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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4749: Most Probably Still Asleep

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Chapter 4749: Most Probably Still Asleep

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Hearing Li Moying’s words, Liu Buyan’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Although Li Moying wasn’t wrong and they had indeed become sworn brothers before, but Li Moying definitely didn’t become sworn brothers with him because of some life-saving grace. Back then, the one who saved Li Moying wasn’t him, but Huang Yueli!

Li Moying’s motive was to make Cloudy Qilin Clan accept Huang Yueli more easily but in the end, this plan ended in failure.

From then on, Li Moying had never once mentioned the matter of the two of them becoming sworn brothers, let alone calling him Big Brother.

Liu Buyan wasn’t bothered by this as after all, in Li Moying’s eyes, he wasn’t a brother anymore, but a love rival! This kind of petty man, being able to tolerate his love rival wandering around Huang Yueli’s side was already not bad, could he really treat him as a sworn brother?

However, at this moment today, Li Moying actually told Xuan Jiuling about the matter of becoming sworn brothers in order to save him!

Did the sun rise from the west?

Liu Buyan felt that he had most likely not woken up and was sleepwalking…

Huang Yueli had not expected that her husband would actually say this.

However, she was not surprised for too long. She immediately continued,” That’s right, Divine General Xuan. My senior brother’s talent in spirit medicine is the first I’ve seen in my life! My husband and I have been saved by him several times, so his matters are our matters. No matter what, we won’t let you take her away!”

This time, Xuan Jiuling was in a dilemma.

If Liu Buyan only had a friendship with Huang Yueli, he could still pull down his old face and discuss with Huang Yueli to see if he could make her give in a little on account of his seniority.

But now, Li Moying was also involved and they had such a life-and-death relationship, this matter…But it wasn’t that simple!

Even though he was a Six-star Divine General, he did not have the capital to negotiate with the two Divine level geniuses.

Xuan Jiuling thought about it and finally frowned.” I understand.” Since the two of you vouched for him, this old man will trust Young Master Liu this once. However, I still believe that my good friend would not do such a thing. If what Young Master Liu and Xuan Qingling said is true, there must be some misunderstanding or someone playing tricks…”

As he spoke, his gaze once again turned to the few Black Tortoise Race martial artists from earlier.

The captain’s legs went soft, and he almost knelt down again. He hurriedly shouted,” Lord Divine General, this subordinate is definitely not lying!”

Xuan Jiuling didn’t bother with him as he continued to speak to Huang Yueli: ” Since such a thing has happened, we have to investigate it thoroughly. I won’t restrict Young Master Liu’s personal freedom, but Young Master Liu is the party involved, so I need his cooperation during the investigation. Is that okay?”

Huang Yueli didn’t reply but looked at Liu Buyan beside her,” Senior Brother, what’s your plan?”

Hearing this, Xuan Jiuling choked again.

He subconsciously treated Liu Buyan as Huang Yueli’s subordinate and directly sought Huang Yueli’s opinion but who knew that Huang Yueli still prioritized Liu Buyan’s opinion!

It seemed that this Young Master Liu was really not simple…

Luckily Liu Buyan thought for a moment and agreed readily,” Cooperating with the investigation is no problem. It just so happens that I accompanied Miss Xuan to Xuehua City to seek medical treatment, and Divine Doctor Zhang is out traveling. We will stay here for a while and wait for Divine Doctor Zhang to return. During this period, if you have any questions, you can find me at this inn.”

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