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«Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 1946: Nalakuvera 4

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Chapter 1946: Nalakuvera 4

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The giant lava fist expanded further and exploded, bursting apart into igneous rock fragments that hit the ground and several Nalakuvera akin to small meteors. The attack was so huge that it destroyed the fourth part of the island directly and caused an earthquake for a moment.


How can this be?!

Not only Himeragi and Sayaka were stunned, but even Natsuki and Vatler showed a dull expression when they saw the destruction that was caused by Haru.

Unlike Vatler, who showed an excited expression afterward, Natsuki was helpless at this moment. She knew that Haru was strong, but this guy was so strong! Looking at the fourth part of the island that had been destroyed, she wasn’t sure what to say for a moment.

The battle that was almost impossible to win came to an end with such a bombastic attack.

Haru then pressed the “enter” button on his laptop, then all the Nalakuvera that wanted to move stopped moving. “Himeragi, wait here.”

“Huh? Senpai?” Himeragi was confused, but then she saw the shadow under Haru expand, and it enveloped all the Nalakuvera before it swallowed them.

Looking at how powerful Haru was, they even became speechless.

Haru then also jumped into the shadow and disappeared, leaving them behind directly.

“Shadow magic?”

Haru, which absorbed the Vassal Beast into his body directly, caused Natsuki to feel surprised, but then, he also showed shadow magic, swallowed everything without leaving a trace, which made her speechless.

How did he learn shadow magic?

Natsuki originally thought that she knew Haru very well, but after experiencing this battle, she knew that she was wrong. He was so mysterious, and his power was so strong that she couldn’t see his back. She thought about his offer and thought that she should agree since she wanted to see him with her real body. She had enough to see him, playing with other girls, and wanted him to be with herself now.

Still, Natsuki became even curious about Haru now, he previously was identified as the fourth primogenitor since he could summon the fourth primogenitor’s Vassal Beast, but it seemed that things were far from simple since even the fourth primogenitor was unable to achieve his level.

‘Let’s see what’s your secret.’

Now the question is, why did Haru swallow all the Nalakuvera with his shadow manipulation that he borrowed from Jeanne? The answer was simple, and it was because he wanted to get the Nalakuvera on his hands.

Haru had cracked the Nalakuvera program and controlled it, but he still wanted a more detailed expression, so he directly caught the leader of the Black Death Emperor Front, Kristof Gardos.

Gardos, who was taken by Haru, was really scared at this moment since in his surrounding was all darkness, and if Haru wasn’t right in front of him, he might scream loudly at this moment. “I am lost. The fourth primogenitor, you’re… you’re too strong…” He could tell that Nalakuvera was under Haru’s control at that moment, and this dark ability was also part of Haru’s ability. Facing Haru, he knew that all struggle was useless, and there was nothing that he could do besides sit on the ground, hoping this darkness didn’t swallow him.

“Do you know what will happen if someone loses their shadow?” Haru asked.

“…” Gardos.

“The answer is they can’t live under the sun.” Haru looked at Gardos and said, “Do you want to try such a life?”

“Kill me! I know that you can kill me anytime like an ant. Just kill me!” Gardos knew that he would die then rather than be terrorized by this feeling. It was better to die quickly, at least. He didn’t feel scared!

Gardos wasn’t sure why even though the young man in front of him was so handsome, it just made him scared to stand beside him.

“The weak have no right to choose,” Haru said mercilessly.

“……” Gardos.

Haru looked at Gardos and said, “Still, don’t be negative, I won’t kill you, I will let you alive,” Haru said.

Gardos was stunned and showed an expression of disbelief. “You will let me go?” Of course, he was surprised, after all, that Itogami Island was Haru’s turf and he had performed a terrorist activity in this place. Being killed by Haru was something perfectly normal, but Haru told him that Haru would let him go? Is it true or fake?

Gordes then thought of the question and asked, “You’re going to take my shadow?” He wasn’t sure what would happen if his shadow was taken, but he knew that it would mean a very bad thing for him.

“Do you think I need a shadow of a weakling like you?” Haru asked in disdain.

“……” Gardos.

“You just need to answer my question and give me something, then I’ll let you go,” Haru said.

“Yes! Please tell me! I’ll tell you anything and give you what you want,” Gardos quickly said. He knew that he could escape from this place and stay alive. Rather than dead, wasn’t it better to stay alive? As for Haru, who disdained his shadow, he didn’t think too much since he knew compared to Haru, he was very weak.

Haru then didn’t waste any time and got all the information that he wanted to know about from Gardos’s mouth. Not only did he get the key to activate the Nalakuvera, the slate, and even got the production method of the Nalakuvera, along with various information that Gardos knew.

After he got all of that, Haru then quickly sent Gardos out of his shadow space directly, which caused Gardos to be dumbfounded.

“What? Why are you standing there stupidly?” Watching Gardos’s stunned expression, Haru was only amused.

“Why did you let me go? Isn’t it better to kill a terrorist like me?” For Gardos, though, leaving immediately was the best choice. Unfortunately, he didn’t run away and stood there looking at Haru with a confused expression.

“The Fourth Primogenitor, I know that you’re going to bring a storm to this world. With Nalakuvera in your hands, the world won’t be peaceful, and if my death can bring this world into chaos, I’ll be happier to give my life!”

Facing Haru’s question, Gardos showed a meaningful smile.

Haru could tell that Gardos probably knew his intention, and somehow he understood why the Black Death Emperor Front could exist on the Lost Warlord’s domain without trouble.

The purpose of the Black Death Emperor Front was to destroy the Peace Treaty between humans and demons.

Gardos’s power might be limited, but Haru’s power was invincible!

With the help of Nalakuvera, Gardos was sure that no one would be able to stop Haru, and the world would be in Haru’s hands sooner or later. If possible, he wanted to bow down and become his right hand to welcome the new Emperor of this world.


“You’re very clever but also very stupid to cause trouble on my turf. I’ll let you go once, but on the second time…”

Gardos couldn’t see him and bowed his head with sweat dripped on his entire body.

“I don’t hear your news on my place anymore. Otherwise, I’ll erase you, descendant, and all the people that are related to the Black Death Emperor Front.” Haru had no intention of erasing Gardos and his organization since they had their uses.

“Yes!” Gordos said without hesitation as he bowed his head. “The Black Death Emperor Front will never take a step on Itogami Island! But you’re welcome if you decide to visit the domain of the First Primogenitor.” He bowed his head and walked away without looking back since he knew what Haru meant, and there was something that they didn’t need to say. As long as they could understand each other’s meaning, it was alright.

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