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«Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 1429: I Shall Make Her Die Then!

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Chapter 1429: I Shall Make Her Die Then!

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Wen Xinya did not say that she wanted to kill Xia Ruya out of a moment of recklessness nor did she give it any deep thoughts. She merely followed her heart.

She was almost certain that Xia Ruya was the one who led the plot against Old Mr. Mo. Xia Ruya had already begun targeting Old Mr. Mo and, given her stubborn and goal-oriented character, she would definitely try and harm Old Mr. Mo again since she did not succeed this time. Wen Xinya could not take the risk and put her Grampy’s life at risk.

Regardless of how vicious Ning Shuqian may be, she wouldn’t dare to harm Old Mr. Mo for no reason. And no matter how afraid of Old Mr. Mo the Korean-Chinese Alliance may be, they wouldn’t dare to act unless there was an opportunity to do so.

As long as Xia Ruya died, she would no longer pose a threat to Old Mr. Mo’s life.

Wen Xinya would never allow anyone to put Old Mr. Mo’s life at risk.

Wen Xinya hurriedly explained, “Si Yiyan, do you find me to be a vicious and ruthless woman? I didn’t decide to kill Xia Ruya out of recklessness, but I’m very clear about what I’m doing and I’ll also bear the consequences of it.”

No man in this world would hope for their beloved woman to be ruthless and cruel.

Wen Xinya was worried that Si Yiyan would think of her that way. She was not worried that he didn’t trust her, but rather, she loved him so much that she was concerned about what he thought about her.

Si Yiyan looked straight into Wen Xinya’s eyes, which were dark, hollow and seemingly endless. He moved his cold, thin lips and said, “Sure, I’ll make her die then!”

His voice was monotonous and emotionless as if he were talking about a casual topic like what they would be having for lunch today. It was as if he wasn’t talking about someone’s life that he was about to take.

Why does it matter whether or not she’s a vicious woman?

She’s Si Yiyan’s woman, so what if she’s vicious?

Greatly taken aback, for she did not expect Si Yiyan to answer so straightforwardly, Wen Xinya asked, “What did you say?”

Staring at her solemnly, Si Yiyan repeated, “Since you want Xia Ruya dead, I’ll… make her die! Don’t let your imagination run wild. Leave everything to me.”

He would do whatever Wen Xinya requested.

It was just an insignificant life to him.

There were rules in the mafia too. Although Si Yiyan had bloodstained hands, he had always abided by the rules and stood firm to his morals and bottom line. He would never kill the innocent or anyone who didn’t belong to the underworld. In the past, he would tolerate Xia Ruya’s petty tricks and silly plots to harm others, regardless of how scheming she may be.

However, she had now harmed the person whom he respected the most, and the person who meant the world and was the only kin of his beloved woman. Although Xia Ruya was not one from the underworld, she was not innocent either. Killing her… was not against his principles.

Wen Xinya finally realized that she had panicked and worried for nothing. Although Si Yiyan had already affirmed her decision, she wanted to clarify to him her reason for doing so.

Wen Xinya stared at Si Yiyan with coldness in her eyes. “Si Yiyan, I’ve never been a saint and I’ll definitely retaliate against those who harm me. I’ve never been kind or merciful towards Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya. I only refrained from using such extreme means because they had yet to touch my bottom line in the past. Since I had a way to feed them with their own medicine and force them onto a hopeless path, why would I have to resort to killing?”

However, they’ve actually had the guts to harm Grampy!

I will definitely not let the matter rest.

They must bear the consequences for hurting Grampy!

She would never let them off even if she had to stain her hands with blood and end up sinning.

“However, Xia Ruya should have never harmed Grampy. He’s so innocent, why must he suffer such pain? I won’t give Xia Ruya another chance to harm Grampy again.” This was the second time that Xia Ruya had ever harmed Old Mr. Mo.

There won’t be a third!

She swore with her life that there would never be a third time!

She, Wen Xinya, had never been one to be trifled with.

Si Yiyan stared at her solemnly and said, “Xinya, you did the right thing. Everyone has their limits and those who cross the line must pay the price. The deeper they cross the boundaries, the greater the price they will have to pay.”

Wen Xinya’s resoluteness and decisiveness were beyond his expectations. She had her own set of principles, judgment, and way of handling things.

Wen Xinya said coldly, “Back then, Xia Ruya left Capital city pathetically and returned to Harbor City. After three years, she came back again, but she’s definitely not just planning to kill Grampy. Given the way she used to handle things, she would definitely have other tricks up her sleeve. Xia Ruya has always pulled groundbreaking moves whenever she takes action.”

She knew Xia Ruya too well. Ever since Xia Ruya returned to Capital city, she had been keeping her guard up against Xia Ruya and investigating the real reason for her return. However, she did not expect that the first thing Xia Ruya decided to do, was to harm Old Mr. Mo.

“Now that the Wen Family is facing tumultuous times and the entertainment city project is in the last stages of development, we also have to hurry up and complete Plan S. There has yet to be good news from the Zhou Family and things are getting increasingly tense too. Xia Ruya is scheming and unpredictable. Instead of keeping her around and allowing the Korean-Chinese Alliance to manipulate her, we might as well get rid of her as soon as possible.”

Although Xia Ruya did not join the Korean-Chinese Alliance, her actions had been controlled by them and they were undoubtedly the reason that she could secure her footing in the Li Family and hold an extraordinary position in the Li Corporation within just three short years.

She initially wanted to make use of Xia Ruya to complete and finetune Plan S. However, she had given up on that idea because she could no longer tolerate her.

Wen Xinya said with an icy cold gaze in her eyes, “I’ll only be at ease when Xia Ruya dies!”

There were too many reasons to kill Xia Ruya, but they were all not the reasons that she had to die. There was only one reason she had to die!

Si Yiyan said calmly, “What about Ning Shuqian?”

He did not think that Wen Xinya would let Ning Shuqian off.

Wen Xinya sneered. “During ancient times, those who were about to be executed would usually be treated with a sumptuous feast. I’ve specially prepared a delectable meal for her. I must let her finish it slowly.”

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