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«Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1059 - Immersing In Cultivation

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Chapter 1059: Immersing In Cultivation

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“The surveillance footage in the camp showed that there were more than 4,100 demonic beasts gathering in the mountain range interior then, but there are only around 3,200 of them now. And in particular, those bird-species demonic beasts are all gone. Can you tell me what happened?”

In an instant, Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng also pricked their ears with eyes fixated on Tang Xiu.

“They were all killed by us,” answered Tang Xiu smilingly. “But you see the price we paid.”

“That’s impossible!” Hun Sen greatly admired Tang Xiu, but he still voiced his disbelief aloud. “That was nearly 1,000 demonic beasts, Tang Xiu, not 10 or 100! There are also more than 3,000 more of them there, ten times the number of your men. There’s no way you can kill that many demonic beasts, no?”

“It’s indeed impossible, and we wouldn’t be that confident in killing so many demonic beasts if we resorted to normal means. Let alone killing them, protecting ourselves would’ve been a tall order,” replied Tang Xiu with a red face. “However, I arranged an array and used its might to attack them and thus, was able to do so.”

“You got any proof?” asked Hun Sen in a deep voice.

“All the remains of the demonic beasts are in my interspatial ring.” Tang Xiu lightly smiled and said, “Senior Hun Sen, you should know about interspatial rings, shouldn’t you? It’s like storage prop, a unique magical treasure for us, cultivators.”

Hun Sen’s pupils contracted, incredulity overflowing from his eyes. He never dreamed that Tang Xiu had a storage magical tool like an interspatial ring. Neither did it occur to him that they not only killed nearly 1,000 demonic beasts but also brought back their remains.

How… on Earth did he do that?

It was something he couldn’t believe, but Tang Xiu gave him the proof with the demonic beasts’ remains, so he had no choice but to believe it. He knew that it was impossible for Tang Xiu to lie about it with such proof.

Great shock also filled Duanmu Lin’s heart. He observed Tang Xiu’s tranquil expression but didn’t know what he should say. Only tens of people resorting to a geomancy array, yet they were actually able to kill nearly 1,000 demonic beasts. Wasn’t such a terrifying result too heaven-defying?

In that instant, Duanmu Lin seemed to realize something. His eyes lit up and his pace came to an abrupt stop.

“What happened, Senior Duanmu?” Tang Xiu stopped his pace, turned his head and asked in surprise.

Staring at Tang Xiu, Duanmu Lin asked while underlining every word he said, “Tang Xiu. If we are to ask you to arrange a geomancy array to surround the Himalayas, are you confident we can stop those demonic beasts?”

At his question, Tang Xiu nodded and answered, “I’m confident it can be done. But the materials needed to arrange the array will be enormous. Especially the array, it must cover a long distance. The scope will vast. Hence, the number of materials needed will be terrifyingly huge.”

An exciting look covered Duanmu Lin’s face as he asked aloud, “I can get them for you, no matter how much you need. Just tell me, what materials are needed?”

“I’ll write you a list of the materials needed when we return to the encampment later,” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“Great! Hahaha…” Duanmu Lin laughed and contentedly said, “I just knew it that I’d still need to rely on you to fend off those demonic beasts. You know, you have given me tons of surprise.”

“That’s overpraising, Senior Duanmu,” said Tang Xiu humbly. “If it wasn’t for the many friends from the cultivation world who also acted in this effort, the demonic beasts would have brought havoc and disaster to the outside world already. The merits belong to everybody.”

Duanmu Lin smiled and nodded while watching Tang Xiu’s face with appreciation.

At this time, the way Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng looked at Tang Xiu was completely different from before. The two men previously thought that Tang Xiu was just a young man who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, only relying on his small achievement in cultivation, yet being conceited due to that. But after getting along for a short while, only then did they find how off the mark their thoughts were. Tang Xiu not only had formidable strength and numerous means but also possessed a steady mind and mature character. He didn’t fall into arrogance and was still modest even though he had made a great contribution.

Pacing a step forward, Hun Sen apologetically said, “Tang Xiu, I have to apologize for my previous attitude towards you. Further, I shouldn’t have questioned your ability, nor did I vilify you to be conceited. I hope you can forgive me for that. There are only a few people I admire in this world, but you’re definitely one of them.”

Jiang Shuisheng echoed and nodded. “That’s true. I’m already an old man, Tang Xiu. But I find myself inferior to you in a lot of things. I hope you don’t mind my attitude for judging you by your appearance before.”

Tang Xiu waved and smilingly said, “Gentlemen, you both can be called as seniors in the cultivation world, but you two bravely stand up when the country is in crisis. That’s already worthy of admiration in and of itself to me, so I don’t, and can’t, blame you for that. Besides, our next priority is to stop the attack of those demonic beasts. We must go all out to hunt and exterminate all the demonic beasts on Earth, to begin with. That’s why we’ll need to cooperate well and fight side by side.”

Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng exchanged glances, not expecting that Tang Xiu would be so broadminded. He didn’t seem to mind the slander they hurled at him before.

What an outstanding character!

The two men finally gave such a high evaluation in their hearts.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu and the rest returned to the encampment. All the gravely wounded went into recuperation, while Tang Xiu quickly listed the materials needed to arrange the array and gave it to Duanmu Lin. After which, he immediately began to heal himself.

His injuries were anything but light. Being attacked by thousands of demonic beasts, even though the power that transmitted was to him through the array was just one-tenth of their original might, it was still unusually terrifying when added up. Fortunately, he was cultivating the top cultivation art from the Demon Realm—the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, which focused on physique tempering. Had it been an ordinary cultivator, even if they had broken through to the Nascent Soul Stage, they would’ve been killed by such a huge impact.

Each of the three big stages was a level themselves. And the second big stage of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was the Stars Heavenly Essence, which was also split into nine layers.

Tang Xiu had just advanced to this big stage, making his strength extremely formidable. The second big stage not only tempered his physique but also enabled him to unleash the power in his Dantian to the outside world, to go straight to the sky and echo with the stars in the universe, thus enabling supernatural abilities based on astral power.

However, due to some fated encounter in the process of his cultivation, it caused Tang Xiu to form a universe in his Dantian while he was still at the first big stage—the Stars Tyrannical Body. Although the planets were still tiny, it was very beneficial to Tang Xiu since it helped him to connect to the stars in the universe, resulting in a hundredfold increase in his cultivation speed.

I’ve consumed too much Primal Chaos Force. My spiritual sense is heavily damaged and got me quite severe internal injuries.

Tang Xiu, who was sitting cross-legged in a military tent, quickly checked his body. A forced smile was cast on his handsome face. He knew how bad the current condition of his body was. But it turned out that it was worse than he previously thought after careful inspection.

After stuffing the Holy Healing pill into his mouth, Tang Xiu grabbed two Demon Cores. He slowly closed his eyes and began to absorb and refine the slowly while healing himself so as to supplement his Primal Chaos Force and mental power.

After two hours passed by, he slowly opened his eyes and felt satisfied. The effect of the Holy Healing pill was remarkable. His internal injuries had been mostly healed and he had recovered the consumed Primal Chaos Force and mental power as well. Although he had yet to restore to his peak power, it would no longer affect his body.

Ever since I’ve broken through to the second stage, the Stars Heavenly Essence, I haven’t tried to communicate with the hundreds of millions of stars in the universe, neither have I absorbed stars power into the planets in my Dantian. Most importantly, I never tried to activate any astral-based divine abilities. I used to think that it was not yet the time, so I haven’t done it. But I can no longer delay it since humanity is now facing a crisis.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and instantly released the Primal Chaos power in his body to the outside world. As the energy instantly streaked up into the sky, his spiritual sense also followed along the Primal Chaos to the vault of heaven. A sense of wonder filled his heart the moment after. The distance his spiritual sense could reach was previously just several hundred meters, but after fusing it with his Primal Chaos power, it now was able to reach thousands of miles and kept rising.

Universe; stars and their powers!

Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense fused into his Primal Chaos power into the stars above. At the same time, he was able to feel the power of thousands of stars.

Even the dead stars still have energy within.

It turns out that no matter the lifeform, be it alive or dead, all have energy. Only the essence of their energy is different. The dead stars, likewise, also possess energy, and they are still useful to me. It seems that the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis is very abstruse and magical. It can actually tolerate and contain all kinds of energy and finally transform them into my own strength.

Tang Xiu silently contemplated and secretly rejoiced that he had obtained such a mysterious cultivation art. Otherwise, he would’ve barely been able to step into the cultivation path on Earth with his previous cultivation technique. Even if he was able to, his cultivation speed wouldn’t be so fast, and it would’ve been impossible to integrate his spiritual sense with the universe, observing how the cosmos worked and operated, nor absorbing such astral powers.


Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s expression shifted and his body slightly shivered.

His spiritual sense that was wandering in the boundless universe and constantly in contact with the stars gave him a shock since he discovered there was still a living planet in the remote part of the universe.

That’s right. He could feel the star soul of that planet. It had an extremely tenacious life force and kept absorbing energy from the universe to keep itself alive. The surface of the planet itself had sources of water, flame, and even thin oxygen in its atmosphere.

However, after he observed it more carefully, he judged that the concentration of oxygen was very low, while there was also a very rich particular gas there. The lifeforms on this planet were absorbing this special gas to guarantee their reproduction and survival.

It’s very far away but can still be reached, regardless.

The discovery made him recall the remains of three-star vestige in the deep sea. If he could repair that interstellar battleship, he could ride it to traverse the universe and visit that planet with lifeforms.

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