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«Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 594 Another Visit to Mount Longhu

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Chapter 594 Another Visit to Mount Longhu

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Li Yundong suddenly felt that Su Chan’s Yin Qi had become very strong, as if a huge whirlpool had drawn all of his own Yang Qi into her body.

He was shocked and subconsciously controlled his Qi in an effort to resist. But as soon as he tried, the two kinds of Yin and Yang Qi intertwined together.

As soon as the Yin and Yang Qi came into contact with one another, Li Yundong clearly felt that the unstable power was rapidly expanding between him and Su Chan, like a constantly growing fireball, ready to explode at any time.

Something occurred to Li Yundong. He remembered the poem from the Wuzhen Book written by Zhang Boduan. It went, “Fire is born in a wooden book and can’t be studied by force. Trouble always hurts oneself. You have to subdue Mr. Jin. Mr. Jin was the boss of the family. He was sent to live in the western neighborhood. He knew you and brought you here to raise you. He’s a good match for the daughter of the general.”

What was described in this poem was that his own Yang Qi was hidden in his Yin Qi. If he did not know how to practice and tried to do it by force, he would get himself into trouble and hurt himself. If he wanted to solve this problem, he had to uncover the secret of practicing Jinshen. The secret was that the girl in the western neighborhood had the Yang Qi that he lacked, and he had the Yin Qi that the girl in the western neighborhood lacked. When they got married, they could take what they needed.

Although Li Yundong had figured out the connections, he still couldn’t understand it. If his Yuanyang Qi collided with Su Chan’s Yuanyin Qi, how could he solve the problem of the explosion once a conflict broke out?

He was a little worried, but he suddenly heard a few tourists walking on the other side of the wall of the ashram, laughing gaily. One said, “Oh, you invited me out to have fun, so you needn’t be so polite. Besides, I should give you a gift. What’s mine is yours. We’re all family here, don’t stand on ceremony.”

Although Li Yundong was trying to practice the Sexual Yoga of Jinshen with Su Chan at this time, he was calm and listened carefully in all directions. He could clearly hear the words of the people wandering on the other side of the wall and his heart suddenly thumped as he remembered a poem in Zhang Boduan’s “Wuzhen Book”, which said that “in war there are two generals on the left and right, although he is the host and I am the guest”.

Even though he and Su Chan’s auras were separated by the Yin-Yang principle, it was just like the difference between the right hand and a left one. There was no need for a division between guests. If she wanted to suck it up, just let her do it.

Thinking of this, Li Yundong smiled secretly and relinquished his control. His powerful and mighty Yuanyang Qi suddenly rushed toward Su Chan.

As soon as he stopped holding back, their Yin and Yang Qi were no longer entangled, and his Yuanyang Qi flowed naturally into Su Chan’s body.

Su Chan had the body of a Yang Spirit, but a strong stream of Yuanyang Qi was now gushing out of her, making her shiver all over.

The intersection of Yin and Yang was supposed to be the happiest thing in the world. Although Li Yundong and Su Chan were only jinshen, when the two pure Yin and Yang Qis merged together without any resistance, it was as if a boy and a girl who had just fallen in love were snuggling up to each other and inhaling each other’s aura. Although they were not really happy, they were secretly immersed in each other’s spirit.

For a moment, Su Chan felt a sense of gloom in her head. She was so blissful that she almost couldn’t speak. Like a child waiting to be fed, she absorbed the strong Yuanyang Qi with all her might.

But after a while, she suddenly woke up. She exclaimed in her heart, “Oh no, how did I absorb Yundong’s Yuanyang Qi? Damn it!”

At the thought of this, she became very anxious. She wanted to immediately return Li Yundong’s Yuanyang Qi to him, but as soon as this desire struck her, Li Yundong seemed to guess what she was thinking. He said, “Don’t worry. Follow the aura of Da Zhoutian and let my aura circle around your body. It will come back naturally after circling around.”

At this time, she was still french kissing him, but she still clearly heard his voice echoing in her mind. She was suddenly shocked and thought with her eyes wide open, “Is this the kung fu of sound transmission?”

However, Li Yundong said with a smile, “Fool, we are exchanging our Yang Spirit and Qi, so of course we can sense each other’s thoughts.”

At this time, Su Chan opened her eyes and glanced at Li Yundong, only to see him kissing her back and looking at her with a smile at the corners of his eyes. She suddenly felt happy and blinked her eyes at him.

The combined force of Yin and Yang Qi was extremely dangerous, and if they were not careful, both of them would Zouhuo Rumo. Otherwise, Zhang Boduan would not have advised the later generations of cultivators in the poem to persuade the emperor not to underestimate the enemy in battle. He was afraid that they would lose their lives.

But when they kissed and looked into each other’s eyes, they didn’t feel any danger at all. They only felt that what they were doing was naughty and funny. Playing around like this, they were secretly enjoying themselves.

They didn’t know that it was all in line with a cultivator’s state of mind of cultivation. For a moment, the auras of the two people quickly swam through Su Chan’s body of Yang Spirit, meeting with no resistance.

When the aura returned, Li Yundong clearly felt that there was a stream of Yuanyin Qi of Mystic Yin in his aura. Su Chan also felt that there was a faint stream of Yuanyang Qi in her body, like a few sticks of smoldering kindling in a cavern of ice, while Li Yunyang was like a clear spring in an arid, scorching desert.

After an unknown period of time, Li Yundong and Su Chan reluctantly split apart. After their lips parted, they looked at each other and Su Chan suddenly burst out laughing.

Li Yundong grinned at her and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Su Chan said with a smile, “Just now, you kissed me and then you gaped at me with your eyes wide open. You’re so silly!”

Li Yundong couldn’t help laughing. “Really? Fortune favours fools. If that weren’t true, I’m afraid that the two of us would have gotten blown up again!”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong with admiration and said, “Yundong, you’re amazing. You got to this point through self-study! You can learn without anyone teaching you!”

Li Yundong laughed, winked at Su Chan mischievously, and said, “Do the relations between men and women need to be taught?”

Su Chan giggled and said, “Oh, you naughty boy! This is the spiritual combination of Sexual Yoga in cultivation. Do you think just anyone can do it?”

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan, his eyes crinkling. At this time, her beautiful face was a little flushed. It was obvious that she had obtained his Yuanyang Qi, and she was growing ever more enchanting and mature.

He couldn’t help thinking of the time when he had just met this young girl. He sighed in his heart and said, “I don’t know what she will look like when she reaches the Cultivation of Mystical Silver Fox in the future. What kind of world-toppling beauty will she become?”

But as soon as he thought of this, he couldn’t help recalling Yan Fang’s doubts and questions in front of everyone at the Taoist assembly: Every time the Mystical Silver fox appeared, the world would fall into chaos!

But if Su Chan practiced to the point of becoming the Mystical Silver Fox, would there still be chaos?

He was startled by the thought, muttering to himself, “Is this a prophecy or a curse? Or is it the law of the Cultivation world? Couldn’t the girl cultivate to the level of the Mystical Silver Fox in her lifetime? No, my girl is very obedient. How can there be any trouble if she stays by my side? Even if she practices to the level of the Mystical Silver Fox, it will be fine.”

Su Chan saw that Li Yundong was suddenly lost in thought and had gone quiet. She couldn’t help but inquire, “Yundong, what are you thinking about?”

He came to his senses and said with a warm smile, “It’s nothing. I remember that when we were together in the past, you said that when we succeeded in our cultivation, we would go to visit rivers and mountains all over the country. Now we have been sort of successful in our cultivation, do you want to travel around?”

Su Chan was overjoyed, but she hesitated for a moment and said, “But… what about Sister Zhou Qin and Sister Zi Yuan? Do you intend to leave them alone?”

“Our Yang Spirit bodies are just going out for a stroll. We will be back soon. It won’t take long,” he replied soothingly.

Su Chan thought for a moment and nodded with a smile. She took her lover’s hand and the two disappeared in an instant.

The pair soared up high, and Su Chan leaned close to Li Yundong and said with a sweet smile, “Yundong, where are we going?”

He thought for a moment before saying, “We’ll go wherever you want, okay?”

Su Chan blinked her eyes, pulled a face at Li Yundong, and said with a smile, “You robbed me of my line! That was what I wanted to say!”

“Let me think… where are we going to play?” Li Yundong teased. “Let’s go to the mountain where you used to cultivate before, okay?”

Su Chan immediately shook her head like a rattle. “No, I lived there for too long when I was a child. Even with my eyes closed, I can navigate my way around every flower and blade of grass. It’s so boring! Let’s go somewhere else, shall we?”

He thought for a moment before saying again, “Then let’s go to Mount Heng? Is that also a place full of outstanding people?”

Su Chan rolled her eyes laughingly. “You have no wish to visit any other mountains after viewing the Five Mountains, you do not even wish to visit them after you come back from a trip to Mount Huangshan. Yundong, haven’t we just been to Mount Huangshan?”

Li Yundong laughed and scolded, “You’ve impossible! The last time we went to Mount Huangshan, we didn’t go for sightseeing! Why don’t we try going there again?”

Su Chan hurriedly shook her head. “I don’t want to go there. That place is the pits. As soon as I go there, I remember Xu Ling and all those cultivators who died on Tiandu Peak.”

Li Yundong spread his hands helplessly and said, “Nothing is good enough for you. So where do you want to go?”

“We’d better go somewhere fun and exciting, okay?” she replied.

Li Yundong could see that although Su Chan was already a Seven-Tailed Fox Spirit and Jinshen had made her more mature, in the end, she was still a young girl. He laughed and said, “Is there a fun and exciting place that’ll satisfy you?”

Su Chan said through a broad grin, “Yes, for example, the amusement park?”

Li Yundong didn’t know whether to start crying or laughing at this point. “Ah? The two of us are now considered to be good cultivators. How can we go to the amusement park to play? Isn’t there something wrong with that? Isn’t it a little too childish?”

Su Chan pouted unhappily. “It’s not childish at all…”

Li Yundong pretended to be serious and thought for a while. Eventually, he suddenly said, “Ah, I’ve thought of it!”

Su Chan was delighted and could not help asking, “What?”

“You want fun and exciting? Then there’s only one place!”

Su Chan grabbed Li Yundong’s hand and shook it eagerly. “Say it, quickly!”

“Mount Longhu!” he replied gravely.

Su Chan was so surprised that she almost collapsed. She was stunned and said, “Mount Longhu of Zhengyi School Zu Ting? How, how can that be fun?”

Li Yundong replied, “In the past, we were bullied too severely by Zhengyi School. Now we’ll go to find some entertainment and play hide-and-seek. Isn’t it a good idea? Isn’t it exciting? The last time I split Mount Longhu with thunder, it was so exciting!”

The girl stared at her lover with wide eyes, which gradually filled with excitement. She clapped her hands and said with a laugh, “Okay, if you’re not afraid, then I’m not either! Let’s go to Mount Longhu right now!”

Li Yundong laughed and waved his hand. “Let’s go. Let’s go to Mount Longhu!”

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