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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 4641: I will remember today’s kindness in my heart.

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Chapter 4641: I will remember today’s kindness in my heart.

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These spirit pills were specially refined by Ling Chuxi during her free time in the past few days to help Ling Yixuan and the others further strengthen their meridians and sea of Qi so that they could better adapt to the special spiritual energy in the virtual sky World.

However, from the looks of the current situation, these young disciples of the Ling family had a good foundation. With fatty Jin’s help, he would be able to adapt to it, so he did not need to use them.

Upon receiving the pills, the disciples of the aristocratic families all had grateful expressions on their faces. Although they did not know what kind of pills they were, they could recognize the pill clouds unique to special grade pills.

One must know that there were more than 50 people in the group. Even if everyone took one pill, it would be 50 special grade spiritual pills. Only the young master of the Ling family could do such a thing.

Thank you for your help, young master Ling. I, Xia Yan, will always remember your kindness today.” A woman in the crowd cupped her hands and said.

He remembered that when they first arrived at the divine beginning Hall, this woman had the intention to chat with Ling Chuxi but was interrupted by fatty Jin. Later, she met Yuwen situo. After that, Ling Chuxi only cared about cultivating and did not have the opportunity to interact with her. It was only then that he found out that her name was Xia Yan.

Ling Chuxi waved her hand dismissively. Such a small favor was as easy as lifting a finger to her, so she did not take it to heart.

“Young master Ling, I wanted to give this to you a few days ago, but I never had the chance. I’ll give it to you now.” Xia Yan said to Ling Chuxi as she took out a small piece of Jade-like jewelry.

“There’s no need. I’m helping you not because I want any benefits, but because it’s fate that we’re acquainted. I don’t want to see you miss this great cultivation opportunity. ” Ling Chuxi declined.

She was just giving away the spiritual pills that she didn’t need on a whim, so she didn’t want any benefits. Besides, she wasn’t interested in this kind of jewelry.

“Young master Ling, you’ve misunderstood. This isn’t mine, but it’s on behalf of my cousin.” Xia Yan hurriedly said.

“Your cousin?” Ling Chuxi was a little puzzled.

“My cousin was lucky to have met you on the blue cloud shuttle, and thanks to your help, the mother and son were able to safely return to the middle heaven domain.” Xia Yan said.

“You mean sister Xia?” Ling Chuxi suddenly remembered.

Back then, he had taken the Azure cloud shuttle that still belonged to the Shangguan family back to the Middle heaven domain. He had once met a woman surnamed Xia. At that time, the woman had been pregnant, but she had been forced to use the front Cloud Core array to transfer her Yuan Qi. If it had not been for Ling Chuxi’s help, she might have died on the Azure cloud shuttle, and the child might have died in the womb.

Later, when she returned to the middle heaven domain, she heard people say that sister Xia had been taken away before she even reached the middle heaven domain. At that time, Ling Chuxi was still wondering who had taken her away. After hearing Xia Yan’s words, she found out that sister Xia also had a background.

Even though there was an increase in the quota for this virtual sky World experience training, only the descendants of powerful and influential family clans were qualified to participate. Ling Chuxi was still a little confused. Since sister Xia had such a background, how did she end up in the small realm heaven and fall into such a state?

“Our Xia family is also an ancient family, and can’t compare to a large family like the Ling family, but we have some history. Originally, cousin shouldn’t have gone to a small realm, and wouldn’t have fallen to that level, but her husband’s family fell and was forced to go to a small realm to make a living.

Later, her husband died in an accident while cultivating, and she had no choice but to come back to the Middle heaven domain. Who knew that we would encounter such a thing on the way? fortunately, we had young master Ling’s help. Otherwise, I’m afraid we would never see the mother and son again. ” Xia Yan could tell that Ling Chuxi was puzzled and explained…

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