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«Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 818: I Don’t Want to See Your Face Now, and Get Out.

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Chapter 818: I Don’t Want to See Your Face Now, and Get Out.

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Lu Jijun is dead. We could have found out the truth behind many things if he didn’t die.”

Xie Xuning and Ye Tianxin sat there and talked about What happened, including the things that Xie Xuning had just discovered.

Ye Tianxin slapped her face angrily after listening to Xie Xuning.

“I’ve met Jiao Hongmei before. She sent Qin Lili into my grandma’s intensive care unit that day, and that crazy woman, Qin Lili, actually wanted to turn off my grandma’s instruments. Fortunately, the nurses were checking the wards in time. If they didn’t, the consequences would be disastrous. The three of them were together at that time. Dad, why didn’t I think of this problem at that time?”

When things developed to the point where they were today and the truth slowly came out, she just found out that the person involved in the incident was once by her side. However, she was so stupid that she didn’t notice it at all back then.

Xie Xuning asked, “Is Qin Lili Lu Jijun’s wife?”

Ye Tianxin nodded and said, “Didn’t I insist on suing Qin Lili on that day? Lu Jijun said he wanted to talk with Qin Lili. What happened then? Qin Lili jumped off the building. Lu Qingxin still thought that I killed her parents until now. However, it’s obvious that it was Lu Jijun who hurt you and my mother … ”

Xie Xuning stretched out his thumb and rubbed the center of his eyebrows.

“Tianxin, the person who sent a telegram to your mother that year has to be Lu Jijun.”

Ye Tianxin still had some doubts, so she asked, “If Lu Jijun sent a telegram to my mother, why did Lu Jijun unite those people to deceive you?”

“That was normal.”

Xie Xuning had carefully gone everything through in his mind last night.

He believed that the crux of everything that happened was Xie Qian.

There must’ve been something else that Xie Qian hadn’t told him yet.

The only person Xie Xuning didn’t trust right now was Xie Qian.

Moreover, why did someone stop him from coming to meet Jiao Hongmei last night? It was obvious that Jiao Hongmei knew very little about the matter, and why did they still kill Jiao Hongmei?

“Dad, the point is that you have to get out of here right now.”

Xie Xuning looked at Ye Tianxin and said, “Tianxin, you know that the fate of the three of us; all three of us have been blocked by an invisible force from the very beginning.”

“Xie… Xie… ”

Just as Ye Tianxin and Xie Xuning were talking contentedly about Jiao Hongmei’s death in the room, a man came inside the room tremulously with two cups of tea in his hands. He looked at Xie Xuning and stammered.

Xie Xuning stared at the man with a frown. He still remembered how cocky the man was when he was in the hotel room today.

“I don’t want to see your face now, and get out.”

Upon hearing what Xie Xuning said, the man ran faster than a rabbit with two cups of tea in his hands.

He didn’t even feel hot when tea was spilling on him.

He only hoped that Commander Xie wouldn’t remember how arrogant and stupid he looked today. Otherwise, he would lose his job!

“Dad, If Jiao Hongmei’s death was really caused by someone deliberately, what was her purpose? Was it to prevent you from investigating what happened to my mother that year?”

Xie Xuning shook his head. No, the other party didn’t have to go through all the trouble.

If they wanted to kill Jiao Hongmei, they didn’t have to wait until he met Jiao Hongmei.

Those people could’ve killed Jiao Hongmei before he met her.

“Tianxin, someone wanted to make a fuss about my detention.”

It was the digital age. If someone posted his detention on the Internet, it would be a stain on his reputation, whether he killed someone or not!


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