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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 383 Fireworks Show

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Chapter 383 Fireworks Show

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Hao Ran sighed and agonized. “We’re too familiar to date each other. I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to be good friends any longer if it doesn’t work.”

Although Hao Ran hadn’t fallen in love with any of his good female friends, what he said was right. They were teenagers now, and nobody could promise that they wouldn’t change. However, while Hao Ran was saying that, Mu Ke gave Yu Mixi a resigned glance. Obviously, he agreed with Hao Ran. Yu Mixi had no idea that Mu Ke had glanced at her, but Gu Ning noticed it and was surprised. Does Mu Ke admire Yu Mixi?

It was their personal affairs and Gu Ning wouldn’t get involved, but as their good friend, she would love to help if she could, so she said, “You’re right. However, when you truly like someone and want to build your future together with them, you won’t hesitate or worry so much, because nobody can foresee what we’ll be like.”

Hearing what Gu Ning said, Mu Ke seemed to cheer up a little, but Gu Ning didn’t know what he was thinking deep down in his heart. “Alright, it’s almost 10 pm. Let’s go back to the square!”

Afterward, the group of them walked to the square together.

Given what had just happened outside of the ladies’ room, Hao Ran and the others deliberately kept Jin Kexin away from Leng Shaoting. Even though they knew that Jin Kexin couldn’t steal Leng Shaoting away from Gu Ning, as Gu Ning’s close friends, they still didn’t want Jin Kexin to be near Leng Shaoting or Gu Ning.

Jin Kexin understood why they were doing it. She was so mad, but couldn’t do anything about it.

When they arrived at the square, there were a lot more people there than before. The place where the fireworks were placed had been separated because people might be injured by the falling fireworks if they came too close.

There were many kinds of fireworks on the empty space, and the workers were ready to set them off once it was time. Once 10 pm struck, the workers started to set off the fireworks in sequence.


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Following the loud explosive sound, “small missiles” flew into the air one by one, and a large group of fireworks like a handle with huge umbrellas exploded in the air. A cluster of dazzling lights were illuminating the night sky, like a clump of flowers in full bloom which was floating with golden powder. A series of fireworks burst high in the air. And finally, like countless meteors with long tails, those fireworks reluctantly slipped from the night sky.

“Wow, it’s so amazing!” people kept praising the show.

The night sky was as bright as the day with the effects of fireworks, and the shapes along with the colors of the fireworks changed the entire time. Various images of animals and Chinese characters were shown in the air. The firework show lasted for half an hour, and then they went to have a night snack.

Jin Kexin had no chance to get closer to Leng Shaoting from the beginning to the end, which greatly upset her, but she could do nothing about it.

After the night snack, Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning home. Chu Peihan and Hao Ran who had cars would drive the others back. Su Anya also drove here today, so she would go home on her own.

Leng Shaoting didn’t leave for Xu Jinchen’s apartment until he sent Gu Ning back to Zone G and she had disappeared from his sight. It was the Spring Festival, so it wasn’t appropriate for Gu Ning to stay out for the night.

When she got home, Gu Ning received Yu Mixi’s message. Yu Mixi asked Gu Ning what she should give Su Anya as a birthday gift. Gu Ning thought for a while. Su Anya was from a super-rich family, after all, so they couldn’t give a gift that was too cheap, but Yu Mixi was still a student, so it wasn’t necessary for her to give Su Anya a very expensive one either.

Therefore, Gu Ning advised Yu Mixi to buy a Chanel wallet. Yu Mixi had just won a lot of money at Dihao Clubhouse, so it wasn’t difficult for her to buy a designer brand wallet.

As for the formal clothing, both Gu Ning and Yu MIxi would wear the same set they had worn to attend Master Qin’s birthday party. They were students and there was no need for them to waste money on gowns.

The next day, Gu Ning used an excuse that she was going to visit her friends. However, she actually went to meet Leng Shaoting. And she didn’t come back home until it was very late as usual.

When Gu Ning got back, Gu Man wasn’t asleep yet, so Gu Ning tried to bring the topic up. “Mom, I’m leaving for university soon, and you’ll be alone at home. Don’t you want to date another man?”

Hearing that, Gu Man was struck dumb for a second, but she soon calmed down. “Ningning, don’t worry about me. I’m used to being alone.”

“Mom, are you still missing my biological father?” Gu Ning asked.

Gu Man’s body stiffened for a second. It was obvious that she thought of her good old memories, but she didn’t say a word. Gu Ning realized that Gu Man had to be thinking of Tang Yunfan. “Mom, have you ever thought that you couldn’t find his body, so maybe he never really died?”

Hearing that, Gu Man’s body stiffened again. “If he didn’t die, why didn’t he come back to me?”

Without a doubt, Gu Man had also thought about that possibility, but he had never appeared again, so she believed that he had to be dead because she refused to think that he was a selfish man.

“You told me before that he lost his memory when he met you. Maybe, he got his memory back after the car accident, but coincidentally lost the memory of when he was with you!” Gu Ning deduced from all the information she knew.

“Is it possible?” Gu Man regained hope, but couldn’t believe that it was possible.

“If he’s still alive, but just forgot what happened during the year when he was with you; if he’s not married yet; if he still loves you; if-I mean if you still have chance to meet each other again, would you give it a try?” Gu Ning asked with caution.

Gu Man remained silent because she had no idea herself. She would be lying if she said that she didn’t miss him, but she wasn’t sure whether her love towards the man in the past would continue when they met each other again after 18 years.

Gu Ning wouldn’t force Gu Man to give her the answer. She also believed that it was meaningless to worry about that right now. They would know the answer once they met each other once more!

During the night, Gu Man kept thinking about what Gu Ning had said to her and what she had been through during that year. It was a long night without any sleep.

Although Gu Man had been with “Ning” for only a year, what she had gotten during that year, namely love and care, was something her cruel family could not provide. Therefore, she had been deeply in love with the man, and unable to forget him.

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