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«Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 3302 - World Passage Opens

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Chapter 3302 - World Passage Opens

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Miniature Ancient World, Thunder Fortress:

When the gigantic door 10,000 yards away from the Thunder Fortress opened, all the players gathered in the Thunder Fortress boarded their respective ships and swarmed toward the gate. In no time, a gigantic fleet of over 100,000 ships could be seen sailing toward the distant gate. A fleet of such size could fight against even an army of several million sea monsters. It could also easily annihilate any maritime empire.

However, the fleet of 100,000-plus ships looked comically small when gathered before the gigantic door.

The bottom half of the door in question was submerged in the ocean, while the upper half rose well beyond the clouds. Its width was also beyond absurd, easily surpassing the width of the entire Thunder Fortress by many times.

When the Miniature Ancient World’s native players saw this door, they couldn’t help but be deeply shocked. They didn’t think the World Gate, which served as a connection point for the World Passage, would be such a spectacular sight.

Amidst the 100,000-plus ships, a fleet led by one Common Warship and supported by several Bronze Speedboats and several dozen Advanced Speedboats could be seen carefully making its way to the World Gate. Meanwhile, standing at the helm of the Common Warship was a Level 137, Tier 4 elderly man carrying a greatsword on his back.

In the current Miniature Ancient World, there was no native expert player who wouldn’t recognize this old man.

Thousand Swords!

He was the Great Elder of the Super Guild World Dominators and one of their God’s Domain’s few Tier 6 experts.

Although Tier 6 experts became insignificant along with the myriad worlds’ descent, the strength Thousand Swords could exhibit in the Miniature Ancient World was still impressive. In one instance, the fleet Thousand Swords led had defeated two foreign fleets out in open water. At the time, Thousand Swords himself had also single-handedly held back four fourth-floor experts. According to rumors, Thousand Swords was now only one step away from reaching the standard of titled experts.

It should be known that in the current Miniature Ancient World, even the various hegemonic powers would only have one or two titled experts under their command, while most superpowers didn’t even have titled experts under their command. So, Thousand Swords’ presence had allowed World Dominators to become a superpower that was only second to the various hegemonic powers in the Miniature Ancient World.

“All of you, be extremely careful once we are inside the World Passage! Do not get washed away by the beast tide! Any ship caught by itself will be quickly devoured by the Void Creatures!” Thousand Swords said, issuing a command to all ships in the fleet through the team chat.

“Finally! We are finally going to enter the Greater God’s Domain!” Gu Yiren, who had similarly reached Tier 4, revealed an excited expression as he looked at the nearing World Gate.

“Don’t get too excited, Yiren,” Thousand Swords said as he glanced at his student. “The World Passage is a very dangerous place. Based on the information we’ve collected, even the weakest Void Creature in a World Passage will be at the Grand Lord rank. There will even be plenty of Mythic and Superior Mythic Void Creatures mixed among them. Also, our ultimate goal might be to enter the Greater God’s Domain, but we also have to try to earn as many Association Contribution Points as possible.”

“Don’t worry, Teacher. I’ve prepared over a dozen Tier 4 Magic Scrolls for those Void Creatures. We can definitely earn a ton of contribution points,” Gu Yiren confidently said as he patted the spatial bag on his waist.

So long as one bothered to do a little research, anyone would know about the welfare provided by the Greater God’s Domain’s Adventurer’s Association to players of isolated God’s Domain.

For two days after a World Passage opened, players who entered the World Passage could earn Association Contribution Points by killing Void Creatures in the World Passage. Then, players could use the points they earned to exchange Immortal Weapons and Equipment from the Adventurer’s Association. If players collected enough points, they could even exchange for the incomparably Legacy Guidances. These were all things that would let isolated players have an easier time settling in the Greater God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, Gu Yiren had done a lot of preparation in anticipation of the World Passage’s opening.

Of the Tier 4 Magic Scrolls he prepared, every one of them held a large-scale Destruction Spell. Although these Spells were incapable of one-shotting Tier 4 Mythic monsters, they were strong enough to heavily injure Mythic monsters. So long as these monsters were killed later on, the system would judge him as having made a big contribution to the kill and award him at least 10% of the monster’s points.

This was an incredibly effective and efficient way of earning contribution points. It was significantly better than trying to kill one Void Creature with a large group of players.

With over a dozen Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells, he would have no problem heavily injuring over a thousand monsters. Even if he only earned a few points from each monster, that would still be several thousand contribution points. If he was lucky, he might even earn over 10,000 contribution points.

Based on the information World Dominators had collected, 1,000 points could be exchanged for an Epic Immortal Weapon, 3,000 points could be exchanged for a Tier 5 Demigod’s Legacy Guidance, 5,000 points could be exchanged for a Tier 6 NPC’s Legacy Guidance, 10,000 points could be exchanged for a Tier 6 God’s Legacy Guidance, and 20,000 points could be exchanged for a Legacy that provided a perfect experience of a Gold Combat Technique’s use.

Setting aside the perfect experience of a Gold Combat Technique, just receiving a Tier 6 God’s Legacy Guidance would be of significant help to him when he challenged his Tier 5 and Tier 6 promotions in the future. After all, all Tier 6 Gods possessed extraordinary Mana Bodies with extremely high reference value for players.

If he could create a Tier 5 Mana Body that reached the Epic rank, he could instantly reach the peak of his life.

While Gu Yiren was fantasizing about earning 10,000 Association Contribution Points and exchanging them for a Tier 6 God’s Legacy Guidance, Thousand Swords suddenly tensed up as he looked at a fleet of ships coming from behind. Then, he hurriedly shouted, “All ships, turn to the left and open up a path!”

World Dominators’ members couldn’t help but grow confused when they heard Thousand Swords’ command. Then, while carrying out the command, they curiously turned around and looked at the ships sailing up from behind them.

At this time, a fleet of fewer than twenty ships was sailing up to World Dominators’ fleet. However, despite its small size, the fleet was by no means weak. This was because the fleet was led by one Advanced Warship and six Common Warships and supported by a dozen Bronze Speedboats. Some hegemonic powers didn’t even have such a high-quality fleet.

Meanwhile, as this small fleet swiftly made its way to the World Gate, all of the other fleets in its path promptly sailed aside and opened a path for it, none daring to sail in this small fleet’s way. This was because the ships of this fleet carried the Guild Emblem of the Flower of Seven Sins.

“Is this the treatment for the number one genius?”

As the Flower of Seven Sins’ fleet got closer, Gu Yiren could see two female Assassins standing at the helm of the Advanced Warship sailing at the front of the fleet. Of these two Assassins, one was Death Omen, a former Tier 6 player who had shaken their God’s Domain with her name in the past, while the other was Thousand Scars, the current number one genius among the Miniature Ancient World’s native players.

When Gu Yiren watched as Thousand Scars sailed past World Dominators’ fleet, he couldn’t help but feel a little envious of her. Ever since Thousand Scars got chosen by the Paimon Conglomerate, even the various hegemonic powers had to behave respectfully around her and the Flower of Seven Sins. This allowed the Flower of Seven Sins to develop smoothly and rapidly in the Miniature Ancient World.

A good example of the Flower of Seven Sins’ rapid development would be the one Advanced Warship and six Common Warships in its fleet. With such naval prowess, the Flower of Seven Sins wouldn’t need more than a few minutes to annihilate World Dominators’ entire fleet.

Meanwhile, with such a fleet under its command, it goes without saying the Flower of Seven Sins could kill Void Creatures in the World Passage very effectively. Even if he had 100 Tier 4 Magic Scrolls in his possession, he still wouldn’t be a match for the Flower of Seven Sins’ fleet. After all, the Advanced Warship’s main cannons were just as strong as Tier 4 large-scale Destruction Spells. Moreover, so long as these cannons were supplied with enough Magic Crystals, they could fire an infinite number of times.

Shortly after the Flower of Seven Sins’ fleet entered the World Passage, a fleet made of five ships also made its way up to the World Gate. When this fleet of five ships appeared, it instantly attracted the attention of all other fleets present. This was because all five of this fleet’s ships were Bronze Warships.

Then, upon seeing the Guild Emblem on these five Bronze Warships, everyone couldn’t help but gape in shock.

“Crap! Isn’t this Zero Wing?”

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