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«Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 1304 Reached the limit

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Chapter 1304 Reached the limit

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Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours. Finally, after ten hours, the cocoon enveloping Liam silently dissipated and vanished into nothingness revealing the person sitting inside. Liam flashed his eyes open.

For a moment everyone was confused as they had expected something earth-shattering to happen after seeing the behavior of the mist but it almost seemed as if Liam hadn't changed at all.

Before anyone could open their mouths and ask him about this, a golden glow started spreading and darkness descended as the group was whisked away from the trial floor.

Unexpectedly, the very next second they were dropped off in another forest. Everyone's face immediately changed as this should not have happened.

This was the part where they should have been given some tailor-made reward but instead, they were already on the next floor?

Confirming their suspicions, notifications chimed in front of them.

[Ding! Congratulations! You have successfully crossed the second segment of the Spire]

[Ding! Congratulations! You have received the title 'Spire of Ascension Second Segment Trial Taker']

Spire of Ascension Second Segment Trial Taker: Gain a 2% boost to all your attributes

Everyone immediately checked if their former title was still available and one look confirmed that they had all the titles they received from the Spire. This meant that the previous 1% and this 2% stacked, instead of the new one replacing the old one.

Everyone gaped in shock as this was a huge boost to their basic stats. That too they had a percentage increase and not a single flat increase. This meant that when their stats increased the boost would also accordingly increase.

"Tch. I guess there is no reward for us this time." Liam clicked his tongue. He had expected something at least so that the strength of the guild could be improved but this was a bit disappointing.

Hearing him, the elf threw a nasty look in his direction. "You want more reward? Do you know how rare what we experienced on the last floor was? It was a mist that made us conducive to enlightenment! People would kill for an opportunity like this." The elf then added begrudgingly. "My lord."

Liam did not say anything. Naturally, he knew how rare the opportunity was because he had gained a lot from it but still, what the guild needed right now was different. "Alright. Let's see what this floor is about." Liam stood up.

"Brother." Rey interrupted him first. "I am sorry but I want to explore this place by myself." He mumbled.

"Hmmm?" Liam raised a brow, surprised a little.

"Ahem. Guild leader, I would also like to explore the place by myself." Madan too surprisingly said the same thing.

Not even a second after he spoke up, Lan Deming stepped forward. "I would also-"

"Alright. That's enough." Liam shook his head helplessly. "What happened? Are you guys afraid?"

"It's not like we will be pushed into another slaughter trial any time soon." Eldrin said, making everyone immediately turn towards the elf and give him a death glare. Now that the elf had jinxed it, chances were that they might be entering another slaughter trial on the very next floor.

But that was not the issue. It was time they left the Spire and they all knew it.

"Bro, if I stayed here any longer and if you got hurt because of me, then my sister would kill me." Rey resolutely shook his head. "Nope. I know my limit and the last segment was it. Thanks for the carry but now I think I should do my own thing."

"Ya. You had to go out of your way and struggle so much because we were dead weights. If you were on that last floor with the pyramid by yourself would you have struggled so much against those lunatic bloodsuckers?" Madan also refused to budge.

"We have gained a lot and now it is time for us to go. I am confident we will be able to enter this marvelous place once more before we step onto the next level. We will fight harder then. We will rely on our own strength and conquer one segment after another." Lan Deming clenched his fists. The man's eyes shone with determination. All three of them looked stubborn in their resolve to part ways and forge their own paths, at least for now. They had been through trials that not only tested their strength and will but also deepened their understanding of their own limits and potential. The journey through the Spire had transformed them, and they felt the need to explore their newfound strengths independently, to grow in ways that might not be possible under Liam's shadow.

Leaving right now was the same as committing suicide and getting kicked out of the Spire but the three did not seem afraid of it. After some contemplation, Liam nodded. "Alright. Good luck."

If perhaps their Spire run was a normal run, Liam might have risked it with the group staying on for another segment but with these vampires popping out everywhere, he did not want to unnecessarily push things too far.

This was real life after all. There was no second chance. It was better for them to die on a non-slaughter trial floor and get kicked out of the Spire.

Besides, no matter when they get kicked out all of them would essentially exit the Spire at the same time so there was no danger of them facing the mayhem back on Nymphomania alone by themselves. So Liam confidently let them leave.

The three walked away in three different directions, not even sticking close to one another. Liam observed them until their figures disappeared into the forest, blending into the background. He then let out a sigh and focused on his own path.

They would all get another chance but this was his only chance at this stage and he wanted to take advantage of it the best he could. He summoned his soul minions to do the customary scan of the floor just like always when his gaze fell on the other person who was still standing near him.

"Ahem. My lord…" Eldrin awkwardly smiled.

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