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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2463: God! Mary Sue world (5)

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Chapter 2463: God! Mary Sue world (5)

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Here’s a question, if it wasn’t for Jin Yi Xuan’s strong recommendation and Gu Fan Fan’s friend Ye Su’s contribution.

Even if the previous host wasn’t Xia Qi Qi, it wouldn’t be Gu Fan Fan’s turn.

Speaking of Ye Su, she was one of the ‘inner protection’ best friend that all Mary Sues would have.

Since they were neighbours, they grew up together. In Ye Su’s eyes, Gu Fan Fan was a girl that was upright with backbone.

She felt that this kind of girl was very good and it was countless times better than the rich misses (people like the original host).

Ye Su wasn’t a rich person and because she didn’t go to college, she started working early.

After two years of self studying management, she joined Star Group as an agent.

Of course, in the beginning, she was only an assistant. It was a good thing that she worked hard and she had a few talents that allowed her to become a regular agent.

Although they weren’t as good as the previous host or Jin Yi Xuan, they still developed quite well.

Since one of the actresses was the female lead of the “Youth” director Xiao An’s last work, Xiao An coincidentally asked her to come and pick a suitable person.

Since she knew that her best friend Gu Fan Fan was auditioning, so she agreed to Xiao An’s invitation.

She thought that she would try to win some supporting roles for Gu Fan Fan, but she never thought that there would be such a good opportunity.

Actually, perhaps even the previous host didn’t know why even though Xiao An had thought of her as the only choice as Xia Qi Qi, he would replace her overnight.

The reason was very simple, it was because Gu Fan Fan accidentally spilling coffee on the previous host happened to have an identical scene in “Youth”.

Gu Fan Fan did exactly what Xia Qi Qi, the heroine of “Youth” did.

Jin Yi Xuan’s recommendation, Ye Su’s approval, and the same scene made Xiao An feel that he had found the real Xia Qi Qi.

Even if this person didn’t have any fans or any popularity, he believed that he could make her a big hit through “Youth”.

Not to mention that there was the famous Jin Yi Xuan creating scandals, so he wasn’t scared that Gu Fan Fan wouldn’t be popular.

Some people were happy and some people were sad.

The previous host lost the role of Xia Qi Qi and couldn’t come back to her senses for a while. Gu Fan Fan had also smoothly entered Star Group and her fiance had become a completely different person.

This sadness filled her with anxiety and it didn’t take long before she fell into depression.

Most stars suffered from this illness to a certain extent, but the previous host’s involved her personal feelings and she gradually lost her confidence.

Actually, there were good scripts for her, but she rejected them all.

She was a person who was very serious about her feelings. She liked Jin Yi Xuan, she liked him to her core.

When she saw him being kind to someone else, she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She clearly knew that she couldn’t be by his side by being good and she couldn’t compare to his strong Cinderella.

She closed herself off during this time, indulging in drinking and smoking.

But as a star, if one bad thing appeared in front of everyone, all their previous efforts would be cancelled out.

Let alone the fact that the previous host was a young and beautiful girl in the eyes of everyone.

Once she was in the spotlight for drinking and smoking, her life was over.

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