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«Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 807: First Batch of Zergs, Wiped Out!

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Chapter 807: First Batch of Zergs, Wiped Out!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On Earth, a commotion suddenly occurred within those people who were preparing to board the spaceships.

“Quick, look up!”

Everyone all looked up and were instantly astonished by what they saw.

In the deep blue sky, five Suns suddenly appeared! These five Suns were extremely dazzling, even the moon’s radiance couldn’t be compared to them!

Everyone was stunned.

Why did the Sun appear at night!? And what’s more, they were five of them!?

Did this indicate that—the battle had already started!?

“Quick! Everyone form up in order and continue to board! Don’t hesitate!”

Hearing this instruction, everyone instantly got nervous and hastened to board the spaceships.

Inside the space carriers, everything was quiet.

Everyone stared deadly at the holographic projection. Hong Dali and the rest had also flown back near the space carriers and were anxiously waiting for the latest news.

Very quickly, the bright light on the holographic projection faded. Everyone held their breath, waiting for the latest report.

“How is it!? The power of these bombs are so large, the effect is definitely not bad!” After the light had completely faded, Feng Wuhen anxiously said, “Quick, tabulate the results, see how many Zergs did we kill this time! Quick!”

Very quickly, the announcer said, “The results are out! Those five nuclear bombs destroyed about 680 million or so Zergs! Also, we have successfully cut the Zerg army apart. Currently, there are about 430 million Zergs in the front half of the army!”

680 million Zergs were killed! What a shocking figure that was!

Not only this, but they also separated the Zerg army into two, and there was as much as 430 million Zergs in the front half! This number of Zergs wasn’t a problem for the Stellar-level space carriers at all!


Everyone cheered! This result was perfect! They completed the plan perfectly! And the results far exceeded everyone’s expectations!

“Dali!” Jiang Qianxue shouted loudly, “We succeeded! We succeeded! We have successfully cut the Zerg army into two! Your five nuclear bombs killed almost 700 million Zergs! 700 million Zergs in a single explosion! Hahaha! Incredible! Dali, you are really incredible!”

Hearing this, Hong Dali and the rest were all dazed for a while. Then, they all laughed together!

“Hahaha! Good! These damned bugs, this time they should know that Earth isn’t an easy place to mess with, right? Hahaha!” Hong Dali was delighted. After all, this result meant that Earth’s pressure was eased by quite a bit!

“Okay!” Hong Dali shouted loudly, “Let’s press on and kill them!”


Now that the first step of their plan had succeeded, their morale was greatly boosted and everyone got ready at their respective stations. Over a hundred large-sized mechas that were specially designed to fight the Zergs flew out from the space carriers. Also, close to 10,000 combat spaceships moved out too, their pilots all very excited and cheering.

“Let’s go! Kill them! For the glory of mankind!”

“For the glory of mankind! Kill them!”

“Fight with them to the end!”

Momentarily, all four of the main cannons from the space carriers fired together, exterminating large numbers of Zergs that were cut off from the main army.

Boom, boom, boom!

The power of the main cannon of a Second-Order Stellar Space Carrier couldn’t be underestimated at all. Once it fired full force, numerous particle-beams that were tens of kilometers thick were fired freely. The Zergs were instantly wiped out like the wheat being harvested by a farmer with a scythe. Now that the Zerg army was separated into two, the one behind couldn’t reach the fight yet and the one in front couldn’t retreat, the front army didn’t stand a chance. In just a short few hours, they had exterminated almost 400 million Zergs!

By now, the front batch of Zergs only had a number of about 30 million left!

“Brothers, fight with these damned bugs to the end!”

“For the glory of mankind!”

Close to a hundred mechas and close to 10,000 combat spaceships continuously flew about in space, exterminating those Zergs missed out by the cannons.

“Hey, Ronald, work harder, I have already killed 80 plus bugs!”

“Haha, that isn’t much, watch how I surpass you!”

These types of voices could be constantly heard. The Zergs were dying in batches, but at the same time, mechas and spaceships were surrounded and being eaten by the Zergs. One by one, these mechas and spaceships exploded and disappeared.

As for those pilots, they were dying one by one too!

“Damn it, there’s too many of these Zergs, I don’t have enough energy left!”

“Ronald, you are trying too hard. But then again, my situation is about the same as yours, hahaha!”

“I can’t get out anymore. Marshall, looks like I shall be leaving first!”

“Damn, I won’t tolerate this, you actually dare to leave ahead of me!”

“Then let’s leave together. For the glory of mankind!”

“For the glory of mankind, hahaha! Come, you damned bugs!”


The light of the mecha’s self-explosion was so tragically-beautiful and glamorous…

On the space carrier.

“These damned bugs!” Seeing the constant lights from the explosion of the mechas and spaceships, Yin Tianzong clenched his fist tight.

He sympathized with them.

Speaking of which, previously, he was similar to Hong Dali, and could be considered to be a prodigal too. Of course, he wasn’t comparable to Hong Dali. But after really taking part in the war with the Zergs, he finally knew how peaceful his life was previously.

He could enjoy such a life because of the adorable people who fought with the Zergs with their life…

“Send down my instruction.” Yin Tianzong’s eyes were bloodshot as he loudly said, “All of the soldiers who died in the war with the Zergs shall enjoy the best benefits, the highest pension! Damn it, if anyone dares to take any of this money meant for these soldiers, I shall cut down his head!”


Jiang Qianxue’s tears flowed down as she watched the battle.

Although she was only a woman, her blood also boiled.

For the glory of mankind!

These adorable soldiers were all very mighty!

Compared to them, Li Tianxing who deserted—Jiang Qianxue knew that she would hate him forever and ever, she would never forgive him!

“Damn it.” Feng Wuhen bit his lip till it almost bled. “That bastard Li Tianxing, don’t let me see him again! If not, I will cut his head down at all costs!”

Although Li Tianxing was a Galaxy Aristocrat and the number one genius amongst the younger generation, his weight in their hearts now was as light as a feather.

Even a soldier who passed away was more important to them than him.

No matter how much of a genius he was, what use was there in such a person?

No one stood down in this battle, everyone fought with everything they got. The corpse of the Zergs and the remains of mechas and spaceships filled the universe.

The battle lasted for more than six hours, the first batch of Zergs were all wiped out!

As for humans, they paid a tragic price too.

Out of the near hundred mecha pilots, almost half of them died. Out of the close to 10,000 spaceships, almost 40% of them disappeared.

But when they died, practically all of them died smiling. In the last moments of their life, each of them said the same words.

“For the glory of mankind!”

Some people lived, but they might as well be dead. Some people died, but they still lived on.

“Everyone…” Hong Dali piloted the Granzon, stood in the universe, and bowed deeply—

“Go in peace.”

After this first battle, the four Second-Order Stellar Space Carrier depleted almost 45% of their energy. Half of the mechas and close to 40% of the small combat spaceships were gone. As for the mechas at Hong Dali’s side, their energy was almost depleted too.

It could be said that they were out of ammo.

But just as they returned to the space carriers to catch a breath, the image shown on the holographic projection caused everyone to be dulled.

“This… This…” The captain of the space carrier that Hong Dali was on, Davis, stared with wide eyes as he looked at the holographic projection. His expression was full of anxiousness, anger, and unwillingness. With a “PU” sound, he spat out a mouthful of blood and directly collapsed onto the floor.

Everyone’s else face went pale too.

Because, on the holographic projection, there were countless dots flying towards the space carriers!

At the same time, the drone’s voice sounded—

Currently, there is a large batch of Zergs coming towards the space carriers. The current number, 1.36 billion…

There is a large batch of Zergs coming towards the space carriers. The current number, 2.27 billion…

There is a large batch of Zergs coming towards the space carriers. The current number, 3.73 billion…

There is a large batch of Zergs coming towards the space carriers. The current number, 4.74 billion…

There were still 4.7 billion Zergs left!

Everyone’s face turned white.

Hong Dali and gang killed almost 200 million Zergs, the nuclear bombs killed almost 700 million Zergs, and another 400 million-plus Zergs died in the bloody battle just now. But after all these, there were still at least 4.7 billion Zergs left!

And now, only about 700 plus million people on Earth had been evacuated.

This means to say that there were still at least 4 billion-plus people on Earth remaining!


Everyone on the space carriers felt hopelessness and unwillingness!

There were still such a large number of Zergs remaining!

This was really akin to sentencing all of those people left on Earth to death!

“Over… It’s over…” Yin Tianzong sank down onto the chair. “Now, everything is really over…”

Hong Dali clenched his teeth and stared at the countless dots on the holographic projection. He clenched his fist so hard that it almost burst and the veins on it were popping out.

His plan had succeeded and even exceeded expectations! They killed over a billion Zergs in one shot. Such a result was enough to call for a celebration. But he didn’t expect that that number of Zergs this time was really too much! There were still 4.7 billion of them left!

How were they supposed to fight now?

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