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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 5054: I have already forgiven you.

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Chapter 5054: I have already forgiven you.

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“Senior brother Ling, don’t be in such a hurry to chase him away. It’s like this. I’ve specially prepared some gifts for this trip to the black Zen Supreme’s residence. A few days ago, I was busy with my cultivation and did not have time to give them to elder Qiu. Today, I’m here to give you some gifts.” Lu Weidong continued to smile.

“Oh, then you can put it down. I’ll give it to master when he comes back.” Ling

Chuxi said. She didn’t think Lu Weidong would be so kind.

“Oh.” Lu Weidong responded and took out an interspatial ring to pass to Ling Chuxi.

‘This is good stuff.’ Ling Chuxi’s divine sense swept over it and her eyes lit up.

In addition to the thousands of Dao spirit stones, there was also a three-phase grass in the interspatial ring. Ling Chuxi had seen this spirit herb once in stone bamboo city. The price was as high as tens of thousands of Dao spirit stones. Moreover, looking at Qi Tian’s performance at that time, it should be worth the money. It was just that Ling Chuxi did not have the money on her, so she did not buy it.

Generally speaking, the purer the attribute of a spiritual herb in the venerable realm, the more valuable it was. This three-phase grass only had a total of three attributes, so it was naturally much more valuable than the six-Flower Flower Ling Chuxi had.

Ling Chuxi did not have such a rare spiritual herb on her, so she did not care about Lu Weidong. She held it in her hand and began to feel it carefully.

Lu Weidong had thought that he would at least thank him after receiving the gift, but he didn’t even say a word and was directly ignored, not knowing whether to sit or leave.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” After a while, Ling Chuxi’s mind finally came back from the three-phase grass. She saw that Lu Weidong was still leaning on the side like a piece of wood and asked.

“It’s like this. I offended you and senior brother Qi a few days ago. At that time, I didn’t think that we would become fellow disciples. Now that I think about it, I feel quite apologetic, so I brought you some gifts to express my apologies. There’s another thing Lu Weidong said as he took out a space ring.

With a sweep of her divine perception, Ling Chuxi saw thousands of five-colored spirit stones inside.

“Wow, so many spirit stones.” Without waiting for Lu Weidong to finish his sentence, Ling Chuxi snatched the spatial ring from him. Her eyes were full of stars as she cheered in surprise. Then, she said with a magnanimous look on her face,”forget it, forget it. At that time, I didn’t know that you would become our fellow disciple. Don’t take it to heart just because of a small misunderstanding. I’ll accept the gift. Thank you. You can leave now.”

Lu Weidongs mouth was wide open as he looked at Ling Chuxi in a daze.”ls there a mistake? I’ve never seen a Dao spirit stone in my life. Why are you so excited? at least let me finish my words. Lu Weidong had guessed correctly. Ling Chuxi came from the heaven domain and had never seen so many spirit stones before.

“That, senior brother Ling …” Seeing Ling Chuxi’s money- grubbing look, Lu Weidong was deeply disdainful. However, he still had to finish what he had not finished, so he continued.

“Okay, okay, it’s okay. You don’t have to feel so guilty. I’ve already forgiven you. You can go.” Said Ling Chuxi as she waved her hand.

I’m not feeling guilty. Which eye of yours saw me feeling guilty? Lu Weidong suddenly felt very depressed.

“Senior brother Ling, it’s like that. I wanted to discuss with you whether you could lend me the Zen Heart Stone for a few days. I’ll return it to you as soon as I advance to the Honorable level.” Lu Weidong said.

“No, I’m useful.” Ling Chuxi’s expression turned cold as she rejected him. If she had known earlier that one would be up to no good, she would have been up to no good. So this was what this fellow was planning. Not to mention that he did not dare to take out the Zen Heart Stone in its current state, even if it was in perfect condition, Ling Chuxi would definitely not let him gain any benefits…

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