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«Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 1482: The True Meaning of Fronting!

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Chapter 1482: The True Meaning of Fronting!

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The situation over at the Zhou Family was already within the expectations of she and Si Yiyan. Regardless of whether it was Grandpa Zhou or Uncle Zhou, they were extraordinarily intelligent. When faced with a deep abyss such as the Korean-Chinese Alliance, they had decisively given up the power and status within their grasps, with one of them choosing to go into hiding while the other chose avoidance. Such decisiveness wasn’t typical of normal folks.

People who were so decisive wouldn’t be content in being manipulated.

However, what laid before them were the fate of the entire Zhou Family and the reputation and status that they’d inherited. Additionally, as they had too few chips in their hands, they daren’t decide rashly.

Thus, for the time being, they still needed Zhou Tianyu to work patiently amongst them. When the time was ripe, Si Yiyan would make other arrangements—and that time was when the Zhou Family made and committed to their decision.

Regarding this, Wen Xinya wasn’t anxious.

After comforting Zhou Tianyu, Wen Xinya returned to the Lishan mansion.

Si Yiyan and Gu Yuexi were sitting on the sofa and chatting. When Gu Yuexi saw Wen Xinya, his black, bright eyes hidden behind his glasses glowed with interest.

Si Yiyan had known Gu Yuexi for many years and understood him even better than himself. Naturally, he was aware of the changes in his emotions. Si Yiyan’s deep and hazy gaze was cold, harsh, secretly guarded, and carried a sense of warning as it moved away from Gu Yuexi mildly.

Gu Yuexi naturally felt it. However, he disregarded it. With a warm and harmless smile, he said, “Sis-in-law, so glad that we meet again!”

In this world, he was the one who knew Rex the best, so he knew better than anyone else just how much Rex cared about Wen Xinya. He just felt that Wen Xinya was rather interesting and wanted to know just what was her charm that she could make Rex put her as his top priority. Due to various reasons, he was full of curiosity towards Wen Xinya.

However, it was a good kind of curiosity and not malicious and doubtful. He naturally would be able to control himself and wouldn’t touch Rex’s bottom line. Thus, he ignored Rex’s warning.

Wen Xinya stared at the warm and harmless smile on Gu Yuexi’s face. “Can you not smile at me in such a fake way!”

People who liked to smile were those with an innate nature for pretense. To Gu Yuexi, pretending had already become second nature.

The smile on Gu Yuexi’s smile didn’t diminish. “Sis-in-law, I’m so sorry. I feel that my smile is already rather sincere.”

Since he was young, he had learned to conceal his thoughts by smiling—even he didn’t know how he would look like if he didn’t smile or smiled in a different way.

Wen Xinya suddenly felt sympathy towards Gu Yuexi.

Just how did it feel like only knowing one kind of smile which was used to conceal himself or mislead others, instead of coming from the bottom of his heart?

However, she knew that Gu Yuexi didn’t need anyone’s sympathy. That was why he smiled to conceal himself.

Gu Yuexi adjusted the glasses resting on his nose bridge and said meaningfully, “Sis-in-law is indeed interesting!”

The abnormal emotions in Wen Xinya’s eyes were obvious to Gu Yuexi who was sharp. However, Gu Yuexi admired her intelligence.

“Gu Yuexi, are you shortsighted?” Wen Xinya suddenly asked, looking at the glasses with gold frames on Gu Yuexi’s face. Most people would give off a wretched or nerdy feeling when they wore glasses. However, when the glasses with gold frame sat on Gu Yuexi’s nose bridge, they made him look even more gentlemanly, attractive, and harmless.

If she had seen how Gu Yuexi looked without glasses, she would understand why he wore glasses.

It was because Gu Yuexi’s eyes were too black and bright, like a shimmering diamond in the dark with a piercing glow, as if when he looked straight at others, they would be injured by such a gaze. His eyes, a fusion between light and darkness, were fated to live in the shadows behind his glasses.

Gu Yuexi was stunned. Obviously, at this point, he was not on the same page. “Nope! Why is Sis-in-law asking?”

Gu Yuexi felt that Wen Xinya’s question was unrefined. With the current medical developments, how could he have such a minor ailment like myopia which could be treated with money?

Si Yiyan glanced at Gu Yuexi with a tinge of a smile in his eyes.

Others might not understand what was going on in this little girl’s head at this point, but he could.

Wen Xinya looked at Gu Yuexi with a shocked expression. “You’re wearing glasses although you’re not short-sighted. Guess you’re fronting—how childish.”

Through their few interactions, Wen Xinya had already thoroughly seen through Gu Yuexi’s true self. Beneath his playful and childish antics was a highly intelligent and wicked talent. However, sometimes he could go overboard with his childishness.

Gu Yuexi took Wen Xinya’s bait once again as cracks finally appeared on his innocent face with his almost perfect smile. “Fronting is a refined saying, having the same meaning as being a poser, that someone is pretentious and unlikeable. The word ‘poser’ is slightly unrefined and boorish. Sis-in-law, although you’ve used the more refined word, it can’t conceal your boorish and crude heart.”

Interesting indeed!

Totally unlike the ostentatiously elegant ladies in the upper-class society who had been raised in a standard and proper, yet unnatural, manner.

Wen Xinya’s face darkened. The seemingly gentlemanly and handsome Gu Yuexi actually knew how to use such a crude way to twist her words, totally embarrassing Wen Xinya.

Gu Yuexi was indeed an evil beast who was comparable to Si Yiyan.

His ways were totally similar to Si Yiyan’s usual evil style.

It was obvious that they were the disciples of the same master.

Wen Xinya was totally defeated and looked towards Si Yiyan with an angry gaze. The people around Si Yiyan were indeed not to be trifled with. She had yet to be satisfied before getting trashed instead.

Si Yiyan received her angry gaze, smirked, and glanced mildly at Gu Yuexi. “Don’t use such crude words around your Sis-in-law in the future so that they don’t taint her ears.”

With someone backing her up, Wen Xinya became proud and yielded her power as the Sis-in-law. “Your boss is right. Don’t do it again—remember to respect me.”

Saying which, she couldn’t help but look at Gu Yuexi in a satisfactory manner.

Seeing this little imp’s fake imposing antics, the smile in Si Yiyan’s eyes intensified. This little imp was just saying that Gu Yuexi was childish, but she didn’t know that she was totally the same—Gu Yuexi liked to tease her and she liked to be sarcastic to Gu Yuexi.

“Rex, you’re indeed too biased!” Gu Yuexi couldn’t help but say in an exaggerated manner. Obviously, Sis-in-law had taunted him by saying that he was fronting, yet in the end, Rex actually sided with Sis-in-law.

Wen Xinya was proud. “Should he be biased towards you instead of me? You need to cure your narcissism!”

Having successfully criticized this evil, hypocritical beast, Wen Xinya’s spirits were brighter than the sun.

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