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«Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 980 - The Trapped Dragon

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Chapter 980: The Trapped Dragon

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

It felt like a torrent was rampaging within Zhong Yue, pushing him forward while unleashing loud noises, rumbling the blood in Zhong Yue and his clones continued pushing forward!

There was more than a billion fourth bloodline seals in him, each of which were extremely dense.

It was already exhausting right now, and once he got stronger, he would be even more exhausted!


Zhong Yue roared, turning the torrent in his body into the sharpest saber, mowing down the seals and crushing them into pieces!

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Without any change, Zhong Yue just cut the seals into pieces with a repetitive attack!

As the seals were broken, more and more of his bloodline was unleashed and as his bloodline got stronger, the sealed 34th spinal vertebrae changed as the final piece of the bone no longer obstructed the other 33 bones.

With that, the 33 bones were synched into one, the final piece of the bone turned his legs into a serpent tail that was inherited from the innate serpent.

As more of the bloodline was unleashed, the innate serpent tail slowly became perfect and apart from that, more and more Fuxi’s innate totem patterns emerged, granting him a deeper understanding towards the Fuxi Celestial Race’s monarch level art, especially the serpent tail.

This innate serpent tail was bestowed with the ability to fly among the clouds and slither in the void. It was incredible; if cultivated to a certain level, it would grant the owner immense power!

Lady Monarch Yin Qiang’s [Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture] was an art that merged the spine and serpent tail into a ruthless spear with countless transformations; this spear existed between reality and the void and it was one of the few arts that was known for its transformation among the ultimate arts!

And without the innate serpent tail, it was basically impossible to cultivate this art!

Besides, if the [Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture] was cultivated along with the [Thirty-three Layers Solar Skies Scripture], the combined power of these two arts would gather the excellence between the two arts, which absurdly amplified the user’s power!

After leaving this place, I will have Imperial Emperor Xian Tian escorting Yinkang Clan to the Heaven Suppression Hall while I look for Senior Martial Brother Feng to retrieve the [Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture] and [Thirty-three Layers Solar Skies Scripture] from him!

Zhong Yue continued lifting the seals, depleting his energy in the process, weakening him greatly but the persistent Zhong Yue continued to remove the seal.

This was a very rare chance and he grabbed onto this chance firmly by removing the seal in one go to fully awaken the innate serpent tail!

Deep within the unworldly world, in the abyss-like well, Feng Zhen and Fu Mei finally suppressed the rumblings beneath the ground and Feng Zhen immediately stood up and said, “Finally. This old brat may be dead but he sure is a lively one. My bones almost shattered by the turbulence he caused. I don’t understand the reason why are we still keeping him here, why can’t we just erase him?”

Fu Mei laughed, “He had after all, killed Feng Changyang and contributed a lot. Some existences said that they must keep him alive. By the way, didn’t you say you want to meet that Xiao Wuji? I’ll take care of everything here for now so you can go now.”

“I almost forgot!”

Feng Zhen started taking his leave and said, “Be careful of him. He may be old but he is still powerful. I will now go see this Feng Wuji and take a look at the interesting thingsI saw in him.”

Hong long—

With a rumble, Zhong Yue coughed out tones of blood and he immediately felt better but weak at the same time as he had reached his peak.

At long last! I must leave now! 

He beat his sense back to him, dragged himself away while Hundun Yu continued to guard the palace carefully.

“Senior Martial Brother Yu, let’s go!”

Zhong Yue forced out a smile, “Make haste, the quicker the better!”

Hundun Yu who saw how weak Zhong Yue was right now immediately retracted the Fusang Divine Tree and said, “Let me help you.”

“It’s alright.”

Zhong Yue took in a deep breath, tried his best to regenerate more energy but with his current state, there was nothing much he could do.

“Don’t help me or it will be very obvious.”

Just as Zhong Yue spoke of this, a voice came from the back, “Where is Mister Wuji heading?”

Zhong Yue turned around and said, “My mission here is completed so I am going to take my leave now.”

This voice belonged to the young Fuxi celestial being that welcomed him when he arrived. The celestial being took a look at Zhong Yue and said in surprise, “Mister Wuji seems very weak right now. Why don’t you stay for a few days to take a rest first? There are some supplements in my place that can help you recover quickly. Mister Wuji, may Xiaoshan have the honour to aid you?”

Zhong Yue smiled and said, “I wished that I could stay for a few days but I just can’t. The frontline is getting more tense with each day, and I am worried about the battle against the Yinkang Clan now. They need someone like me at the frontlines or they might fall to a disadvantage.”

This “Xiaoshan” smiled, “I see. Mister Wuji, can I have a word with you over there please?”

He then held Zhong Yue’s arms, looked around and whispered, “To be frank, I also wish to take a look at the outside world but I just couldn’t get the chance. Can Mister Wuji…”

Zhong Yue immediately gave him a firm nod and a smile, to which the happy Xiaoshan thanked.

The impatient Zhong Yue who wanted to leave quickly then said, “I am in a hurry, go prepare a ship as quickly as possible! It doesn’t have to be luxury one, I only require it to be quick enough.”

“Xiaoshan” immediately rushed to prepare a ship while Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu walked quickly towards the dock. Upon arriving at the dock, before they board the ship, another voice laughed, “Little friend Wuji, why are you in such a hurry?”

Zhong Yue turned around and he saw a Fuxi old man who was guarding the dock, named Fu Baorui, also an elder but not as close to the centre of power like Fu Baotian and the others.

Zhong Yue replied with a smile, “I’m worried about the battle so I have no choice but to rush back.”

Fu Baorui was amazed at Zhong Yue’s diligence and immediately praised, “You are an admirable one but I can tell that you are very weak now. If you rush over right now, you might hurt your body and Yuan Shen. Why don’t you stay here for a few days and return after recovering yourself?”

“Thank you for your concern, elder.”

Zhong Yue replied seriously, “But I have heavy responsibilities on my shoulders. I am already uneasy after taking a few days off. I must rush back right now and if there is a chance, I will come back to have a drink with you, elder!”

Fu Baorui laughed and said, “If that’s how it is, then this old man will not hold you any longer, please.”

Zhong Yue boarded the Mengchong Warship, bowed at Fu Baorui, who bowed back and watched as the trio disappeared within his vision as the warship sailed deep into the seals.

Suddenly, a monarch presence descended before Feng Zhen landed onto the dock and asked coldly, “Where is Xiao Wuji?”

“He just left, saying that the frontline is tensed up right now and he had to rush back.” replied Fu Baorui as he bent 90 degrees.

“Gone? He solved the bloodline seal in such a short time? How many seals did he lift in only ten days? Baorui, is there something abnormal in him?”

Fu Baorui gave it a thought and shook his head, “There isn’t anything abnormal. He looked the same except that he was a little weakened. He also turned me down after I invited him to stay for a few more days to recover himself.”


Feng Zhen’s expression changed direly as he realized something, This wouldn’t have happened if he was just removing the first and second bloodline seals! Not even the third seal would cause one to weaken after breaking it! Only the removal of fourth seal would deplete so much energy! The fourth seal’s removal is 80% threshold of the Fuxi bloodline. Xiao Wuji has only unlocked 50% at most! He is not Xiao Wuji!

The monarch then vanished, reappearing on a luxuriuos ship in an instant before charging the ship right into the seals!

This brat is just a Heavenly Deity so his speed shouldn’t be that fast, he is still in the seals!

In the seals surrounding the unworldly world, the Mengchong Warship sailed towards the outside world quickly; these seals was the result of the truce between the many factions. In Feng Changyang’s era, there were a lot of factions.

At that time, the Earth Order Era was no more, replaced by the God Era Order, Tian Yuan became the Heavenly Monarch and Son of Heaven, creating and representing Heaven’s faction. Apart from that, there was another faction led by the evil existence and other factions that were still friendly towards the Fuxi Celestial Race.

These factions then agreed to create the unworldly world, imprisoned the Fuxi Celestial in it and there were once monarch level existences guarded this place so that there would not be Fuxi that escape from this place.

Then, Feng Changyang went insane, washed this place with the blood of the traitors and imposters, dyed the river red with blood and even killed two monarchs, causing a very huge ruckus.

After Feng Changyang’s passing, his younger brother also went crazy after he was haunted by the guilt and remorse of killing his elder brother. Fearing that he would pose a threat to the living beings outside the unworldly world, these factions then sealed him into the abyss.

With that, the only one remaining in the Fuxi branch of Feng Changyang was Feng Jikai, who binged drinked, and lived a life of a drunkard. Thus, as time slowly passed, there were no longer monarchs guarding the unworldly world. Only Feng Zhen and the others remained to safeguard this place.

There was no way for outsiders to enter this place unless they possessed the command scroll left behind by the monarchs who created this place or were guided by the Fuxi in the unworldly world.

However, by boarding the little ships docked in the dock, the people in here were able to leave this place.

The ships in the dock were all capable of travelling through the seals.

Zhong Yue, Hundun Yu and “Xiaoshan” on the Mengchong Warship sailed through the layers of seals, rushed towards the outside but it would take quite some time for the seals here were extremely abundant; they were created by countless monarchs to sever the unworldly world from the universe.

Once I get out of this place, I will be free.

Zhong Yue’s eyes blinked as he felt that the Heavenly River was not far away from them anymore and just as he felt relieved, he suddenly felt goosebumps all over.

It was as if he was being preyed at and this was when he heard an old voice gradually saying, “Little friend Wuji, why are you in such a hurry? Didn’t this old man here ask you to wait for me?”

“Old ancestor Feng Zhen!”

“Xiaoshan” was happy and surprised, “Old ancestor, why are you here?”


A saber slit through his throat quickly, stunning “Xiaoshan” before he grabbed onto his throat as his head fell off slowly.

“But why… Mister Wuji…”

Zhong Yue remained expressionless and kept the innate divine saber away while looking towards Feng Zhen who was rushing towards him on the ship.

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