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«Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1029: Establishing a Sect

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Chapter 1029: Establishing a Sect

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Chen Fan had seen quite a lot of planets that became barren in the universe. Many planets filled with life had existed for billions of years and their Spirit Qi had been used up by the Immortal Cultivators.

All of those planets had survived at least a few billion or even ten billion years. They were birthplaces of countless civilizations of Immortal Cultivation, and had plenty of Grand Cultivators and Saints, who were all famous across the universe.

But Earth was different.

Earth was a young planet. Its civilizations hadn’t even existed for a few thousand years. It was quite energetic and should be able to be active for countless years, nurturing generations of Immortal Cultivators.

But at the moment, it seemed that the Spirit Qi on Earth would disappear forever in the span of a century. There wouldn’t even be Foundation Establishment Cultivators, let alone Grand Cultivators.

These planets were known as “Eternal Sleeping Planets” in the universe.

As the name implied, the planet would be sleeping forever. By then, not even the novice cultivators would want to stay there. After all, they wouldn’t even be able to absorb a strand of Spirit Qi and they would have to get energy from food. This kind of planet would be too pathetic for their interests.

There might be technology.

However, Immortal Cultivation was the mainstream of the universe. Chen Fan had seen a few technologic civilizations being crushed by a Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal, no matter how well-developed their technology was.

Those civilizations had been developed for hundreds of millions of years at the border regions of the universe before reaching such a scale. So, people on Earth would also have to do the same after abandoning Immortal Cultivation?

Thinking of this—

Chen Fan looked colder.

He once thought Earth had been born a dead planet, so he didn’t mind it before. He had also heard of nurturing a Divine Treasure with a planet. After all, this would only be held up ten thousand years on Earth. And yet, when he knew that Earth would be destroyed and that there would never be Spirit Qi again, he became more anxious.

“The True Martial Celestial Sect must be behind this, but for what?”

Chen Fan was confused.

A Sage locked up a fiend there… For what fiend would he trap the Spirit Qi of a planet and even set up such an astonishing array that covered so many planet regions? It must at least be at the Void Returning or Dao Reunion Level.

“Master, what exactly are you planning?”

Chen Fan looked up.

But all of these weren’t things he could understand at the moment. He tried to clear his mind and believed that the truth would be revealed when he returned to Earth.

“Right, Senior, do you know Divine Lord Jiang?” Chen Fan asked.

“That was the ancestor of the Chinese and a peerless elite who was most likely to become a Soul Formation Cultivator a hundred thousand years ago,” Heaven’s Equal said with admiration on his face.

“I heard from Divine General Mangya that he killed Divine Lord Jiang and left his weapon in the Realm of Kunxu,” Chen Fan said.

“Haha, Mangya was only bluffing.” Heaven’s Equal laughed in disdain. “Divine Lord Jiang was already halfway to reaching the Soul Formation Level, while Mangya was only a peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator. Not even the seven Divine Generals of Divine Lord Tatian were a match for Divine Lord Jiang, unless Divine Lord Tatian himself entered the fray… Divine Lord Jiang was recognized as the second most powerful Divine Lord in the world. Unfortunately, he suddenly passed away and the Chinese have been declining ever since.”


Heaven’s Equal drank the wine with a frustrated look.

Chen Fan chatted with Heaven’s Equal for a while longer. They talked about Kunxu, the Artifact Spirit at the Yuntian Palace and the Perfected Cultivator who died on Yingzhou Island. They both laughed and drank together.

Chen Fan wanted to break the Divine Chains that locked Heaven’s Equal with his Divine Art, but Heaven’s Equal smiled and rejected him. Heaven’s Equal showed Chen Fan his mind.

Chen Fan peered into it.

He saw that although the Nascent Soul of Heaven’s Equal had been locked up, it was still glittering and was enveloped in a purple gold aura. It was three inches tall and was shining brighter and brighter. The two Divine Chains and half of the bronze pillar behind had been melted by Heaven’s Equal. With a little more time, even this small world would be destroyed, not to mention the bronze pillar.

“Senior, I’m in awe,” Chen Fan said.

Heaven’s Equal had been trapped there for a few thousand years, but his power didn’t weaken at all and he was even melting the small world. No wonder Divine General Mangya wanted to kill him. Chen Fan knew that when Heaven’s Equal finished refining the entire world, he would be just half a step away from becoming a Soul Formation Cultivator.

In the end.

Chen Fan said goodbye to Heaven’s Equal.

While they were walking out, Heaven’s Equal sent Chen Fan a message with his Immortal Will.

“Be careful of Tatian…”

Chen Fan was a bit shocked. He then bowed respectfully and stepped out of the small world.

After getting out of the small world, Chen Fan immediately started his preparations to leave Planet Tianhuang. In order for the Chinese to survive on the planet, Chen Fan would have to eliminate their enemies like the five imperishable sects, so they couldn’t attack the Chinese after he was gone. Aside from that, the Chinese would also need a strong foundation and the senior members would have to be protected by enough high-level cultivators.

“So, I must establish a sect and attract those individual cultivators to join it. Zhao Juexian, Lord Dragon and the elders of Mount Emperor aren’t enough,” Chen Fan explained.

“Senior, what will you call your sect?” Lin Wuhua asked.

Chen Fan smiled and replied, “The name of the sect will be… North Qiong!”

Chen Beixuan established the “North Qiong Sect” on Mount Emperor, and was recruiting all kinds of individual cultivators and even disciples of the other sects, as long as they swore not to betray the North Qiong Sect. Besides, Chen Fan would be teaching the real Heavenly Arts and Divine Arts himself!

When the news was spread.

Planet Tianhuang was stirred.

The Heavenly Arts weren’t the most shocking. They could be passed down as long as there were Heavenly Lords. However, Divine Arts were cultivation arts of Divine Lords. Not even the five imperishable sects had complete ones and Mount Emperor only had a few. The Reincarnation Sect had the incomplete Chaotic Divine Art from back then, but they still treated it as a treasure.

“Really? He’ll even teach us Divine Arts? Is Chen Beixuan just bluffing?”

“Yeah, I heard that the core Divine Art of Mount Emperor was taken by Divine Prince Mingyang and nobody else has practiced it before. Even if they have it, it’s been locked inside their minds. Where did Chen Beixuan get those Divine Arts?”

“We’ll learn whatever he teaches. I don’t expect to learn Divine Arts. Just some Heavenly Arts will do.”

Many individual cultivators were discussing.

Most of them rushed to Mount Emperor immediately.

After all, Heavenly Arts were something that only Heavenly Sects and Heavenly Lord Families had and it was impossible for them to learn. Since Chen Fan was establishing a sect, they would only welcome him.

At first, only some Connate Cultivators and Golden Core Cultivators went to join.

In the end, one Nascent Soul Cultivator showed up. His name was “Qingshi,” a famous individual cultivator on Planet Tianhuang. It wasn’t born in a Heavenly Sect or a large family. He slowly reached the Nascent Soul Cultivator by exploring things himself.

“Heavenly Lord Chen.”

Qingshi seemed to be humble on the outside, but his eyes were full of disdain. Chen Fan didn’t seem to have any energy in him, just like an ordinary man. Even though he had heard about Chen Fan, he still sounded a bit disrespectful.

However, when Chen Fan turned around and looked at him, he immediately went down on his knees.

He felt as if there was a Divine Weapon in Chen Fan’s eyes, slashing his Divine Soul to pieces. The power and all kinds of secret arts and Dharma Treasures Qingshi was proud of were all useless.

After that.

Qingshi gave in and called Chen Fan “Master.”

Chen Fan didn’t accept that.

“You will be a Minister in the North Qiong Sect. From now on, you can cultivate here and read cultivation arts in the ‘Cultivation Pavilion’ on the top of the mountain,” Chen Fan said.


Qingshi nodded.

After the first one.

The second and third Nascent Soul Cultivators arrived soon after.

There was even a Nascent Soul Cultivator from another planet, who admired Chen Fan and was planning to stay on Planet Tianhuang to cultivate there.

Chen Fan accepted them all.

All their lives would be in his hands once they entered Mount Emperor anyway. In this period of time, Chen Fan had repaired and enhanced the arrays of Mount Emperor. Even though there wasn’t a Divine Array, the other arrays could still kill a few Nascent Soul Cultivators easily.

When the North Qiong Sect was officially established—

The mountain was flooded with cultivators from all around Planet Tianhuang. The Ancestral Patriarchs of the Heavenly Sects even went there in person. Almost all of the Nascent Soul Cultivators, except those of the five imperishable sects, were gathered there.

“Congratulations, Sect Master,” said a Nascent Soul Ancestral Patriarch of the Changshen Heavenly Region.

Chen Fan smiled and nodded.

The Ancestral Patriarchs glanced around and saw Lord Dragon, Zhao Juexian, the five elders of Mount Emperor and the five rogue cultivators behind Chen Fan. There were a total of twelve Nascent Soul Cultivators.

Such a terrifying force was as powerful as the former Mount Emperor.

“Sect Master Chen has truly risen to the top of Planet Tianhuang this time, and the North Qiong Sect has become the top sect of the world,” Ancestral Patriarch Jinghai exclaimed. He finally dared to show up after Shenxi gave him her promise.

“That’s right. From now on, Sect Master Chen and the North Qiong Sect will be the leaders of all the sects on Planet Tianhuang. Who would dare to disobey you?” said the City Lord of Saint Fire City as he hit his chest.

He was Long Hua’s father. He had established a city on his own and was close to Chen Fan, as opposed to the other Heavenly Sects.

“Right, right.”

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Ghost Underworld Sect also nodded. After Chen Fan destroyed his body, he got another one somewhere, but his ghostly face was full of respect right then, which looked hilarious.

Apart from them, the other Ancestral Patriarchs also watched from the side.

Many Ancestral Patriarchs were in awe of Chen Fan, but felt troubled about the North Qiong Sect. Most Heavenly Sects refused to accept it. After all, it was like having someone controlling them. Who would like that? They could even see Chen Fan’s idea of ruling the entire Planet Tianhuang, which none of them wanted. And yet, they didn’t want to offend him, so they remained silent. Even so, the atmosphere still became weird, making Heavenly Lord Jinhai and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ghost Underworld Sect feel embarrassed.

While some Heavenly Lords were laughing in secret, Chen Fan suddenly stood and said slowly, “You’re totally right. I’ve already become the top cultivator of Planet Tianhuang and the North Qiong Sect is the most powerful sect in the world, but a few small sects like the Medicine God Sect and Fey King Hall are still trying to fight against me. I must punish them.”

The Ancestral Patriarchs remained silent. After a while, someone asked, “Huh? What do you mean, Heavenly Lord Chen?”

“Simple. I’ll just kill them to warn the world,” Chen Fan said indifferently.

Everyone was astonished!

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