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«Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 1342: The Way to Defeat a Rival in Love

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Chapter 1342: The Way to Defeat a Rival in Love

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Ever since Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family home followed by the strange dream that Xu Zhenyu had, he had acutely sensed that there was an unknown danger around Wen Xinya. However, he did not think much of it, not until now.

The incident of the chandelier falling from the ceiling during the jewelry exhibition yesterday was like a wake-up call for Xu Zhenyu. He thought about the scandal that he and Wen Xinya were embroiled in as well as Wen Xinya plotting against Ning Shuqian and resulting in Yang Chongguang falling to his death.

Back then, he and Wen Xinya both found the matter to be rather peculiar, though he only took Ning Shuqian to be the culprit and hence, did not think too much about it. However, after some thorough consideration, he realized that there were plenty of suspicious and unfathomable details about the matter. Perhaps Ning Shuqian had something to do with it, but things were definitely not as simple as they seemed to be on the surface.

Xu Zhenyu felt the need to check up on Ning Shuqian. In the past, there were lots of things that he could not get involved in because of the fact that he was not in Capital city. Now that he had returned, he obviously couldn’t watch Wen Xinya land herself in danger again.

Xu Zhenyu was deep in his thoughts when he paced slowly around the backyard of the Mo Family home where he suddenly smelled the cool and refreshing aroma of bamboo which reminded him of Si Yiyan!

Xu Zhenyu stopped in his tracks and looked up at the man who was standing at a short distance away from him and was making his way towards Xu Zhenyu, exuding an opulent elegance.

Si Yiyan said calmly, “You’re here really early, Colonel Xu!”

Since Wen Xinya was injured, he knew that Xu Zhenyu would definitely come to visit her.

The two rivals in love meet again.

One was the strong, determined and tough Xu Zhenyu, while the other was the intelligent, aloof and classy Si Yiyan.

Xu Zhenyu’s face stiffened and he exuded the dominance of a colonel. “You’re not that late either, Mr. Si.”

Si Yiyan’s words sounded extremely sarcastic to Xu Zhenyu, and it was as if he was trying to say that Xu Zhenyu was being wise after the fact.

Having heard the animosity in Xu Zhenyu’s tone, Si Yiyan said calmly, “I heard that there will be a large-scale military drill lately and according to what I know, the base camp that you’re in has taken the drill seriously. Since the senior officer has delegated this important task to you, you’ll be the head commander for this drill, Colonel Xu.”

Si Yiyan had always been the kind to take precautions. Ever since he found out about Xu Zhenyu’s presence, he had deduced that Xu Zhenyu would be a threat to him. Hence, he paid attention to Xu Zhenyu all the time so as to find out more about his enemy.

Ripples formed within Xu Zhenyu’s heart, though he kept his cool and said with an austere expression, “I didn’t expect you to be so well-informed, Mr. Si. You actually know about such top secret information that belongs to the military.”

The military drill was a highly confidential secret of the military.

Due to the fact that the order had only been relayed a while ago, there were only a few people who knew about the matter. Even the experienced soldiers did not know much.

To Xu Zhenyu’s surprise, Si Yiyan managed to get ahold of the information so soon. He wondered, Who is he? How did he manage to find out about the confidential information so soon?

Most importantly, he actually knows that I’ve been appointed as the chief commander for the drill. I only heard about it yesterday after it was confirmed.

Yet, I still know nothing about this Ninth Si. I’ve already lost the upper hand.

Xu Zhenyu could not help but be wary of Si Yiyan.

“To my knowledge, this is your first time taking part in a drill ever since your promotion, Colonel Xu. Hence, it’s very important to you,” Si Yiyan said calmly, pleased to see the fear in Xu Zhenyu’s eyes.

Inducing fear within Xu Zhenyu was exactly what he wanted.

Xu Zhenyu did not wish to talk much about the confidential military information, even though Si Yiyan had already found out.

This time, the drill was particularly important to him. He was so young and already such an accomplished and decorated soldier. Within less than six years of joining the military, he got promoted to a Colonel and hence, everyone doubted his abilities and even speculated that he had risen through the ranks so quickly because of his family’s connections.

The military drill would be a good chance for him to prove his abilities.

Si Yiyan was not the kind to be insensitive. He did not actually want to chat with Xu Zhenyu about the matter and was instead just trying to attack his rival in love. He said, “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit Xinya.”

He was Wen Xinya’s official boyfriend and even Old Mr. Mo had approved of him. Hence, he could stay in the Mo Family home as her boyfriend. He was saying those words to Xu Zhenyu in a bid to declare his authority.

However, it was a little childish of him to do so!

But, who said that a battle between rivals in love had to be mature and ruthless?

Of course, he was also attacking his rival by being condescending towards his rival and pretending to be magnanimous. However, Xu Zhenyu was never the kind of rival that he could belittle.

A duel was inevitable!

Xu Zhenyu said coldly, “Mr. Si, what are you saying? Xinya and I are so close to each other. It’s only right for me to visit her when she’s injured. You’re making it sound as if Xinya and I are mere acquaintances!”

Xu Zhenyu hated the way Si Yiyan was bragging.

Si Yiyan smiled calmly and said, “Major Xu, if you’re tired of staying in Capital city, you may let me know. There’ll definitely be a place for you in this world. Hm… just like six years ago.”

Si Yiyan had always been a tough nut to crack. In a sense, he was petty, but at the same time, he was not always open and upright. He would definitely get up to scheming tricks when dealing with his rival in love.

If he could make Xu Zhenyu go to the Northwest region once, he could definitely do it again!

His decision would be dependent on whether or not Xu Zhenyu touched his bottom line.

Xu Zhenyu’s words made him rather upset.

Who said that Xu Zhenyu could have a good time while he was upset?

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