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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1436: A Stroll to Relax

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Chapter 1436: A Stroll to Relax

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“What happened to you?” Ji Ziming, who was passing by Pei Ge’s room, frowned when he heard the sound coming from inside her room. “Open the door.”

The woman immediately stifled her crying and choked, “I’m fine.”

“Open the door.” Standing at the door, he did not relent.

As the woman still refused to open the door, he got the key from who knew where. The moment he opened it, he spotted her squatting by the wardrobe with obvious streaks of tears on her face.

He quickly strode over and hugged her tightly, consoling. “Is it because of Ji Chi? Don’t be afraid. If you can’t wait until the day he remembers you, we will just bring him to the hospital. No matter where we have to go, I will still cure him and send him back to your side.”

“But… he doesn’t acknowledge me at all now and is even afraid of me.”

“These are all just temporary.”

“I don’t know what I did wrong; he didn’t even let me touch him today.”

“I know,” he softly consoled. “How about this: I’ll bring you out for a stroll to relax since there’s nothing to do at the company today?”

“I don’t wanna go.”

“Your relationship with the boy will only get more strained if you stay home.”

“But I…”

“Relax. I’ll also bring An An and Ran Ran. Didn’t you say you want to go on a trip last time? We should just leave the boy with Qu Jingwan this time. I’m afraid that he’ll make a fuss if we bring him with us.”

“Okay, then. I’ll listen to you.”

He, thus, proceeded to make a call to his secretary, who immediately arranged a presidential suite at a hotel, daily necessities, private chauffeur, personal secretary, et cetera for them.

While Pei Ge was packing some stuff for her two kids, Ran Ran blinked her large eyes at her and asked, “Mommy, are we going on a trip today?”

“Mhm.” She nodded and smiled while rubbing the little girl’s head.

“Where are we going?”

“Secret. You’ll know once we get there.”

“Will there be an amusement park?”

“There’s definitely one.”

“Then, will there be lots of teddy bears?”

“Yes, that, too.”


Before she could finish asking her question, An An stopped her. “Little sister, we’ll know it once we reach the place. It’s not a surprise anymore if you keep asking about everything now.”

Pei Ge smiled as she watched her son talk to his sister, picked up some clothes, and went to Ji Ziming’s room.

“Big brother, aren’t you curious at all?”



“Because we’ll learn about things we don’t know of once we get there. That’s called a surprise. Didn’t daddy and mommy say that they want to give us a surprise?” The boy explained it like a little adult.

His sister nodded, seemingly having somewhat understood what he meant. “Oh, that’s true. I won’t ask anymore, then; I’ll just go help mommy pack our things.”

“Little sister, is that Spongebob keychain with you mine?” He squinted at her when he spotted the Spongebob keychain, which he had looked for this whole week, attached to the latter’s cap.

“T-This…” The girl had almost forgotten about this keychain.

Previously, she and her older brother each got a keychain. His was Spongebob and hers was Patrick Star. However, she liked Spongebob more, and since he refused to swap with her no matter what, she could only pretend that her keychain was lost. Soon, his keychain went missing, too. The following day, the boy found the girl’s Patrick Star in his room, while his Spongebob remained missing.

It turned out that his sister had swapped their keychains.

“Good, big brother; good, big brother! Please just give me this. I’ve already given you mine.” She held his arm and swung it back and forth, acting cutesy to him.

The boy could only sigh in exasperation, replying like a little adult, “Since you like it so much, fine; This big brother will give it to you. Just tell me next time if you like my things, and I will give it to you.”

“I already told you.” The girl pouted.

“What did you say?” He frowned, feigning anger. “Did big brother not give it to you?”

“No, no.” His sister waved her hands and explained herself. “My good, big brother, I didn’t mean that. You’re the best in this world—the only big brother who’ll treat only his sister well.”

“Hmph!” He lightly snorted and tilted his head up, refusing to look at his sister.

“My good, big brother, are you angry? How about this? I’ll give mommy to you, okay? Don’t be angry, my good, big brother; give me a smile! A smile!” Ran Ran continued hugging his arm and swinging it.

Pretending to ignore her, An An continued putting up a cool expression akin to a prideful prince.

“My big, brother, if you still ignore me, I’ll…” The girl giggled, reaching out her hands and aiming them for his armpits.

“Ha ha… Ha ha… L-Little sister…” He quickly ran everywhere in the room to hide from her tickling. Behind him, the girl chased while shouting, “Are you still going to be angry?!”

“I’m not angry anymore—not anymore! Let me off, please!” He was initially running fast, but the moment he recalled his sibling’s health condition, he slowed down his pace. “I’m not angry anymore, so stop chasing me.”

His sister did not listen, though, and just proceeded to tickle him once she caught him until he rolled around on the bed. Only then did she stop her assault on him.

“Ran Ran, are you bullying your big brother again?”

Pei Ge, who happened to return at this point, heard the ruckus the two children were making before she even entered the room. Pretending to be mad, she asked, “You can’t bully big brother, okay?”

“I didn’t bully big brother, mommy!” Her daughter protested while blinking her large eyes with a wronged look. “I didn’t! It’s clearly him who’s bullying me.”

“I bullied you?!” The boy wiped his tears. Hearing his sister’s words, he could not help exclaiming in surprise, “Little sister, you say that again!”

“It’s clearly you who’s bullying me!”

She refused to admit it and even pouted her lips, looking as cute a child should be.

“I’ll see if you admit it.” He quickly jumped over to her and started tickling her underarms.

“Who bullied who?”

“Bi-Big brother… Big brother… ha ha… I-I… I bullied you!” The girl could finally not withstand his ticklish attacks and admitted it.

He An An also stopped upon her admission. His lips then curled up victoriously. “Mommy, you see? Younger sister already admitted her act of bullying me.”

“You’re the one who bullied me moments ago. Mommy, look at big brother.”

“Alright, alright. I told you guys to pack up, but you ended up playing together. Have you guys finished packing up?”

“I’m done with mine. I wanna bring my teddy bear, too.” Ran Ran nodded and pointed at the brown teddy bear on the bed.

“Okay. Bring it. What about An An?” Pei Ge nodded and turned to ask her son.

“There’s nothing I need to bring. Clothes are enough.”


“Then, we’ll leave in a bit.”

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