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«Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 3664 New Legend

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Chapter 3664 New Legend

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World Ark, Soul Lake Resurrection Camp:

Following the arrival of Zero Wing’s reinforcements, the atmosphere in the resurrection camp became incomparably tense and gloomy. It was especially so for the Red Dragon Nation’s and Azure Fang’s members. Although they kept setting up magic arrays and war weapons around the camp’s perimeter, they wore grim expressions as they did so.

After all, their opponents this time were the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard and an army of 200,000-plus Holy Race experts formed by the Sun Dynasty’s three subordinate Guilds. Not even the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps could defend against such a force. So, even though the Red Dragon Nation, Azure Fang, and Zero Wing worked together, their chances of successfully defending the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp were slim.

“What do you think Zero Wing is trying to do, Milia? I thought they were sending their flying ship to aid in the defense, but it left again shortly after arriving. The Red Dragon Nation and Azure Fang also sent out a bunch of scouts to investigate the Holy Race army. Could they be planning an ambush?” Titan asked out of curiosity as he observed the situation inside the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp with the help of a Magic Mirror. “I’ve also heard other Guilds saying that Black Flame has gone toward the three Holy Race Guilds’ campsite with a small team. Does he really think he can turn this Guild War around all by himself?”

“How should I know?” Milia answered, shaking her head. Then, a solemn look suddenly appeared on her face as she continued, “But based on our scouts’ reports, the forces the three Holy Race Guilds have scattered across the Soul Lake seem to be in disarray right now.”

“Did Black Flame really initiate an attack on them?” Titan asked, revealing a look of interest. “If that’s the case, we should go over and take a look. The Seven Luminaries Alliance has placed Black Flame on the latest edition of the Divine Glory List. He’s even ranked among the top 300 despite having only reached Tier 6 recently. This is the same treatment Spear Paradise received when he debuted after killing a Level 200-plus Ancient God.”

By now, Black Flame had already become a hot topic for many players in the Greater God’s Domain, and the cause behind it was the latest edition of the Divine Glory List.

The Divine Glory List was a ranking list that recorded the Greater God’s Domain’s apex powerhouses. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was still very reliable, and it held vastly greater influence in the Greater God’s Domain than the Luminous and Sacred Glory Lists.

As for why everyone was discussing Black Flame specifically, it was because he had debuted on the Divine Glory List. Not only that, but he had also debuted with a ranking in the top 300, even though Black Flame had only advanced to Tier 6 recently. This was a treatment the Seven Luminaries Alliance had rarely offered in the past century.

It should be known that anyone capable of entering the Divine Glory List would be an existence capable of trading blows with a Level 200, Tier 6 God at the very least.

In addition, the Seven Luminaries Alliance would rarely assign debutants a high ranking on the Divine Glory List. For example, although there were some debutants who had proven themselves capable of trading blows with Ancient Gods, most of them had only debuted with a ranking in the top 500.

As for why the Seven Luminaries Alliance would do so, it was to ensure the accuracy of the Divine Glory List. After all, a single battle wasn’t enough to give a full picture of a player’s strength. It was entirely possible that the player just so happened to have performed outstandingly in that particular battle. It could also be that they had taken advantage of unique circumstances, such as the enemy being weakened prior to the battle. Only by evaluating players across multiple battles could the Seven Luminaries Alliance make an accurate evaluation.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was arbitrary in its decision to give Black Flame his current rank. The Alliance had clearly indicated on the Divine Glory List that Black Flame had received his ranking because of his achievement of killing Chalk Splendor, a Holy Child of the Sun Dynasty. The Alliance had also indicated that Chalk Splendor was wielding the Sunlight Blade, a Divine Weapon, at the time.

With the achievement of slaying a Taboo-level existence under his belt, nobody would question Black Flame’s qualifications to be on the Divine Glory List. After all, Taboo-level existences were few and far between in the Greater God’s Domain. Moreover, most, if not all, belonged to the various apex powers and pseudo-apex powers.

However, it would be a little far-fetched to say that Black Flame deserved to be ranked within the top 300 in his first evaluation. That was akin to saying that Black Flame was on the same standard as Spear Paradise, the Great Commander of the Scarecrow Fox adventurer team.

It should be known that Spear Paradise debuted on the Divine Glory List after slaying a Level 200-plus Ancient God. Even if Chalk Splendor was wielding the Sunlight Blade when Black Flame fought him, it would be an exaggeration to say that he could compare with a Level 200-plus Ancient God. Not to mention, Black Flame had Verdant Rainbow helping him from the side. Without Verdant Rainbow’s assistance, Black Flame would never have been able to kill Chalk Splendor.

For these reasons, many people felt that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was giving preferential treatment to Black Flame. Either that or the Alliance deemed that Black Flame’s potential was equal to the Spear Paradise of the past, which, in turn, meant that Black Flame was qualified to stand on equal footing with lofty existences such as Nineteenth Sword, who was one of the current Ten Great Sword Gods.

Hence, Titan couldn’t help but be curious about Black Flame’s talent and potential.

“That’s merely the Alliance showing Black Flame its appreciation for his contributions,” Nineteenth Sword said contemptuously as he opened his eyes. “You’re not young anymore, Titan. How can you not understand something so simple? Do you really think Black Flame is worthy of being compared with Spear Paradise?”

In Nineteenth Sword’s opinion, Black Flame could indeed be regarded as a genius for mastering a Gold Combat Technique at such a young age. It was also why he praised the young man originally. However, to say that Black Flame was comparable with Spear Paradise in potential would be a gross overestimation.

Others might not be fully aware of the circumstances surrounding Spear Paradise, but Nineteenth Sword was. Spear Paradise the Divine Spear might have been a late bloomer, but as he kept growing, his strength became increasingly astonishing. He had grown so strong that he had single-handedly turned Scarecrow Fox into an adventurer team that even the various pseudo-apex powers needed to respect.

On what grounds did Black Flame deserve to be equated to someone like Spear Paradise?

“I doubt it is Black Flame fighting against the three Holy Race Guilds,” Milia said, shaking her head. “According to the information I received, a mysterious power is attacking multiple of the three Guilds’ campsites simultaneously, causing them severe losses. Moreover, this mysterious power has already mobilized more than ten Taboo-level existences thus far. Do you think Zero Wing has that many Taboo-level existences?”

“I guess you’re right.” Titan nodded.

Currently, Black Flame was the only known Taboo-level existence in Zero Wing. As for Gentle Snow the Snow Goddess, although she was strong, she was far from reaching the standard of Taboos. No matter how Titan thought about it, there was no way Zero Wing could mobilize ten Taboo-level existences.

“Can you have your people look into that power, Milia?” Nineteenth Sword asked. “It’ll be even better if you can get in touch with that power.”

There should only be a few powers capable of mobilizing so many Taboo-level existences in the Greater God’s Domain, and none were existences the Skylight Association could afford to provoke at present. So, it would naturally be good if the Skylight Association could get acquainted with this mysterious power.

“This…” Just as Nineteenth Sword asked his question, Milia received an update from one of her subordinates. Then, she suddenly grew hesitant as she turned to Nineteenth Sword and said, “That power seems to be…Zero Wing.”

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