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«Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 1269 Checkmate

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Chapter 1269 Checkmate

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Liam did not say anything and continued walking. They soon arrived at the specific room and saw that there were four fairies at the entrance as opposed to the one stationed outside previously.

Everyone's face changed as they could instantly feel that something was amiss. When they opened the door and entered inside, the proof was staring right at their faces.

Inside the teleportation portals room, a group of beastkin stood with hostile expressions on their faces as if they were waiting to skewer anyone who entered.

Liam's gaze swept over the group. Two of them were even busy tapping away at their system interfaces and whispering something in hushed tones, clearly sending messages.

Ignoring them, Liam directly approached the fairy in charge of the teleportation portals though he could guess what was going to happen.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience, Grandmaster. The teleportation portals are currently occupied and cannot be used."

"How is that possible? Aren't the teleportation portals a system shop's main feature?"

"I-" The fairy began to explain when suddenly a loud alarm sounded and a red screen flashed in front of everyone.

[Ding! System Shop Maintenance Initiated. Please use the nearest exit to vacate the system shop]

[Ding! System Shop Maintenance Initiated. Please use the nearest exit to vacate the system shop]

[Ding! System Shop Maintenance Initiated. Please use the nearest exit to vacate the system shop]

[Ding! System Shop Maintenance Initiated. Please use the nearest exit to vacate the system shop]

Liam swiped the notification away but it kept popping up again and again. Not just that but all of a sudden the fairies started escorting everyone out of the respective floors onto the ground floor and then out of the main exit.

It looked like the other party had finally made their move!

Rey, Madan, and Lan Deming started panicking. Eldrin had a big frown on his face and even the two nymphs standing behind him were visibly nervous. Only Dante had a big old smile on his face.

"Who asked you to mess with big shots and show off? You should have kept your balls inside your panties and silently ran back to the sh*t hole where you came from." Dante loudly laughed. Nothing he was saying was actually wrong so the system contract did not even punish him.

Rey, Madan, and Lan Deming stared at him seethingly. "Bro, how can they do this? What maintenance bullsh*t? They are doing all of this just to corner us!" Rey was furious.

"With this, we cannot use the teleportation portals and we also have to exit the system shop. We will be left vulnerable on the streets where anyone can attack us. They got us." Madan frowned.

"They completely blocked all of our exits." Lan Deming shook his head.

However, Eldrin alone did not agree. "You are wrong. We still have a way. I am sure your guild leader is planning to use that."

Liam nodded. "Let's go. The system is asking us to get out so we need to leave before this place triggers some sort of offensive arrays."

"And once we are outside. Stick close to me. Very close to me."

As Liam, Rey, Madan, Lan Deming, Dante, Eldrin, and the two nymphs climbed down the many floors of the system shop, the reality of their situation was hitting them harder and harder with each floor, the closer they got to the main exit.

Several other beings descended alongside them, all of them either casting knowing sneers or pitiful glances at the group. It was almost as if everyone couldn't wait to get out of the shop and claim the first-row seat to the fantastical show that was about to go down.

As the group reached the ground floor, several fairies had gathered around, sending everyone out. Liam's gaze briefly landed on the fairy store manager. The man looked apologetic. Under the weight of Liam's gaze, he stammered slightly. "I am sorry for the inconvenience. This is a routine system maintenance evacuation. My hands are tied."

"Sure." Liam chuckled. He still looked calm and composed. He knew things would eventually boil down to this one way or the other. The fairies in the system shop were bound to some rules but they also had some leeway to pull hailmarys out of their asses just like this one.

Hadn't Tilia done something similar for him? So how could Liam not factor in this particular variable? He, in fact, did and was also prepared for it.

The group stood at the entrance of the system shop. As they peered out, they could already see the dense crowd standing around in the street. The previously quiet street was now occupied like a festival, teeming with people of various races and backgrounds, all eager to witness the unfolding drama.

Each and every single one of them was a vulture waiting to feast on the meat of their dead bodies, hoping to pick out something tasty before the bigger predator snatched everything for itself.

"We are fucked." Rey craned his neck and yet he couldn't see where the crowd ended.

Madan already started summoning all of his pets. The past few days of training in the fighting pits had helped him make tremendous progress in his path.

Even though it seemed like they were all screwed, he was determined not to go down without at least taking some of them down with him.

It was one thing to fight against insect swarms when they were completely outnumbered but these were all not mere insects. They were seasoned veteran combatants, probably with a lot more experience when compared to them.

How could they possibly fight their way out of this mess?

As if reading everyone's thoughts, Liam fished out something from his robe. "We won't be doing any fighting. Like I said before, stick close to me when we step out. Don't do anything. Just stick close to me and I will take care of everything."

The others did not understand what was happening but Eldrin's eyes flashed with glee. "You prepared an instantaneous teleportation token. Thank you, my Lord."

Eldrin knew that these were expensive as hell and one would have to blow out a huge crater in their funds to purchase one. But on the plus side, all these bugs waiting to dig into their blood would only have to watch while they teleport away easily.

Liam had indeed thought of everything. With this, their safe trip was all but guaranteed.

Liam took a step outside and the group followed. The next second, the token in his hand glowed brightly. Eldrin grinned. Dante gaped in shock.

However… nothing happened.

Absolutely nothing at all happened.

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