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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2874 Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 86)

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Chapter 2874 Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 86)

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“Relax, I’ll tell her.” Without knowing how long passed, Mu Li Chuan’s cool voice slowly rang out. Each word seemed to pierce her heart, tearing her mind apart.

“Do you think that we can still be friends?” Lan Zhi looked down before looking at Mu Li Chuan, “Will she forgive me……”

Before Mu Li Chuan could answer, there was a ‘zhi’ sound as Luo Qing Chen slowly opened the door. She calmly looked at Lan Zhi and said, “She won’t forgive you.”

Lan Zhi’s eyes opened wide as if she had been scared by this. She instantly cried out, “Qing Chen……Qing Chen……Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?” Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort before revealing a smile, “Am I disturbing you?”

Ten seconds after she walked in, her eyes finally fell onto Mu Li Chuan.

He was wearing a blue and white sweater with a cup of hot water and medicine in his hand.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t see through his eyes, but she felt that his eyes were cold.

It was an extreme indifference, as if her appearance had really bothered him.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Luo Qing Chen put her hands in her red coat and calmly looked at Mu Li Chuan, “Didn’t you say that……you would tell me?”

He narrowed his eyes before looking back at Lan Zhi. But the words that he said were for her.

“Yes. Let’s go out and talk, Lan Zhi needs to rest.”

“Aiyo, aiyo……” Luo Qing Chen clenched her hands in her pocket and bit hard on her lip, “So……You can’t wait to protect your new lover?”

She didn’t dare let her words get stuck, she had repeated it again and again in her heart. Even if you were desperate, you could only bury all your emotions in your heart and definitely not get stuck, you had to finish saying everything in one go.

But no one could understand just how hard it was for her to do this.

It was as if she had never experienced anything difficult before. She was on the brink of collapse and she forced herself to stay calm.

This calmness was in front of the person that she cared about the most.

“Let’s go out and talk.” Mu Li Chuan turned away and walked past her.

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath. She looked at Lan Zhi before walking out.

She never experienced this before. The feelings from before were all from the previous host.

But she never thought……that experiencing it herself would be this painful……

In the outdoor corridor on the first floor of the hospital, there was a bit of snow coming down. Luo Qing Chen wasn’t wearing much, just a thin coat.

But Mu Li Chuan……didn’t say a single word.

“Speak.” Luo Qing Chen looked at him. It was as if she couldn’t see a single light in those deep eyes.

From meeting each other and falling in love, no matter what it was, she had never seen his eyes like this before.

Cold, determined, unfamiliar, and without love……

Yes……It was a pair of eyes that didn’t have any love……

“My heart has changed.” Mu Li Chuan calmly said this, without a single emotion in those words.

He didn’t even find an excuse and just directly stated the answer.

“He, he……He, he, he……” Luo Qing Chen gave five cold laughs before looking into his eyes again, “Look into my eyes and say it. If you do, I’ll believe you.”

From the moment that she arrived, Mu Li Chuan’s eyes had never been on her.

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