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«Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1976 - Madman

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Chapter 1976 - Madman

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The strand of hair fell into Wang Lin’s hair, and the familiar feeling became even more clear. Wang Lin didn’t know why, but this strand of hair felt like part of his body.

This hair didn’t bring him any kind of harm but looked like an ordinary strand of hair. The two ends drooped toward the ground, and it looked like a gust of wind would send it flying again.

After a few breaths of silence, the Celestial Emperor’s voice came from the Celestial Dao Temple.

“This is not something I was going to award you, but if you want it, you can have it.”

Wang Lin’s thanks played a key role. After all, this was his title ceremony, and it was being witnessed by all the sects in the celestial clan.

In addition, the Heaven Lion Beast had been summoned in his title ceremony, so even if Wang Lin took the white hair, no one could say anything.

The Imperial Teacher Shang Xuandao looked at Wang Lin profoundly and spoke.

“The blood sacrifice is over. Now it’s time for the last step of the title ceremony. Wang Lin, everyone here has the right to challenge you, but only three times. After three challenges, the Celestial Emperor will grant you the title!”

As the Imperial Teacher’s words echoed, the three ancestors of the four mansions all looked up. They were all old men and they were all Ascendant Empyreans!

One person wearing a red robe flew into the sky in a flash. He clasped his hands 1,000 feet away from Wang Lin.

“This old man will be the first challenger, I hope White Haired Ascendant Empyrean can give me pointers!” The old man’s eyes revealed a gloomy gaze as he looked at Wang Lin. He didn’t wait for Wang Lin to answer before he sat down in the sky. He raised his right hand and his whole body bulged. Strands of black gas came out from his body and condensed into a large black shadow before him.

This black shadow seemed to be wearing black armor. Its face was a blur and its eyes were closed. However, its appearance caused the world to change colors and the clouds to scatter.

“Wang Lin, please teach me!” The old man bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood. The blood spread out like fog and entered the blood shadow. The shadow seemed to be stimulated by the blood, and its eyes were red.

Muffled rumbles echoed as the black shadow raised the long, black lance in its right hand and rushed at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t know who this person was, but from his position, he could tell that he was one of the four kings!

The black shadow was filled with powerful strength, and it was closing in as if it was going to split the sky. Wang Lin didn’t retreat. The Heavenly Bull Tattoo on his face covered his body as he threw a punch.

This punch landed on the black shadow’s lance. The collision caused a thunderous rumble!

During the rumble, Wang Lin slowly withdrew his hand, but the black shadow suddenly collapsed. The old man sitting there turned pale, but he clenched his teeth and hit his forehead!

With this, he sacrificed his life force and even more intense, black gas came out of his body. As the black gas spread out, his face aged rapidly, as if he had just climbed out from his grave.

The powerful, black gas gathered, and not only did it cause the black shadow to recover, it also condensed into a war horse. The horse hissed as it carried the black shadow and charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression toward the black shadow became more serious as it charged at him. He put his hand on his head and bent slightly backward before he swung back as if he was doing a headbutt!

Heavenly Bull Charge!

This caused the giant Heavenly Bull shadow to appear behind Wang Lin. The bull let out a roar and its two large horns collided with the black shadow.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The black shadow and the war horse under it collapsed as if it could not withstand the force, instantly disintegrating. The Heavenly Bull penetrated the collapsing black shadow and flew directly toward Imperial Teacher Shang Xuandao!

All of this looked like a coincidence. As the Heavenly Bull rushed over, the Imperial Teacher remained calm. His right hand moved as if he was divinating, then he pointed forward.

This point touched the Heavenly Bull and the Heavenly Bull trembled violently.

The Imperial teacher slowly opened his mouth and then the Heavenly Bull disappeared. “Null is a kind of grand dao. Because there is existence, it will become null once it is lost.” 

Because there is existence, it will become none once it is lost. What had happened was exactly the same as his words.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank violently. At that moment, he felt an extremely terrifying fluctuation from the Imperial Teacher. This was an extremely high degree of enlightenment toward dao.

The Heavenly Bull dissipated and the black shadow the old man had sacrificed his life force to create also dissipated. He looked like he had aged a lot and had a bitter smile as he clasped his hands at Wang Lin. He didn’t speak but flew back to his family.

“The second…” The Imperial Teacher smiled while standing before the Celestial Dao Temple. However, just after he spoke, he frowned.

Not only him, Wang Lin also looked into the distance. The cultivators below all noticed their gazes and looked over too. They all frowned.

“Hmph, hmph, you all have guts. This lively of an event is going on and you didn’t invite this king. You… Do I still existed in your eyes!?

“Little Red, Little Green, Little White, Little Blue, open the path for this king!” The transfer array outside the nine doors flashed and a crowd of people walked out.

The person leading these people was a young man wearing a flower shirt and holding a fan in his hand. His face was filled with anger and he was waving fan, causing his hair to rapidly flutter.

Beside him, Xu Liguo’s face was deathly pale, as if just being here made his face pale. The young man in green was also pale, and he grabbed the young man in the flower shirt. He spoke in almost a begging tone.

“My… My king, this is the imperial palace!”

“What does the imperial palace count as? I’m the king!” The young man in the flower shirt was very dissatisfied with the young man in green and threw him forward.

“Little Red, bring out the majesty you showed when you went to the Li Mansion! Otherwise, this king will punish you!” The young man in the flower shirt walked forward and kicked Xu Liguo in the butt. Xu Liguo trembled as he was stared at by tens of thousands of cultivators. He clenched his teeth and walked forward as if he was going to give it his all. However, he soon coughed out a mouthful of blood and held his butt as he fell. He twitched a few times and then remained motionless.

“Ah? Is he dead?” The young man in the flower shirt looked down at his feet and was puzzled.

Wang Lin was standing in the air, looking at the young man in the flower shirt. His appearance had changed, but he immediately recognized him as the madman.

The young man in the flower shirt fanned with all his strength as he circled Xu Liguo’s motionless body and kicked him a few more times.

“Hmph, pretending to be dead. You dare to pretend to be dead before this king? Let me tell you, this king has encountered a guy pretending to be dead before… Eh, who was he…” He pondered for a long time but couldn’t think of anything. He forgot about Xu Liguo and walked forward in big steps with an arrogant expression. All the cultivators who saw him frowned bitterly and avoided him.

“Greetings, my king!”

“Greetings, my king!”

These voices echoed as he walked. The young man in the flower shirt was very proud and was still muttering.

The young man in the flower shirt stopped before the old man who had attacked Wang Lin. His eyes widened and he immediately began to roar, “Why are there so many people here? Could it be that my brother is picking a concubine? Hey, old man Luo, why do you look so much older? You look like you were beaten up!”

“Who would dare to bully my family’s Little Flower’s grandfather? I’m going to teach him a lesson! Old Man Luo, tell me who beat you up!” The young man in the flower shirt rolled up his sleeve and continued to roar.

“Was it him!? It must have been him! I already don’t like him. He is clearly old but pretends to young. It must be you! I… I’m going to strangle you!” The young man in the flower shirt pointed at the frowning Imperial Teacher and rushed over as if he was going to strangle him.

Seeing that he was about to rush over, the youth following this young man grabbed the young man’s leg.

“King, King… He… He is the Imperial Teacher! Master, let us go back…” The youth’s face was pale, and no matter how much the young man in the flower shirt shook his leg, he didn’t let go.

“He bullied Little Flower’s grandfather, how can I let him go?! Little servant, you’re not going to let go? OK, I’ll take you with me!” The young man in the flower shirt vigorously dragged the youth while revealing a ferocious expression. It looked like he was going to strangle the Imperial Teacher no matter what.

As Wang Lin looked at the madman below, he revealed a complicated expression. He had come to the ancestral city to see if this old friend still recognized him.

He watched him continue to fan while dragging the youth toward the Imperial Teacher. Xu Liguo, who had fallen on the ground, opened his eyes. He looked at the young man in the flower shirt in the distance but then closed his eyes without hesitation.

“Dao Fei!” Just as the young man in the flower shirt was dragging the youth toward the Imperial Teacher and had raised his hand to strangle the Imperial teacher, the Celestial Emperor’s helpless voice echoed from the Celestial Dao Temple.

“What are you doing? You’re choosing a concubine and you didn’t tell me… You’re too much!!” The young man in the flower shirt viciously looked at the Celestial Emperor sitting on the dragon throne.

“Dao Fei, don’t make a fuss. Today is your benefactor’s title ceremony. Why don’t you go greet him?” The Celestial Emperor’s words contained a gentle force that pushed the madman a few hundred feet from the Imperial Teacher.

“Benefactor?” The young man in the flower shirt was startled.

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