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«Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel) - Chapter 1259: Renewed life and light

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Chapter 1259: Renewed life and light

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AST is the acronym for the anti-spirit team.

They are a specialized squad of spirit killers.

To counter the threats posed by powerful spirits, ASTs were granted the rights and privilege to use CR-Units. They are superhumans when they are using their CR-units.

The members are elites picked from a crowd of cadets. They must have the talent to become a magician and they must go through multiple tests and training to use CR-units and join the ASTs.

If they can't even use a CR-unit then it is pointless to send them to fight spirits.

For the cadets that failed, they had their memories wiped using CR-units. They returned to normal lives after forgetting about ASTs and CR-units.

The ASTs and the Realizers are concepts that normal people shouldn't be privy to. The realization would spark chaos.

There are restrictions on entry and departure in AST. Origami can't just say she's leaving and do it.

Origami can file her resignation but there is no way Japan would let an elite magician like her escape. However, the ASTs are still more reasonable than the DEM. If she insisted then once the bosses approve of her resignation, she will have her memories wiped of anything regarding the ASTs and CR-units. She will return to her old life as a normal human.

She will forget everything about AST and the people in it, including Captain Ryouko.

After that, Origami will become a normal high school girl while Ryouko will stay as the captain of AST, they would never be able to speak on a familiar basis again.

Ryouko's bitterness could be understood.

Origami is basically telling her that she is cutting off all connections here.

"Are you serious?"

Ryouko waited for Origami to answer.

"You know your memories will be expunged upon departure from AST, right?"

"Don't worry."

Origami calmly replied despite Ryouko's stern warning.

"My memories will remain intact."

"What do you mean?"

Ryouko frowned. A shocking realization dawned on her.

"You're planning to commit desertion?!"

Origami stayed mum.

Origami is going against all protocols by leaving with her memories intact.

Origami didn't look like she is going to roll over and let them delete her memories.

Ryouko blew her top.

"Are you crazy?!"

Ryouko yelled.

"You will become a fugitive! Do you want to live your life like a rat in the sewer?!"

"Ah, don't worry."

Origami replied.

"I have a helper. It won't affect my life."


Ryouko was bewildered.

"You must be out of your mind. Who put you up to this? You're not a foolish kid that could be swayed by something so outrageous…"

"Actually, Mana is over there…"

Origami said. Ryouko flinched when she heard the name of an ex-star from DEM.

"I am very safe there. Nothing will happen to me."


Ryouko still spotted a dark look.

"Explain yourself."

"I can't divulge further details."

Origami shook her head.

"I only came here to bid you goodbye."

"Don't do anything rash!"

Ryouko is still flustered.

"If you leave the AST, you will never be able to touch CR-units again, didn't you say you want to avenge your parents?!"


Origami laughed. Ryouko didn't think she would see Origami giggling when someone brought up the deaths of her parents.

Ryouko watched as Origami stated her non-aggression.

"I no longer have any hatred, why would I want to see revenge?"

"No more hatred?"

Ryouko flinched.

"I was supposed to meet my demise 5 years ago. But, I lived."

Origami reminisced.

"I contemplated suicide to follow my parents who I thought were gone. That was until I met her…"

Origami mellowed out.

"She gave me the hope to live. She became my spiritual guide. I hanged on and lived…"

"Meeting her is one of the most fortunate events in my life."

Origami said. There is a bright glow in Origami's eyes, a glimmer that outshone Ryouko's dark look. That is a luster she has never seen on Origami ever before.

Origami displayed hope for the future and vigor to live.

She lacked those things before today.

"I thought Shiori was the final spotlight in my miserable life. God sent her to me…"

Origami continued radiantly.

"If Shiori is my reason for living then Shido is the one who revived my old self and showed the a bright future."

"I won't leave Shiori nor will I leave Shido."

Origami stated her firm resolution.

"I will stay with them. As such, I must leave AST…"


Ryouko is happy and sad at the same time.

Origami regained her vitality so Ryouko is happy to see that. But, Ryouko knew she couldn't stop Origami and that saddens her.

"I don't what happened but it sounds like life is looking good on your end. Do you really have to leave AST?"

Ryouko still wanted Origami to stay.

"You don't have to choose between AST and them, yes?"


Origami rejected.

"AST wants to kill spirits. I can no longer attack spirits. Staying in AST is against my belief."

"You won't attack spirits?"

Ryouko can't believe her.

"Spirits are agents of destruction, they cannot remain if we want to achieve world peace. Shouldn't we stand on humanity's side?"


Origami said.

"My perspectives have changed. You cannot convince me otherwise."

"Origami, what are you…"

Ryouko acquiesced.

"There is no convincing you, huh?"

Origami walked past Ryouko. That was her answer.

Ryouko's head sagged down before she sighed.

"Fine, I wish you happiness in your new life…"

Origami stopped. She turned and bowed once. After that, she left the area resolutely.

Ryouko watched as Origami disappeared beyond the hallway.

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