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«Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 3798 Terror of a Sixth Floor Expert

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Chapter 3798 Terror of a Sixth Floor Expert

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Shortly after the towering flame pillar appeared, a loud explosion rocked Nightmare Holy City, followed by an eerie silence.

At this moment, time seemed to pause, as the members of the White Dragon Nation and the Holy Knights had stopped fighting. All they did was stare at where the flame pillar had passed by.

The players spectating from the surrounding shops were similarly dumbfounded as they stared at the lava hell that had appeared in the middle of the main street. They also couldn’t help but gape at the large hole in Tyrant Wyvern’s chest.

In just one move, Red Frost had obliterated the White Dragon Nation’s White Dragon Guard and killed Tyrant Wyvern, one of Nightmare Holy City’s top ten experts. Moreover, she was only a Level 223 Berserker…

Whirlwind Bulwark and the other members of Pale Horn gasped when they saw this scene, their eyes nearly falling out of their sockets.

From the fight with Fira’s team, Whirlwind Bulwark and the others already knew that Shi Feng’s party was strong. However, looking at things now, they realized that Shi Feng’s party most likely never fought Fira’s team seriously.

Who is that woman? When Dawn Forest saw the destruction Red Frost caused, the corners of his eyes twitched uncontrollably.

Had a magical-class player caused this level of destruction, he wouldn’t have been particularly surprised. However, this was the first time since he started playing God’s Domain that he had seen a Berserker with such a destructive Skill. Not only that, but the Skill also had an incredibly fast activation time—so fast that he had failed to react to it.

“How can this be? The Guild Leader got one-shotted?”

At this time, some of the White Dragon Nation’s elite experts finally reacted to Tyrant Wyvern’s death.

“She killed the Guild Leader! Revenge! We must take revenge!”

“That Skill of hers must have a long cooldown! She’s only one person! Use this chance to kill her!”

Suddenly, the White Dragon Nation’s 10,000-plus elite experts turned their attention away from the Holy Knights’ elite experts and charged at Red Frost en masse.

As the White Dragon Nation’s Guild Leader, Tyrant Wyvern was the face of the Guild. Thus, the consequences of his death were vastly greater than Fira’s. Not to mention, Red Frost had one-shotted him. If they couldn’t kill Red Frost and avenge Tyrant Wyvern immediately, the White Dragon Nation’s status in Nightmare Holy City would plummet, and its future development in Nightmare Holy City would be severely impacted.

“Dammit! These people are out of their minds!” Whirlwind Bulwark felt his scalp grow numb when he saw the White Dragon Nation’s experts going after Red Frost as one.

However, before the White Dragon Nation’s members could reach her, Red Frost suddenly split into a hundred copies of herself, each no different from the real deal. Then, every one of these copies executed an Advanced Gold Combat Technique simultaneously.


Suddenly, blood splattered everywhere, and several hundred White Dragon Nation experts closest to Red Frost turned into ashes, leaving behind a bunch of weapons and equipment on the ground.

With just a thrust from her spear, Red Frost had killed another several hundred players…

Subsequently, Red Frost kept thrusting and swinging her spear, while the White Dragon Nation’s elite experts kept falling in swaths, like wheat in the autumn harvest. No one was strong enough to resist her attacks. In just 30 seconds, over half of the White Dragon Nation’s Level 235-plus experts were killed.

During this time, many ranged attacks were launched at Red Frost. However, they were nothing but jokes, as they couldn’t even hit any of her copies. Additionally, she ensured her copies would always be near the White Dragon Nation’s frontline experts, limiting the opportunities the ranged experts had to attack her.

“Devil! She must be the devil incarnate!”

“Monster! She’s a monster disguised as a player! Run! Run away!”

Eventually, the thought of revenge disappeared from the minds of the White Dragon Nation’s members, replaced by unadulterated fear. Now, they could no longer care less about their Guild’s reputation.

They had never met such a terrifying player before. Even the Taboo existence they fought in the past would look cute compared to Red Frost. After all, they could at least damage said Taboo existence a little. In contrast, they couldn’t even put up the slightest bit of resistance against Red Frost. This was no longer a battle between players. It was merely a massacre.

In no time, the remaining White Dragon Nation experts fled like frightened mice, the sight stunning the spectating players. Before today, the most spectacular battle they had seen involved several dozen experts defeating several thousand experts. Red Frost’s accomplishment of defeating an army of 10,000-plus elite experts thoroughly shattered their understanding of experts in God’s Domain.

Who are these people? Whirlwind Bulwark experienced an unprecedented shock as he looked at Shi Feng and his other party members, who remained unfazed.

Red Frost’s ability to suppress the White Dragon Nation’s elite experts single-handedly was nothing short of fantasy. Yet, Shi Feng and the others behaved like this outcome was only natural.

What Whirlwind Bulwark didn’t know was that the White Dragon Nation’s elite experts were only superior in levels. Although they were fully equipped with Level 230 Epic Equipment or above, Red Frost had a Divine Spear and a Legendary Equipment Set. Thus, they remained far behind her when it came to Basic Attributes. Not to mention, Red Frost had already reached the sixth-floor standard.

With the White Dragon Nation’s members being inferior in Basic Attributes and combat standards, it was only natural that such a frightening gap existed between them and Red Frost. This was also the cruelty of God’s Domain. Even if each statistical difference was not overwhelming, they could develop into an insurmountable gap when compounded.

As Pale Horn’s members watched Red Frost slaughter the White Dragon Nation’s members, they couldn’t help feeling excited. This was because they were certain Red Frost was a player. Getting to know such a terrifying player was something they could brag about for the rest of their lives.

In less than three minutes, the originally congested street became deserted. All the White Dragon Nation experts who had come with Tyrant Wyvern had either died or fled with their tails between their legs.

As for the weapons and equipment littering the street, neither the spectating players nor the Holy Knights’ members dared to pick them up. On the contrary, the Holy Knights’ members made sure to stay several hundred yards away from these items lest Red Frost misunderstand them.

Meanwhile, Heiser smiled at the shocked Dawn Forest and asked teasingly, “Guild Leader Forest, is our performance outstanding enough?”

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