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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 5111: Snatching someone else’s wife?

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Chapter 5111: Snatching someone else’s wife?

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“It’s just a small matter,” Lu Weidong said vaguely.

“Tell me about it. I think that guy hates you to death. You didn’t steal someone else’s wife, did you?” Qi Tian did not give up and asked another eight times.

“How did you know?” Lu Weidong looked at Qi Tian in surprise.

“No way … You really stole someone else’s wife?” Qi Tian’s mouth opened so wide that a duck’s egg could almost be stuffed in.

Ling Chuxi, elder Qiu, and the rest looked at Lu Weidong with a strange expression. If that was the case, it was hard to say whether helping him just now was the right thing to do.

“That’s not entirely the case. ” Seeing their strange looks, Lu Weidong was afraid of being misunderstood, so he explained,”Three years ago, the Xu Ming residence was ordered by the alliance leader to eliminate the Jiang family. Afraid that an accident would happen, the alliance leader ordered the Xuan sword Supreme residence to help. When we arrived, the Jiang family had already been defeated, and the family head and the direct descendants were captured.

Under the orders of the Alliance head, we escorted the Jiang family to the Dao validation Alliance. When we did a headcount, we found that the only daughter of the Jiang family head was not there. I asked around and found out that Zhan Xucheng had taken her to a room. I guessed that this pervert was up to no good, so I went to stop him.

When I arrived, that guy was trying to force himself to do that dirty thing. I was so angry that I went up and gave him a palm strike. That guy wasn’t as strong back then, and he was caught off guard. I sent him flying with a single palm strike. ”

“It’s just a small matter, and that guy has been holding a grudge for three years. He hates you to the bone?” Qi Tian asked in confusion. It was said that the people of the mystic sword supremacy’s residence were narrow-minded and vengeful. Why did it sound like the people of the Xu Ming supremacy’s residence were even more petty than them?

“If it’s just a small matter, then it’s no big deal. “The problem is that that guy was slapped by me at the critical moment and got a shock. From then on, he can’t be a man anymore. You understand, right?

The Zhan family only had one heir for three generations, and he was the only one. In the end, I crippled him, so the entire family hates me to the bone. Fortunately, the Alliance master had given an order in advance that as long as the Jiang family was willing to surrender, no one was to make things difficult for them, and no one was to hurt the innocent. So, he violated the Alliance master’s order first, and I was just following orders. Thanks to the Alliance master’s mediation, I escaped this calamity.

But I didn’t expect this guy to go against his words and actually want to kill me today. Actually, I was just too angry back then, so I gave him a palm strike. I didn’t expect him to be injured like this. ” Lu Weidong said with a bitter face.

Ling Chuxi suddenly realized why Zhan Xucheng was so angry when she said that she was going to dawdle like a woman. It turned out that this fellow was really neither a man nor a woman. It was no wonder that the sword he stabbed at Lu Weidong was not aimed at his Qi sea or heart meridian, but at another vital point.

Ling Chuxi also knew why Zhan Tianhong was unwilling to talk about the conflict between Zhan Xucheng and Lu Weidong. This was really not something to be proud of.

“A shameless person like him deserves to be crippled. You did nothing wrong.” Ling Chuxi praised Lu Weidong as she hated people like Zhan Xucheng who bullied women the most.

“You’re not making this up, are you? would you do such a good thing?” Qi Tian looked at Lu Weidong suspiciously.

“You’re underestimating me? I, Lu Weidong, may not be a good person, but I hate this kind of shameless act of bullying women the most. ” Lu Weidong puffed out his chest and had a rare look of righteousness.

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