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Chapter 764: Worms (6)

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Fate between humans was just that miraculous. Qin Yi and Madam Chen had only met for a moment, but they both enjoyed each other’s character.

Inside the room, Yun Huan lowered himself and helped remove Qin Yi’s shoes and socks. If this was seen by any outsider, they would most probably be so shocked that their jaws would drop to the ground.

The day that the cold, emotionless Young Emperor Yun Huan would actually lower himself to perform such a loving and gentle act had come. He was willing to expose his neck to another person.

“Yun Huan, tell me, do you think Yun Xuan is playing it big?” Qin Yi swayed her clean, white leg, sparkling droplets of water glimmering on her skin.

Yun Huan grabbed Qin Yi’s left leg and massaged it gently before releasing it.

“So what if it’s big or not? He already hates us.”


Yun Huan’s voice was indifferent. Whenever they talked about Yun Xuan, his voice would not have a single undulation.

Qin Yi chuckled, “That’s true, but as expected of you two brothers, you are really at the next level.”

Qin Yi did not want to continue on such a serious topic.

But it was true. Yun Xuan’s move was silent and deadly. If not for the coincidence that she had known of the baby bamboo worms, the entire Capital base would have fallen into his hands.

Apart from their different standpoints, she truly admired Yun Xuan’s ability and wisdom.

“En, the Yun family’s genes are like that. Our future child will be the same.”

Yun Huan’s voice was as indifferent as before, but Qin Yi could sense the faint pride in his words.

This man, really…

Qin Yi could not help but smirk.

“Come to think about it, you really dug a big hole for Chen Che.”

Upon thinking about it, Qin Yi’s ears turned slightly red and she smoothly changed the conversation topic.

She was afraid that someone might become a wolf in bright daylight. It can’t be said that she was overthinking; some individual was truly weighed down with all the crimes that he had committed.

“What’s bad about it? Yang Linhai is not suited to be base chief and the Chen family needs to rise to the occasion,” Yun Huan said, caressing Qin Yi’s head.

“Oh, but once he rises, Chen Che will most probably become a thorn in many people’s eyes.”

For some reason, Qin Yi felt strangely excited upon thinking about this.

It was as Qin Yi predicted. Chen Che truly rose to the occasion but became extremely busy over the next few days.

The virus that all the doctors were helpless against was easily resolved by Chen Che. In time, all the survivors became extremely thankful to Chen Che.

This gratitude and trust became ingrained into their bones. In time, Chen Che had many supporters.

Chen Che remained busy and brought people around to destroy all the baby bamboo worms. He almost vomited many times during the process when he saw all the baby bamboo worms.

The densely packed baby worms almost made him fall to the ground, especially having recalled how these baby bamboo worms were capable of digging into human skin. It was too disgusting.

Chen Che worked from morning to night and returned home like a tired dog. What welcomed him was not warmth but dog food.

Yes, dog food.

Chen Che rolled his eyes at the couple that was lovey-dovey, “I have to say, aren’t the two of you tired of this? Can’t you guys consider this lonely wolf here?”

Qin Yi swallowed the fruit that Yun Huan fed her indifferently, “I have never seen such an old, lonely wolf in my life.”

Chen Che almost spat blood out.

Excuse me? Did he hear it wrongly?

To think that he, a handsome, suave, noble, and cool man, was actually accused of being old?

Really, he wasn’t that old.

“You stinking brat, did you bully Yiyi again? How old are you already, and you only know how to bully girls?! No wonder you still don’t have a girlfriend, despite your age!”

A furious voice rang out suddenly.


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