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«Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 1953: There’s Something I Want to Discuss with You

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Chapter 1953: There’s Something I Want to Discuss with You

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Seeing Xu Zhenyu’s defeated expression, Wen Xinya couldn’t be any happier. Not once did she stop smiling. On the other hand, the major general of the army still looked impressive even with his gloomy expression.

Xu Zhenyu looked at her in annoyance and likely flicked her head. “I don’t hesitate to ruin my image just to make you laugh. Are you happy now?”

The past couldn’t be changed.

However, whether it was in the past, present, or future, his only wish was for Wen Xinya to maintain her bright smile from their first meeting.

Wen Xinya caressed her head and glowered at him. “Xu-er, when did you have a conflict with my head. You must have itchy hands, right? Next time, you’re not allowed to flick my head again.”


This was such a childish move.

Xu Zhenyu automatically ignored her retort and asked, “How’s the preparation for your wedding with Ninth Si?”

He heard that Ninth Si had placed great importance on this wedding. During this period, he seemed to be very busy without any time to spare.

Every time his old man brought up this matter, he couldn’t help but express his regret. Even a person like Ninth Si couldn’t escape a great and gentle beauty. That sight of his was hard to ignore even if wanted to.

Shaking her head, Wen Xinya answered, “I’m not too sure as well. He wouldn’t let me join in on the preparations. He wants me to take care of my body and the baby and wait peacefully to become a bride.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but pout.

Although Si Yiyan was always considerate of her and took great care of her, he was too restrictive and would not accept any objections, fully revealing that damn dictatorial and domineering nature of his. While Si Yiyan would heed all her requests which were of reasonable scale, she still felt that she had lost her human rights after becoming pregnant.

Especially when it came to the wedding.

No matter what, she was still the person involved in the wedding. She was the bride, so why couldn’t she join in?

Xu Zhenyu completely missed out on her agony and expressed his approval towards Ninth Si’s behavior. “It’s very tedious to plan a wedding, you should leave this sort of thing to the man. Your body cannot withstand such torment.”

Although Xinya’s pregnancy was stable, she would still have to be careful.

The wedding was in full preparation, and Si Yiyan was so busy that he couldn’t even be contacted. On the other hand, ever since Wen Xinya was discharged from the hospital, she had been living at ease and nurturing her baby happily.

Now that her pregnancy was stable, although Si Yiyan still did not allow her to go out and move about, he was not that strict on her like he used to be. Every day, she would play chess and chat with Grampy, so she didn’t feel bored at all.

Sometimes, when she was in a good mood, she would play a few pieces for self-entertainment. When she was idle, she would practice her calligraphy and occasionally learn to paint from Grampy. She would also read some books and listen to music, which she referred to as education for the baby.

There was no busy and heavy workload that could never be completed, or any need to spend her efforts scheming and planning. She let go of everything and led a rather fulfilling life during this period. These were probably her most relaxing days since she was reborn.

Her body grew accustomed to her nourishing life as well. Probably since she was in high spirits, her morning sickness gradually became better. She slowly started to eat more, which made Mother He and the rest delighted.

The light in the room was dim and warm. Wen Xinya nestled in a chaise longue and was asleep. A thin woolen blanket was wrapped around her body, and an ancient book rested on her lap.

Si Yiyan trod lightly and stood in front of her. Under the dim lighting, her features were not clear, yet they were soft and delicate. He gently picked up the ancient book on her lap and flipped it open. It turned out to be a book about traditional Han costumes.

Si Yiyan’s turned his gaze away and put the book aside. He bent down and carried her onto the bed.

“Mmh—” The sleeping Wen Xinya, in her daze, felt as if her body suddenly became lighter. Then, she was placed down. Her leg jerked and she woke up out of the blue.

She opened her eyes and she stared blankly at Si Yiyan hovering above her, just about to pull away. “Mmh… You’re back! What time is it now?”

She remembered that she was waiting for Si Yiyan to come home. As she waited, she felt tired and couldn’t help but doze off.

Si Yiyan kissed her forehead gently and replied, “It’s already 10:30 PM. Next time, when I’m coming home late, don’t stay up to wait for me.”

During this period of wedding preparations, he had been extremely busy. A traditional Han wedding was tedious, to begin with, and there were many particular details to pay attention to. In order to give her a perfect wedding, he had been making sure that all the decorations were flawless. Furthermore, the schedule for the preparations was tight, so he could spend less and less time with her every day.

Wen Xinya answered dazedly, “The only thing I’m doing every day is nourishing my body. All I do is eat then sleep, sleep then eat. I’ve plenty of rest, so I’m fine with waiting for you. When I’m really tired, I’ll just take a nap as I wait for you.”

After getting pregnant, she was always drowsy. Every day, she would sleep at least 16 hours and more.

Si Yiyan looked at her. She was originally not a petite person, but after she got pregnant, her weight decreased drastically. As she curled up under him, she looked extremely petite and also very adorable.

Wen Xinya stretched out her arms and wrapped them around his neck, pouting coquettishly. “Yan, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

She had put on a cute expression, trying to charm him. Her eyes were clear and bright, looking extraordinarily beautiful in the dimly lit room. As she gazed at him, her eyes twinkled like the alluring and mischievous stars in the sky, extremely captivating.

Si Yiyan lightly pinched her nose. He could already guess what she wanted to discuss with him. The smile on his face widened, and he calmly replied with an “mmh”.

Wen Xinya was slightly resistant towards him pinching her nose. However, she accepted it since she had a favor to ask. “Yan~~,” she said sweetly, dragging out his name with an intonation. Her voice was beautiful and charming as she said, “Say, how many times can a person get married in a lifetime?”

She had carefully thought through her words for a whole day, pondering over them in hopes of convincing him in today’s negotiation.

Si Yiyan’s smile grew wider. “I don’t know about other people, but for us, there will definitely only be one. However, if you wish to play around with weddings, I will join you.”

This little rascal did not realize that the motives behind her actions were already seen through.

Wen Xinya’s expression was dark. Who would be so bored as to play around with weddings? As such, she intentionally ignored the last part of his words and spoke in an even sweeter voice, “So you wouldn’t want me to have any regrets for the only wedding I’ll have in my life right!”

Her large eyes shone brightly, gleaming beautifully as she looked at him in anticipation.

Si Yiyan stared at her calmly without saying anything.

Wen Xinya seemed a little disappointed. However, she was not dejected. She carefully chose her words and said, “Yan, I’m still the bride of the wedding, after all. You can’t always stop me from participating in our wedding planning. You made me stand aside. It feels as if I’m an outsider. As if I’m not the one you’re marrying.”


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