang was not narrow-minded to seek revenge because of one word. It was because after careful deliberation, he felt that this battle was unavoidable.

Regardless, since these five perceived his identity, certainly they would nag him unwaveringly. Even if he chose to shrink back, there would not be any leeway to turn around.

Compared to allowing his enemies to be in a tangle with him, it would be better to strike first and gain the upper hand.

By killing these five people, even though he would be offending those three dragon clans, at least it could serve to intimidate those guys that began to get restless. To some extent, it might not be a bad thing.

Qin Wushuang had enough of getting beaten passively. Ever since he acquired the Shooting Sun Arrows, he felt it seemed that he emerged some extra decisiveness in terms of murderous intentions from his innate temperament. An extremely powerful desire to take the initiative to attack was getting restless inside his body.

Although Mi Jia was nicknamed the sorceress, it was her first time carrying such bold actions. Inwardly, she was feeling somewhat uneasy and impetuous, yet she was having more of a stimulation.

With her restless personality, even though she knew that the consequences might be severe after killing these five, she would not consider them too much.

Additionally, those five bastards were calling her a hussy one after the other which violated her bottom-line tolerance.

The most crucial thing was that Mi Jia found a much more ruthless temperament from Qin Wushuang. For any other young disciple at the Endless Eastern Sea, most likely none could maintain such a calm state and still take the initiative to attack when facing five Supreme Dao elite warriors.

In general, this pursuit of trouble made Mi Jia excited as she looked forward to the things that were about to happen even more.

“Here…” Qin Wushuang was slightly moved inwardly as he sent his spiritual perception to Mi Jia.

Mi Jia understood tacitly and took precaution in secret.

As those five had chased them all this way, they were utterly discomfited. Yet, they also kept complaining.

“That hussy Mi Jia… I can’t figure out whether she has her eyes on that pretty boy or wants to take that Graceful Spiritual Bow as her own!”

“Doesn’t matter, they cannot have run too far. We will catch up to them and take them out. If we can get the Graceful Spiritual Bow, how could we be afraid of offending the Horned Dragon Clan?”

“Yes, when that hussy falls into our hands, I must have some fun first.”

“Ha ha, you don’t say, that little girl’s body is truly impressive. She has the butt, the chest…”

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang laughed. While death was near, these guys could not stop themselves from feeling lustful.

They were approaching! Qin Wushuang narrowed his eyes into a line and slowly opened the Graceful Spiritual Bow. All of a sudden, he urged his temperament.

He opened the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings all of a sudden and dashed forward to transform into a burst of meteoric-like lights. Like the full moon, the entire Graceful Spiritual Bow opened and emitted a surge of extremely powerful murderous intentions that carried a powerful engulfing force.


“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

As the Shooting Sun Arrows went out in the same row, they were as accurate as guided missiles. The rapid speed could simply not allow one to react.

There was some distance in between each of those five people, but once the power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow was activated, with its wide coverage, it directly covered the area of the enemies. Within the attack zone, the oppressive nature of the attack was overwhelming.

The Shooting Sun Arrows arrived like a dragon going for a long raid or a hungry tiger throwing itself to strike!

The broad imposing manner and the murderous intentions almost confined the entire space.


There was only one thought within Qin Wushuang’s head.

In the midst of a pile of red mist, the cutting edge of the Shooting Sun Arrows could not be suppressed, for they had already arrived to kill.

One arrow, two arrows, three arrows, four arrows…

A total of four arrows went to attack two people as their clear targets.

“No, hurry and retreat!”

“Darn it, a sneak attack!”

In the midst of chaos, these five guys also exhibited extremely fast reactions. With a flash, they jumped to the upper area. However, the moment when they reacted the second time could not be compared to how they reacted in the beginning.

Not to mention, after the Graceful Spiritual Bow was entrusted with spirituality, the tracking power of the Shooting Sun Arrows would not go off track. They arrived to attack as they carried powerful tracking ability.


“It’s the Graceful Spiritual Bow!”

As soon as the miserable cries fell, the Shooting Sun Arrows had already hit the body divine protecting light of two of them. With a minor clash, the first arrow broke the body protecting light. The second arrow followed immediately to arrive at its striking point.

Two continuous strike from two arrows!

“Boom! Boom!”

With the explosion of golden light, their bodies shattered into crumbs without the slightest suspense. For the power of the divine soul, before it had time to escape, it was directly rumbled into crumbs by the Shooting Sun Arrows.

Qin Wushuang was overjoyed. It was much easier than what he imagined when using four arrows to kill two people. It was also because these five people underestimated their enemies as they had let down their guard. With this sneak attack, indeed he gained an unusual effect.

Qin Wushuang roared with laughter and he called back the four Shooting Sun Arrows with a hand gesture. He exhibited the Graceful Spiritual Bow remotely and looked at the remaining three people with cool eyes.

Now, these three restrained their momentum and their gazes appeared somewhat alarmed. Under this sneak attack, two of their lively and vigorous companions who were just talking and laughing had turned into ashes within the blink of an eye.

Even for them being elite warriors of the Coagulate Supreme Dao Stage, they felt their blood run cold. As they looked at the bow and arrow that exhibited sufficient murderous intentions, each of their expressions appeared to be utterly frightened.

“Graceful Spiritual Bow… It’s really the Graceful Spiritual Bow!”

“Let us go up together, kill him! We must not let him have the chance to launch another long distance attack!” the Supreme Dao elite warriors that regained their senses all shouted.

The three of them let out a tiger-like roar and they started to surround him from three different directions.

At this moment, a red figure intercepted them in the sky. With a tremble from her whip, it smashed down and warped into a red cyclone that directly covered one of them.

“Hussy, it’s you again!” That guy was buff with muscle and was the one who wanted to capture her to have some fun.

Mi Jia said with a sarcastic comment, “Didn’t you want to have some fun a moment ago? I will let you have some fun!”

After she finished speaking, as if sealing the devil, she kept thrashing the whip continuously. For the moment, this whip appeared like a flying red dragon. It curled up surges of red rays of light to interweave into an attack ball. The ball wrapped and coiled around him tightly.

When the two remaining people saw that their friend was trapped by Mi Jia, they shot a glance at each other at the same time. “We will surround him and let’s kill that kid first!”

While they were talking, suddenly the color of that guy in cyan armor changed abruptly. He looked to the side of his friend with a frightened gaze, he shouted, “Fifth, watch your back!”

That friend was greatly astonished and did not have the time to react. Suddenly, rays of light erupted from his back and two powerful dragon breaths rushed over him like a wave.

As soon as these two surges of dragon breath were released, it was like a flood breaching the dam. Like meat wedged in a steam bun, it directly pressed and cooked this person in the middle.

Dragon Breath!

The complexion of the guy in cyan armor changed quickly as he roared, “Quickly use the Dragon Breath seal to deal with it!”

When they reacted and urged the Dragon Breath, clearly they were too late. These two Dragon Breath seals were incredibly tyrannical as they pressed down on them directly.

Two rays of lights clashed with the speed that could not be caught by the naked eye. Without a chance to escape, the Supreme Dao elite warriors were engulfed by those two Dragon Breath seals.

It was as if two walls had clashed against one another in which under the perfect fusion, the Supreme Dao elite warriors were pressed into a meat patty.

His divine soul emerged a miserable cry and roared, “Third Senior Brother, run away now!”

The miserable cry on the brink of his friend’s death made that guy in cyan armor realize the light. He stomped his feet and totally ignored that his friend was entangled by Mi Jia.

He transformed into a ray of green light and shot into the blue dome of the heavens.

All of a sudden, claws and teeth extended unexpectedly in the sky in the direction of where he escaped. With a cross-sectional pull, five bitter acute lights snatched at his face by carrying a surge of cold breath.

“Get lost!”

That guy in cyan armor opened his eyes widely, yet he saw a chubby dragon beast that seemed to have just been born. It opened its watery eyes and looked at him.

“Ai Simo, nicely done!” Qin Wushuang whistled to arrive and emerged roaring laughter. He said with a tone that carried a form of judgement, “Mister, you want the Graceful Spiritual Bow, right?”

When that guy in cyan armor saw the road was blocked and Qin Wushuang was pursuing closer, his face turned cold and he said with a fixed voice, “Kid, if you dare to kill me, I promise that you will not be able to get out of this Endless Eastern Sea!”

Qin Wushuang smacked his tongue to give a light sigh. He said with a leisurely voice, “I remember that someone spoke similar words at the Illusion Heavenly Lake and at the Xuan Yuan Mound. As a result, without an exception, I killed all of them. Do you think that your threat has more merit than theirs?”

The guy in cyan armor started to have urgent breathing as his pupils shrank rapidly. “Kid, you cannot imagine the power of my Crocodile Dragon Clan!”

“What about it? I already reminded you to not ask about my identity. If you did, someone would die. You didn’t listen to my nice words, now you are following the path to your own doom. Who can you blame?”

The complexion of that guy in cyan armor turned indefinitely bewildered. Yet, he was making subtle movements with his palm underneath the sleeve.

Suddenly, Ai Simo said with a baby voice, “Daddy, his hand is moving.”

Qin Wushuang emerged a burst of laughter. “Don’t worry, he wants to activate a Dragon Breath seal. I promise that his speed will not be faster than my arrow!”

The guy with the cyan colored armor exhibited a drastic change of expression. He glared at Qin Wushuang and hissed to ask, “Tell me, what do you want to let me go? Do you want treasure or anything else? Name all of it. I can promise that I will not go after you because of what happened today. The Crocodile Dragon Clan will also not look into it.”

However, Mi Jia who was on the side cried out, “Young Wushuang, don’t believe his nonsense.”

Qin Wushuang said lightly, “I think that the vouch of a dead person is the most reliable. The Graceful Spiritual Bow is here, how about you take it. Or else, you shall die under the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Make your choice!”

“Kid, go die!” Murderous intentions erupted in the eyes of the guy in cyan armor. He raised his sleeve and flung it suddenly and a bursting seal spurted out.

Qin Wushuang roared with laughter. “It has come at the right time!”

Activating the divine light, he shot three Shooting Sun Arrows together. Carrying an incomparable imposing manner, they rumbled towards the dragon breath. This was a strong resistance!

At this moment, Qin Wushuang was incredibly confident. He was going to use the Graceful Spiritual Bow to fight head-on with the other party’s seal!

As enemies meet face to face, the brave one would win!

Like a sharp weapon that could conquer every obstacle, before allowing that seal to open completely, the Shooting Sun Arrows arrived from the rear and destroyed it with a rumble.

When the guy in cyan armor saw this situation, he revealed a white and bloodless complexion. Lowering his head, he went to enter underground to escape. A despicable look was revealed from Qin Wushuang’s eyes.

He urged the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings and hung the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Moving all five fingers together, bursts of sword Qi gushed out from his hand.

Piercing through the distance in the sky, the colorful sword Qi kept shooting to hit the back of that guy in cyan armor as if he were being shot with continuous bullets.

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