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«Reborn Girl’s New Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 618 He Was Still Alive

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Chapter 618 He Was Still Alive

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Though the evening progressed, Song Yunxuan was not willing to go home at all.

A gust of wind flapped Song Yunxuan’s clothes.

A family servant trotted to her from behind, calling her, “Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan stood where she was and looked in the direction where the car moved away, unmoving.

Song Yunxuan knitted her brows. But the family servant waiting behind walked up to Song Yunxuan and covered her with a coat, asking her, “Miss Song, are you all right?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head, answering, “Yes.”

Though she replied to the servant, she still looked in the direction where the car moved away without a single winking. She had a hunch, which was so unshakable that it could suppress all the fear and sorrow.

She had a hunch that Chu Mochen was still alive.

He must be alive.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan was unwilling to move, the servant advised, “Miss Song, it’s so windy outside. How about going home?”

Song Yunxuan looked into the distance and pressed her lips, not responding to the servant.

Sensing that Song Yunxuan neither wanted to speak nor leave, the servant slightly frowned and advised again, “Miss Song, I’m afraid you will get a cold if the wind blows you for too long.”

Song Yunxuan remained silent.

The servant pondered for a moment and then said, “If Childe Chu knows that you don’t take good care of your body, he will feel worried.”

Hearing the servant’s words, Song Yunxuan slightly lowered her eyes and said to the servant, “Let’s go home.”

The servant nodded.

Then she followed Song Yunxuan to go home.

Meanwhile, in that Rolls-Royce which moved away, the man sitting in the back seat gently moved his slender fingers, saying, “Do you think it’s a good idea for me to marry Song Yunxuan?”

Hearing the man’s words, the driver in the front reminded him cautiously, “I’m afraid the madam will not agree.”

Hearing the driver’s words, the man gently smiled, replying, “Song Yunxuan will bring great fortune to our family.”

“The madam will not like the fortune.”

Hearing the driver’s words, the man sitting in the back seat frowned.

And he stopped speaking.

After arriving home, Song Yunxuan received a call from Mei Qi.

Mei Qi directly asked her, “Did you go out tonight?”

Hearing Mei Qi’s question, Song Yunxuan smiled, asking, “Are you caring about or monitoring me?”

“You must take good care of yourself. Otherwise, Childe Chu…”

The words “Childe Chu” let the car Song Yunxuan saw on the very night floated into her mind again.

Song Yunxuan cut Mei Qi off, saying, “Chu Mochen is still alive.”

Hearing that Song Yunxuan suddenly said that, Mei Qi felt confused, asking, “What are you talking about, Manager Song?”

“I said Chu Mochen is still alive. Trust me.”

Song Yunxuan wanted to tell all her thoughts and speculations to Mei Qi. But Mei Qi remained silent for a moment after hearing Song Yunxuan’s words. Then he replied, “No news is probably good news.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Mei Qi was just comforting her. She frowned, emphasizing again, “I’m not talking nonsense. I mean it.”

Mei Qi also got serious, replying, “Manager Song, death cannot be reversed. You gotta try to forget it.”

“I’m being serious.”

Song Yunxuan insisted on making Mei Qi believe in her.

But Mei Qi just pressed his lips faintly and said to Song Yunxuan, “You have been unable to sleep well. Shall I move in to accompany you?”

Song Yunxuan frowned, replying, “I don’t need extra bodyguards.”

“I’m just worried about you.”

“No need.”

Hearing that Song Yunxuan turned him down, Mei Qi gave up the idea. He said, “Fine. I’ll get someone I can trust to guard you.”

Hearing Mei Qi’s decision, Song Yunxuan frowned and hung up the phone without replying to him.

She did not need extra bodyguards.

Mei Qi had a feeling that Song Yunxuan was talking nonsense.

But Song Yunxuan did have the feeling. She had a strong intuition that Chu Mochen did not die.

And the man who sat in the car tonight was Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan knitted her brows. After pondering for a while in the room, she made a phone call to a detective agency with which she was familiar.

Hearing that the call was from Song Yunxuan, the person of the detective agency immediately asked, “Miss Song, how can I help you?”

“I want to know who visited the Chu Family lately.”

Hearing that, the person of the detective agency was a bit stupefied, “Eh…”

Sensing that the person of the detective agency was unwilling to take the order, Song Yunxuan frowned, asking, “Problem?”

“Eh…” the person of the detective agency was still hesitating.

Then Song Yunxuan said, “I will double the payment I made before.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the person of the detective agency felt more uncertain, not knowing whether to take the order or not.

She did want to take the order, but it was not easy to check up on the Chu Family.

Besides, she could not afford to offend the people who had been contacting the Chu Family.

Sensing that the chief of the detective agency was still hesitating, Song Yunxuan raised the award, “Triple.”

The chief replied, “Miss Song, please understand us. It’s not that we don’t want to help you. But the thing is…”


Song Yunxuan directly told the chief the highest award.

The chief immediately stopped speaking.

Then she said with some embarrassment, “If there’s any news, I’ll inform you.”

“I want true information and report, not the one you put me off with. Get it?”

The chief promised repeatedly, “How can we put you off as you’ve offered us such a high award. You can rest assured. Our report will be creditable.”

Hearing the chief’s words, Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “I’ll be waiting for your news.”

The chief of the detective agency promised repeatedly.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yunxuan narrowed her eyes and went back to sleep.

She did not sleep well tonight.

Everything about the car filled Song Yunxuan’s mind, and she even dreamt that she managed to catch the car up and waited to see who the man sitting in the car was.

She waited for the man to wind down the window.

And she was waiting expectantly in the dream.

However, just as Song Yunxuan was about to see the man’s face, she suddenly woke up.

Song Yunxuan looked up at the sky outside the window and found that it was already daytime.

A family servant gently knocked at the room door, asking her, “Miss Song, have you woken up?”

Hearing the family servant’s voice, Song Yunxuan replied, “Yes.”

Then the servant asked Song Yunxuan, “What would you like to have for breakfast today?”

“Chicken porridge.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the servant outside said OK and then went straight to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Zang Linger got up early. When Song Yunxuan entered the dining room, Zang Linger had already been waiting at the table.

Seeing Song Yunxuan, Zang Linger asked, “Are you having lots of dreams these days?”

Song Yunxuan did not respond to that.

Then Zang Linger said to herself, “It’s normal to have dreams. After all, all you think about now is Chu Mochen.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, not wanting to talk to Zang Linger.

Though Zang Linger felt that she was somewhat insipid, she did not want to stop speaking.

Zang Linger remained silent for a moment and then continued, “I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was up to get some fresh air…”

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan knew that Zang Linger had probably seen what happened last night.

Zang Linger’s words corroborated that.

Sure enough, Zang Linger said, “I saw that you went out to chase the car. Who on earth sat in that car?”

Song Yunxuan looked up at Zang Linger, asking her, “If I say that Chu Mochen is still alive, will you believe me?”

Zang Linger slightly raised her eyebrow, responding, “That’s impossible.”

Zang Linger knew that Song Yunxuan’s heart must have been aching though she appeared quiet and calm on hearing the news that Chu Mochen died.

Zang Linger knew that Chu Mochen was still in Song Yunxuan’s heart.

However, Zang Linger felt that Song Yunxuan was daydreaming when Song Yunxuan told her that she thought Chu Mochen was still alive.

Zang Linger slightly pressed her lips, saying, “You should have a new start, like getting a new boyfriend.”

“No.” Song Yunxuan took a slow breath, not wanting to continue the conversation. She said, “I’m Chu Mochen’s fiancée. Though I haven’t married into the Chu Family, I have already been a member of the family.”

Zang Linger’s heart lurched when she heard Song Yunxuan’s words. She felt sorry and sympathy for her. She said, “So have you ever thought of what the person in the car came to the Song Family for?”

Zang Linger’s words silenced Song Yunxuan, which also made Song Yunxuan knit her brows.

It was true that Song Yunxuan had an unshakable hunch that the person in the car might be Chu Mochen.

However, Song Yunxuan had never thought of what the man in the car came here for.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan remained silent, Zang Linger said, “Recently, I’ve heard that the Lu Family came back.”

Hearing Zang Linger mentioned the Lu Family, Song Yunxuan frowned, asking, “Which Lu Family?”

In Song Yunxuan’s impression, only the Lu Family in the Harbor City deserved to be mentioned. Besides, the head of the Lu Family, Lu Xia had gone to Itali. So who was the Lu Family Zang Linger mentioned?

Song Yunxuan didn’t know which Lu Family Zang Linger referred to.

Zang Linger was quite patient, answering, “Do you remember Lu Feng?”

Song Yunxuan frowned, “Lu Feng.”

Song Yunxuan’s memory of that name was vague. Song Yunxuan was not sure whether she remembered him or not.

Song Yunxuan remained silent.

Then Zang Linger told her, “Lu Feng is the man who annexed the whole Lu Family through ten years’ effort after leaving the family without taking a single cent because of breaking up with them.”

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan remembered, asking, “You mean the one having the mysterious illness?”

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