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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2461: God! Mary Sue world (3)

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Chapter 2461: God! Mary Sue world (3)

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Because it was a dress that she loved, a present that Jin Yi Xuan gave her last year on her birthday, so she treasured it.

This time in order to get the female lead of “Youth”, she had taken out this dress that she treasured.

After all, the male lead of “Youth” had already been decided. It was the previous host’s fiance and this world’s supporting male lead, Jin Yi Xuan.

Normally she would leave this in her closet to look at and she felt very happy.

But she didn’t know that this dress wasn’t ‘carefully chosen’ by Jin Yi Xuan, but rather his assistant and he didn’t even remember what it looked like.

Some people’s lives were just this funny. Something you treasured wasn’t worth anything in the eyes of others.

But the person who treasured it would always treat it as a treasure.

The previous host had been in her seat waiting for the audition, but there had been a cup of hot coffee that fell from the sky and landed on her.

Her right wrist had been burnt red, but she immediately protected the dress Jin Yi Xuan gave her.

Then she yelled at Gu Fan Fan.

Her tone naturally wasn’t good. She knitted her brows as she scolded this girl in front of her with her sportswear, her twintails, her exaggerated head gear, and her sunglasses.

Gu Fan Fan, Gu Fan Fan, Gu Fan Fan……

As the name suggested, she really was ordinary.

The previous host never would have imagined that such an ordinary girl would use the Mary Sue halo that she had to take away the person that she wanted the most……as well as everything that she had.

Gu Fan Fan immediately apologized.

Moreover, it was an apology with a deep ninety degree bow.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m really sorry……” She lowered her head and held her hand at her chest. The way she looked made everyone feel sorry for her.

Everyone whispered to each other and even some people whispered that the previous host was starting to bully extras since becoming popular had gone to her head.

She really was angry at that time. Could it be that she had to accept this apology with a smile even though she had been splashed by the coffee?

Sorry, she couldn’t do that with her personality.

So when she yelled at Gu Fan Fan, the ‘powerful Mary Sue’ image was formed.

Facing powerful people and holding your head high, never being afraid. The Mary Sue strength and bravery was my spirit.

A small background actor took the risk of losing her job and replied to the female lead without fear.

“I really didn’t do it intentionally, you don’t need to speak this loudly.” Gu Fan Fan pursed her lips and looked up at Luo Qing Chen, “I know that your clothes are expensive, but that doesn’t mean that I’m inferior to you.”

The powerful Mary Sue. Everyone looked at her with admiration and felt that her words were true.

There was no need to humble yourself to flatter others.

This had been seen by Jin Yi Xuan who had passed by the auditions.

Her brave and strong side made Jin Yi Xuan’s eyes light up as he had been moved.

He admired this kind of girl, plain and simple. She had immediately apologized, but she had offered a strong rebuttal without caring about the other side’s power.

He had come forward to stand in front of Gu Fan Fan like a knight.

Although the previous host was still angry, since Jin Yi Xuan spoke up for Gu Fan Fan, she couldn’t say anything.

She just stomped her foot in a fit of rage and left the auditions.

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