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«Scholar’s Advanced Technological System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1260: Script

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Chapter 1260: Script

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Very few people in the world could win two different Nobel Prizes.

Because this meant the recognition of the academic community in two major scientific categories.

Ever since the 21st century, the fields and branch directions of disciplines had been subdivided to more levels than scholars in the world. There were “world-class problems” in each branch.

Forget about receiving awards in two fields. There were people in their nineties waiting just to receive one award…

The Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Director Carson, who stood in front of the director’s office, had a worried look on his face. The receptionist standing next to him thought there was something wrong and reminded him again in English.

“Academician Lu’s office is here.”

“I know, thank you.”

A trace of irritation flashed in his eyes, but it was only a trace. Director Carson closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He reached out and grabbed the doorknob.


The door was pushed open.

He looked at the man sitting behind the desk. He tried to force a smile on his face as he walked into the office.

“Congratulations! I heard you won another Nobel Prize! This time in physics?”

Lu Zhou: “Yeah.”

“Amazing! The last person who won the Nobel Prize twice in different fields was Marie Curie. That was a century ago.”

Director Carson obviously ignored Linus Pauling’s Peace Prize. However, there was no need to mention the peace award.

After hearing the compliment, Lu Zhou smiled and nodded gently.

“Thank you.”

For Carson’s visit to China, he made a special trip to come here from Beijing. Director Carson didn’t come here just to send him a few compliments from the other side of the Pacific.

Just like Director Li, every time before he asked for help, Director Carson would be extra polite.

Lu Zhou instructed the secretary to pour him a cup of tea. He looked at Carson, who was sitting on the sofa, with a smile. He waited quietly for Carson to speak first.

“I actually thought about many possibilities before I came here.”


“Yes.” Director Carson sighed softly and said, “Although we are reluctant to admit this, we really lost this time.”

Lu Zhou looked surprised.

Director Carson continued, “Your country’s aerospace strength is already strong enough. It is difficult for us to replicate the success you guys have achieved. I am curious… When will you be satisfied?”

Lu Zhou smiled lightly and said, “Satisfaction is impossible. Even if our Moon Palace is towering over Earth, it is still very small compared to the universe.

“Moreover, how far we can go in aerospace affects the future for all of us.”

Director Carson: “I want to know whether this future includes other countries.”

Lu Zhou, “Of course it includes, but I don’t particularly want to discuss this issue. Mr. Carson, you are a politician, whereas I am a scholar. Our concerns are different and our understanding of the future is different. Your focus is on how many jobs aerospace can bring and how much power you can gain from Congress. But for an academician… We don’t care about these things.”

Director Carson frowned and continued to ask, “Then, what do you care about?”

Lu Zhou sighed.

“It’s a long story.”

Inside an activity room at the library of Jin Ling University.

Han Mengqi sat at a long table. She looked at the script in her hand and frowned slightly. After turning over the last few pages many times, she finally put down the script in her hands and gave her own evaluation.

“I just feel like that there seems to be something missing in this script.”

The female screenwriter sitting on the other side of the long table quickly stood up and leaned closer. She then asked seriously, “What’s missing?”


“Feelings? Can you be more specific?”

“Hmm…” Han Mengqi seemed to be hesitant. She finally made up her mind and said, “Specifically, it’s about love.”

“Love?” The female screenwriter was taken aback for a moment. She then smiled and said, “Even though there might be some big celebrities in the show, the selling point of this documentary is not love.”

They had to cater to audiences of all ages. After all, parents might bring their children to the cinema and watch the movie. If love and emotions were involved, it might be inappropriate.

Also, they wanted to stay true to reality.

According to Academician Lu’s own words, he had never been in love during college. And based on interviews with several of his classmates, teachers, and roommates, he spent most of the time in the library.

“But there must be something… Otherwise, I feel like something is missing.” Han Mengqi bit her lip. Her cheeks were hot as she said, “And I feel like… my sister likes him.”

After hearing this, the female screenwriter immediately had a serious look on her face. She took the script over and read it. After a while, she said, “Actually, about this… We have discussed it with our screenwriting team. We even interviewed the person and gave her a questionnaire to fill out.”

Han Mengqi was shocked.

“You… interviewed her?”

“Of course, this is a documentary. Even though it might be exaggerated, it must be based on reality.” The female screenwriter smiled and continued, “We discussed this several times in meetings. At first, we struggled with the relationship between them for a long time, but in the end…”

“In the end?”

Han Mengqi felt weird asking this.

“In the end, we agreed that the feelings between them might be more embodied in mutual growth and friendship. In fact, they have both become better people as a result of having each other. This is quite far from love. In other words, can you imagine them being together?”

Han Mengqi could imagine them sitting in the library together.

But as for them being together…

Han Mengqi couldn’t imagine it.

“But… I still don’t believe that guys and girls can have a pure friendship.”

The female screenwriter suddenly asked, “Miss Han, do you have a boyfriend?”

Han Mengqi blushed.

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m just curious, I hope you’re not offended.”

Han Mengqi quickly waved her hand and said, “It’s fine, I don’t really understand this stuff. Maybe you are right, maybe… my sister thinks of Lu Zhou as a mentor.”

She scratched her head and said, “Otherwise, she would have confessed by now.”

Yes, definitely, my sister is a straightforward person.

Seeing how hesitant Han Mengqi was, the female screenwriter suddenly said, “How about… you play this role?”

Han Mengqi froze as she pointed to herself.


“Yeah!” The female screenwriter nodded and grabbed Han Mengqi’s hands. Her eyes sparkled as she said, “I suddenly feel like only you can fully capture the essence of this role!

“I will tell the director! I’ll ask him to give you an audition! Please! Go try it!”

Play as my sister?!

Han Mengqi looked at the excited female screenwriter. She never thought it would be like this.


She gulped and wanted to refuse. But, for some reason, she changed her mind.

“Then… I’ll try it.”

The moment she spoke, she began to regret her words.

However, she didn’t take back her words.

After all, it was just an audition. She might not even be selected.

Han Mengqi comforted herself.

However, she didn’t even realize that there was a tiny voice in her heart that wanted to be chosen for the role…

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