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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4196 Last Bout Of Madness (1)

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Chapter 4196 Last Bout Of Madness (1)

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“Competition? Now?” Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows unexpectedly.

The third raised his chin, “That’s right, if you win, I will be convinced and admit that you are better than me, and you deserve your name to qualify for the semi-finals. If you lose…”

“What if I lose? I can’t give you the spot either?” Huang Yueli couldn’t help laughing.

Hearing this, the third person seemed even more depressed, because what Huang Yueli said was right!

He held back for a long time before choking out a sentence: “If you lose, you should admit that you are a fake match! How about it, do you compare?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, and said slowly, “No comparison!”

“You… Are you afraid?”

Huang Yueli glanced at him, “I’m doing this for your own good. Being eliminated is already pitiful enough. If you are still unable to break through because of your damaged self-confidence, then aren’t you too unlucky?”

Most of the young warriors who have been beaten by her will doubt life, which will hinder their future cultivation.

Because she is really too young, and her strength is so strong, her talent is even more exaggerated than Li Moying.

“What do you mean?!” The third was still chasing them relentlessly.

But Huang Yueli had already hooked her husband’s arm, and the two left together.

For a while, all the warriors present were talking about it.

At that moment just now, everyone thought that Huang Yueli should accept the third place challenge and prove her strength.

But who knows, she flatly refused.

“Are you really afraid?”

“You must be scared! If it weren’t for the presence of Young Master Li, why would she have entered the finals?”

“Hehe, she thought everything would be fine if she made it to the finals? Just wait and see, she will definitely be ashamed in the finals!”

The night gradually darkened.

The residence of the Holy Phoenix Clan.

Huang Sanbai walked ahead, took Huang Beicheng to the door of another room, opened the door and entered.

“Beicheng, come here, I’ll give you something.”

Huang Sanbai walked to a two-person high cabinet, took out a yellowed classic from inside, and handed it to Huang Beicheng.

Huangbeicheng took it, and flipped through a few pages, his face full of bewilderment, “Elder Sanbai, this…what the hell is this?”

This booklet looks really shabby. The paper is not only yellow, but also tattered. Some places are already brittle, and a piece will fall off in a handful.

Moreover, on the cover, even the name of this classic is not written.

And the real peerless skills in the God Realm are absolutely impossible to be so dilapidated. They must all be written on high-grade sandpaper, and various patterns will be drawn so that they can be preserved for a long time.

Huang Sanbai smiled mysteriously, and said: “This… is actually a book of Demon Clan exercises that I got on the Demon Clan battlefield many years ago!”

“What?! Demon… Demon Clan Cultivation Technique!”

Huang Beicheng shook his hand and dropped the book on the ground.

Huang Sanbai’s words are really scary!

You must know that the God Race, the Human Race and the Demon Race are absolutely incompatible. Things from the Demon Race are taboo on the God Race side!

Not to mention, this is a book about the cultivation methods of the demons.

If this kind of thing is seen by the people of the coalition army, not only will the classics be confiscated on the spot, but all those who have read the exercise will be arrested and severely tortured in the prison of the military headquarters.

That’s why he was so shocked.

Huang Sanbai shook his head, said with a smile: “Look at you, how dare you be so timid at such a young age!”

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