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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1867. Pinnacle Skills

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Chapter 1867. Pinnacle Skills

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The same as when Jack first learned the beginning phase and the empowering phase, he needed to practice the skills to be able to manipulate their forms.

At his current stage, he could empower his skills using mana manipulation even if that skill was a new skill he first used. That was how advanced his mana manipulation was already. However, to modify a skill's form, he was not that good yet.

He could only modify a limited number of skills he had practiced throughout these two months. The War God Manifestation and most of the skills from the God of Courage's Divine Armor were the ones he practiced the most.

Aside from those skills, he also learned to modify many of his basic skills as they were the easiest to modify. Like the War God's Shield, he could enlarge his Magic Shield or shrink it to better block a focused attack.

He could modify his Electric Bolts and turn them into as thin as needles. When he did that, his Electric Bolts gained powerful penetrative effects, allowing them to ignore the target's defense.

He learned to transform his ice bullet into a sharp cone and made it spin as it flew. This basically turned the spell into an ice drill. It dealt higher damage and caused the target's defense to lower.

His Wind Slash was modified into chakram shapes. With the wind energies revolving in circles, they hit the targets multiple times, like cutting saws. This caused the target rapid damage, as opposed to the one-time damage under the skill's normal condition.

He also practiced this form manipulation on his stronger elite skills. But the stronger the skills, the harder it was to modify them. He didn't have the time to practice all those skills. He was lucky enough that he could practice while increasing his levels. If not for his Hundred Synchronous Thoughts, he wouldn't have been able to do both at the same time.

Exp points continued to stream into Jack as he killed more and more goblin knights. What made Chris' training dungeon special were several factors.

The first factor was the spawned monsters always had their levels adjusted to the same level as the player. In this way, the player would never face a monster lower level than them. Thus, the leveling pace was maintained.

The second factor was the number of spawned monsters adjusted to the speed they were killed. The faster Jack killed the monsters, the more monsters would spawn. This went on indefinitely until the system detected the killing getting slowed, which meant the player was having difficulty. The system would then reduce the number of spawned monsters. This allowed the player to get the maximum efficiency based on their killing rate. The goblin knight army was the result of Jack killing the goblins at an incredible rate for a long time.

The third factor was the monsters would always be low-HP types but granted decent exp points.

The fourth and final factor was the time in this dungeon was two times faster than in the outside world. This effectively gave the players using this dungeon twice the leveling speed of a normal training dungeon. Combined with the three earlier factors, the leveling speed increased even further.

With Jack's killing speed, this training dungeon was perfect for him. Even if he had three classes, his leveling speed was not slow compared to the others who used the same training dungeon.

All three of his classes were currently level 94. He received new skills on all three when he reached level 90.

His Void Sword Saint gave him a new skill called Void-tearing Slash.


Void-tearing Slash, level 1/20 (Active skill, melee, requires sword)

Rips the fabric of space, dealing 1000% chaos damage to everything within the ripped space. Ignores the target's defense.

Ripped space produces a strong pulling power. Those who cannot escape the area receive 100% chaos damage each second. The ripped space lasts for 10 seconds.

Those who are sucked into the void receive instant-kill effects.

Those who survive receive void marks. Any damage they receive is increased by 10%, and their stats are reduced by 5% until the battle ends.

Those who survive cannot be healed or resurrected for 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 3 hours

Stamina: 400


When he used the skill. His sword ripped open a large tear. The tear didn't only exist where his sword slashed but extended to almost twenty meters long. The tear was three meters wide. What was behind this tear was a chaotic space filled with turbulent energies.

All the goblin knights within the area received large chaos damage. The armor they wore was useless against the chaotic energy generated by the tear. A strong sucking force pulled all the goblin knights in the vicinity into the tear. Those who fell into the tear turned into dust. Only rare elites and mythical grades were able to resist the pull.

The mythical grades managed to force themselves away from the tear, but soft dark clouds clung onto their bodies. These were the void marks.

Rare elites could resist the pull, but they couldn't move away. They ended up hanging just beyond the tear in stasis. This opened them up to Jack's follow-up attack. Jack cast Electric bolts. Instead of turning these bolts into tiny needles, he shaped them into balls. These electric bolts didn't have penetrative ability and dealt lower damage, but they possessed knockback power.

The electric balls knocked into the rare elites and threw them into the tear. They turned into dust, the same as those who preceded them.

As for his Time Sage, he gained a new spell called Time Stop when he reached level 90.


Time Stop, level 1/20 (Active spell)

Stop the flow of time.

Duration: 1 second

Cooldown: 6 hours

Mana: 500


The spell was an eight-rune spell. Even though the duration was only one second, everything stopped when he cast the spell. Everything, except for him and Peniel. The two of them were the only ones moving in the whole world.

When he combined this spell with Superior Acceleration, he had enough time to dish out some serious damage in that one second when everything stopped.

His Beast Monarch also gave him a new skill when he was level 90. It was the last skill from this class. Only pinnacle special classes gave another skill past level 90. The final skill of Beast Monarch was Monarch Form.


Monarch form, level 1/20 (Passive skill)

Beast form lasts indefinitely and no longer has a cooldown.

+100% defense and additional +10% HP during beast form.


He had been using this skill constantly in this training dungeon. Without any duration or cooldown, he could remain in supreme dragon form for as long as he wished.

He also got used to his new special class, the Void Sword Saint, within these two months. Most of its skills had short cooldowns, so he could use them rather often.

His void slash could hit any target as long as they were within the skill's range. Even if the target was protected by another monster, it didn't matter. The void slash hit directly at the target spot. It couldn't be blocked. It could only be dodged. But to dodge, one needed to have very good mana sense and extremely fast reflexes. These goblin knights didn't have either, even the mythical grades. Hence, Jack always used this skill on the goblin knights who tried to retreat to recover their HP.

His Void Walk let him be like a ghost who teleported instantly around the battlefield. He could teleport five times with the max-level Void Walk. Every time he did, he caused space instability at the place where he appeared. This stunned the enemy. Even for the mythical-grade goblin knights who had the natural ability to resist stun, they still entered an imbalanced state. Jack was free to hit them at this time.

The Void Walk's cooldown was only two minutes. He moved around the battlefield with this skill, causing havoc wherever he appeared.

His Void Defense stopped almost every attack, even AOE spells. The reason was his max-level Void Defense lasted thirty seconds. Most powerful AOE blasts happened instantly, while ones with a duration rarely lasted half a minute. With Void Defense, the spell would fail to reach him. Even when the spell detonated right next to him, the skill would make it as if the blast was trying to reach him for half a minute long. If the spell didn't last more than half a minute, it would expire before the effect hit him.

Void Cage was similar to the Void-tearing Slash where it ripped the fabric of space. It didn't cause instant-kill effects on those who were sucked into the chaotic space. However, its AOE was much larger than Void-tearing Slash. Additionally, after comparing the two skills, Jack knew the pulling force of Void Cage was stronger. The mythical-grade goblin knights who could escape the Void-tearing Slash were unable to do so when they were trapped by Void Cage. He surmised only eternal grades with the same level as he could do so.

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