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«Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 2250: Feeling Regretful

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Chapter 2250: Feeling Regretful

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Qiao Zijin didn’t reply to Ding Jiayi’s Weixin. Ding Jiayi waited and waited. She couldn’t help but give Qiao Zijin a call. “Hello? Zijin, it’s Mom. Have you reached the capital?”

Upon receiving Ding Jiayi’s call, Qiao Zijin thought that since she no longer had to pay for her mobile bills anymore, it was alright for her to receive her mom’s long-distance call. “Why didn’t you ask me if I found a place to live in in this big capital?” She was already an adult. Could it be that she would get lost? It wasn’t important if she had reached the capital. It was more important to find a place to live after arriving in the capital.

Since Qiao Zijin had already asked so, Ding Jiayi could only ask, “Have you found a place to live in? You should have reached quite early today. If it’s really difficult, make do at a small hotel tonight first. You can find a house again tomorrow.” What time was it now? The intermediaries should have been closed. How was she going to find a house?

Qiao Zijin rolled her eyes. “Alright. If you’re really concerned about where I’m going to stay, you should have accompanied me to the capital. If you had, would you have to worry about where I’m going to live? By then, you could take care of me yourself. I know that you and Dad only have Qiao Nan in your hearts now. If you don’t want to make this call, then don’t. Don’t say these hypocritical words deliberately to disgust me. Do you think I don’t have enough troubles right now?”

She obviously knew that Ding Jiayi didn’t mean this. However, Ding Jiayi wasn’t willing to come over to the capital to accompany her and wasn’t willing to help her convince Qiao Nan so that she could earn ten million yuan. At this time, Ding Jiayi had already become Qiao Zijin’s most hated person. Even if she was thinking about Qiao Nan, Qiao Zijin wouldn’t have felt so terrible.

To Qiao Zijin, Qiao Nan wasn’t a trouble. Qiao Nan represented ten million yuan. She was her god of fortune.

It was precisely because of this that Qiao Zijin didn’t care what Ding Jiayi was thinking about. She used these hurtful words on Ding Jiayi as she wanted her to feel terrible. Since Ding Jiayi wasn’t going to make her happy, on what basis should she say coaxing words to make her happy and let her live peacefully in Ping Cheng?

Furthermore, Ding Jiayi wasn’t willing to accompany her to the capital. That meant she didn’t care about her. Since she didn’t care about her or love her, why was she asking her about her house now? Wasn’t that being hypocritical?

Upon hearing Qiao Zijin’s words, Ding Jiayi felt extremely uncomfortable. “Zijin, you obviously know that this isn’t the case. Aside from myself, the person I love the most in this lifetime is you. If I don’t love you, who else do I love?”

She sacrificed more for Zijin compared to Old Qiao. As for Qiao Nan, she didn’t sacrifice anything for her at all.

She didn’t love Zijin? She gave all her maternal love to her elder daughter, alright? Zijin said such hurting words. Did she want her to lead a miserable life?

“I definitely believe that you love yourself. You love me? Mom, do you think I’m a three-year-old? Alright, keep those words. In our family, aside from Dad who’s willing to be coaxed by you, Qiao Nan and I don’t buy your tactics. We know what kind of person you are. Spouses are the ones accompanying each other in their old age. You only need your man by your side. Qiao Nan’s a fool. You treated her so badly when she was young, but when you’re old, she’s willing to provide for you and take care of you. Of course you would become bold. I’m not that good-tempered. You don’t acknowledge me as your daughter. I’ll just treat it that God raised me. After leaving the capital this time, I won’t be heading back to Ping Cheng. I’ll also change this mobile number. Don’t find me again in the future.”

If she didn’t do anything concrete, her mom would really think that she was joking.

After saying these words, Qiao Zijin didn’t give Ding Jiayi any time to react. She immediately hung up the call. She also changed her mobile number. After reaching the capital, she copied the important numbers to her phone and bought a local SIM card in the capital.

At this time, Qiao Zijin deliberately waited for the call with Ding Jiayi to be over before pulling out the chip neatly from the phone and throwing it into the rubbish bin. Thankfully, she didn’t top up any money to this phone number during the new year. Otherwise, it would be a pity to waste the additional phone charges.

After doing this, Qiao Zijin hummed a tune and went to find a small hotel that she was going to stay in tonight.

Qiao Zijin understood it in her heart that this matter wouldn’t be finished just like that. She had said such ruthless words. Her mom would definitely be frightened. Her mom wouldn’t be able to call her in the future. Wouldn’t she be worried and scared?

In the capital, aside from finding Qiao Nan for help, there wasn’t anyone else her mom could find. As such, she would be able to meet Qiao Nan soon.

This was what Qiao Zijin had thought of on her way to the capital. Aside from this, Qiao Zijin simply couldn’t think of any other ways where she could come into contact with Qiao Nan and persuade her to know her limits and know when to stop.

Just as Qiao Zijin expected, Ding Jiayi wanted to call her again to persuade her not to be so stubborn and say such hurtful words. Who knew that the call didn’t get through? In other words, once Qiao Zijin changed her phone number, Ding Jiayi had lost all contact with her.

Even if Qiao Zijin was already forty-three years old this year, Ding Jiayi basically treated her as a thirteen-year-old, showering her with care and concern. The situation suddenly changed. How would Ding Jiayi feel at ease? She immediately became anxious and went to find Qiao Dongliang for help. “Old Qiao, Zijin threw tantrums with me just now. She said that I don’t care about her and I don’t love her. She’s not going to return to Ping Cheng anymore. She even said that she’s going to change her phone number and asked me not to keep in contact with her. When I called again, she’s really not picking up. Old Qiao, what do you think we should do?”

The capital was so big and there were so many people. How was it easy to lead a life in the capital? More importantly, in a place like that, how was Zijin going to live on her own? What if she ran into bad people? What if she ran into an accident and her family couldn’t be contacted? What should Zijin do?

Ding Jiayi nearly scared herself to death with such thoughts. At this moment, Ding Jiayi couldn’t wait for her to grow out a pair of wings so that she could fly to the capital and find Qiao Zijin.

If she had known that Qiao Zijin would do this, Ding Jiayi expressed that she’d rather spend money on two more tickets so that she could send Qiao Zijin to the capital and accompany her to find a house before returning to Ping Cheng.


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